The company is a company built on a mother’s love as they put it. The company was founded by Joey Grassia, but they claim the true credit goes to Joey’s mom, Alice. While in travels, Joey was in Southeast Asia while on a personal journey for proper nutrition, there was a big dream that occurred. And it was the love for Joey’s mother that supposedly made the dream become possible. Alice was unfortunately taken from her friends and family. It’s because of this, that Joey started Kutoa.

Six years after passing, in her memory and because of love, the company has reached more than 1 million fed. This has happened because the cause behind the company Kutoa has been to develop a way to help feed children around the world. The mission of the company is to bring people together with one solid purpose. They want to generate a degree of selflessness. The company has developed a simple and very effective way for people to back during the holidays.

There are many ways to give random acts of kindness. And through the company, they’ve found a way to help through selling, wholesome food stuff and donating to children around the world.

About Kutoa

The foods are wholesome, handcrafted, and made from whole fruits, raw nuts, chia and seeds. There are several product lines of high quality nuts and dried fruits, they have blueberry almond, cherry cashew and chocolate banana to start. Along with that there are chocolate espresso beans, and peanut butter & jelly as well.

The word Kutoa itself, means to give in Swahili. Apparently, the founder was devastated by what he saw in the world while traveling. He saw a bunch of helpless young children, then decided he wanted to help them. He saw children, hurting, sitting in squalor and living in dirt. They lived and worked in unacceptable conditions. While in Vietnam and Cambodia, he met kids who rarely ate, often times going hungry at night.

Housing was collapsing, people where suffering. What he witnessed he considered tragic and unacceptable. After his return from Asia, he knew he needed to do something fast in order to help the children he saw suffering. It was then that he changed his major from Economics to International Development in order to better understand and study the devastation he had witnessed in southeast Asia.

The deciding factor in all of it, was when Joey’s health began to decline. He was focused on bodybuilding, and trying to follow a strict diet. And while on the outside everything looked great, inside he was suffering. He had bad blood pressure, bad results from his blood platelet tests and was generally ill. He was focused on Caloric intake, but not on the actual quality of the food, just the number of calories he was taking in. And as he pointed out, physical appearance isn’t everything. What matters is the health on the inside. He was eating a lot of unnatural, very unhealthy processed foods that where full of sodium and other preservatives.

What Ingredients Are In Kutoa?

The ingredients in Kutoa, are 100% all natural and organic. The ingredients are carefully crafted to help the children get the nutrients they need. The food they sell, they also give to the children. They are wholesome, all-natural products designed to help give you everything you need. The ingredients in the supplies they give to the children have macro-nutrients to help combat mal-nutrition. And they also give out food packets as well that are said to have everything a child needs to get the maximum amount of nutrients.

The best part is, a portion of all profits goes to helping feed the children in many third world countries. It seems to be one of the best companies online. They have a very admirable cause they’re fighting for. After reading through the website, it seems they are very serious about helping make this world a better place.

How Much Do Kutoa Bars Cost?

There are several fruit and nut packs you can choose from. They products on the website are $23.99 for a 12-pack of fruit and nuts, or chocolate and nuts.

Kutoa Products Review Summary

If you’re into eating healthy, want to help make this world a better place then you should check out Kutoa. They seem to be one of the better companies online who are looking to really help making this world a better place by helping children in poverty.


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