LaceUp Training Lace – Flexible Form-Fitting Coil Training Weight?


There are multiple ways to work out your body and keep it fit. Some people enjoy walking and running through their favorite trail paths at their favorite park, while others prefer hitting up their favorite gym and taking advantage of the countless machines and weights which are designed to work each part of the body. Additionally, there are those of us who enjoy different forms of exercise such as yoga.

One of the best ways to add a little bit extra to each one of your workouts regardless of whether you are at the gym, on your running trail, or doing yoga is by incorporating additional small weights to your body. This requires your body to work slightly harder and produces better results than before. Some of you might have already tried this technique and have a specific set of small weight designed for this exact purpose.

However, these small weights can sometimes be very cumbersome and annoying to handle. Most dumbbells which are designed to be incorporated throughout your workouts, runs, or walks are often made with a soft handle and are intended to be held. This creates a huge amount of discomfort and annoyance.

Imagine walking with a set of these small weights while listening to your favorite tunes and suddenly a call comes in. How do you answer that call while there is a dumbbell in your hand? What if you have been running for the last half hour and you are generating a large amount of sweat which is slowly making your weight clammy and slippery?

Fortunately for you, there is an answer: the LaceUp Training Lace.

What Is The Training Lace?

LaceUp Training Lace is a flexible and extremely versatile weight which is currently patent-pending. This weight is unique and can easily revolutionize the sports and fitness industry.

Because the weight is fully flexible, it can be used not only on your arms and legs without any hassle but can also be attached to sports equipment to add the extra weight needed to ensure that your body will be able to use this equipment continuously for a long time and improve your overall power when handling specific sports equipment.

Anything like an ankle, wrist, bat, stick, or handle can be used to add a Training Lace to your workout. Want to make a game of basketball or soccer more challenging and improve your strength while doing so?

No problem, just twist a pair of Training Laces around each of your wrists or ankles and enjoy the improved workout and strength development you receive.

About the LaceUp Training Lace

This versatile training weight is available in a few different weights. At the moment, you can acquire a Training Lace with the following weight options: 16, 12, 8, and 5 ounces.

These weight differences give just about anyone the opportunity to carefully decided how much more weight they want for improving their sport or fineness regime. Additionally, there are seven different colors that are also available: blue, red, green, pink, orange, grey, and light blue.

Each LaceUp Training Lace is specifically designed with a flexible and durable nonslip coil which will ensure that each weight stays positioned exactly where you want it to be. The outside of the Training Lace is made with a comfortable foam sleeve which absorbs all impact and ensures that the weight is comfortable to the touch.

The materials used for each Training Lace are non-toxic, safe to the touch, and produce no chaffing.

LaceUp Training Lace Review Summary

Adding extra weights to your exercise routine gives you a big advantage. However, those weights can also cause discomfort and annoyance. Luckily, the Training Lace can eliminate this problem and even offer you further versatility by allowing you to add the extra weight to sporting equipment such as sticks, bats, and handles.

Overall, we think this is a fantastic product. We have read a few reviews that people have written regarding the Training Lace and most of them have been positive. The only thing we would like to warn you about is this product’s durability.

According to a few customers, the Training Lace isn’t as durable as they think it should be, so take care to put too much strain on your Training Lace.

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