Oatly Chai Oat Drink – Vitamin & Mineral Enriched Swedish Tea?


Oatly Chai Oat Drink is a beverage that has richly flavored oats, and is combined with vitamins and minerals that are necessary to the user’s health. The drink is flavored with multiple spices, and has limited availability at coffee shops.

What Is Oatly Chai Oat Drink?

Finding a healthy drink to indulge in is a challenging task for many people. Most of the time, consumers find the nutrients they need in the meals they consume, but there are some days when everyone wants to indulge.

Indulging in something that is rich with flavor is normally not good for the health of the body, but what if there was a drink that tasted good and nourished the digestive system at the same time? That is the goal of the Chai Oat Drink.

Oatly Chai Oat Drink has an insane amount of nutritional value, giving consumers the subtlety that chai tea affords, while combining it with the fiber found in oats. Most drinks with oats tend to taste unsatisfying, and have a strange texture that puts off the drinker. However, this beverage offers a delicious and smooth blend that gives consumers a fiber boost in the process.

When the user wants to drink it, choose to have it hot or cold, depending on their personal preference. A cold drink is the best refresher on a balmy day, while the heated version of the Chai Oat drink releases the warmth and full-bodied flavor of cinnamon and cardamom.

What Ingredients Are in Oatly Chai Oat Drink?

The great part about the Oatly Chai Oat Drink is that the ingredients are so simple, and they all include natural flavors that consumers probably already are familiar with.

Inside, consumers will find:

This drink has an elevated level of nutritional value, since it has a touch of protein, carbohydrates, and other important nutrients, but it also offers a balance of fiber that consumers need in their everyday diet. Within the healthy beverage, consumers will find nutrients like folic acid, vitamin D2, vitamin B12, and iron, along with enzymes that are crucial to the functioning of the heart.

Even with these nutrients, the company notes that there is no calcium, but they are working on developing a remedy that includes this mineral as well.

How To Buy Oatly Chai Oat Drink

Unfortunately, the Chai Oat drink is not presently available online. However, there is a store locator link on the website to help consumers find the closest location to them. The company does not have its own locations yet, but there are several coffee shops spread over the United States that let consumers get a taste of this beverage.

Contacting The Creators Of the Oatly Chai Oat Drink

Even though there are plenty of answers on the website, consumers are bound to have more questions. The customer service team can be reached with either a phone call or an email.

Where Can You Get the Oatly Chai Oat Drink?

The Oatly Chai Oat Drink is meant for every consumer. Despite the nutritional content, it does not count as a supplement, and any consumer will be pleasantly surprised to see how much flavor is in it.

Even though it is not available to buy from the grocery store just yet, it is easy to find a nearby location to pick up a couple bottles to keep at home. Everyone could use a little more fiber in their diet, and the ability to relax with a warm cup of the Chai Oat beverage is one of the easiest ways to get it.

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