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Kristen Arnett Green Beauty Review – Why Buy?

In this age of information, people are constantly learning and discovering new things about themselves and the amazing world they live in. One of the biggest revelations that people have been making lately is the effects that chemicals and other ingredients have on the body. While lots of products have always contained questionable ingredients, the fact that people have access to this information and the outcome of the use of these products has brought these facts into the light today.

The more people realize how the chemicals used in ingredients and materials have on their bodies and their health, the more they opt to move towards more natural options. This is very clearly seen in the movement towards organic and natural foods. More and more people are realizing that what they put in their bodies has a huge effect on their health and wellness. And because of these realizations, more companies are meeting the demand for these products by changing their manufacturing process, introducing more and more organic and healthy options for their customers.

While the food industry has seen a huge overhaul in recent years, one industry hasn’t had as large a transformation, despite being just as important to human health. The skin care and makeup industry plays a huge role in the lives of people all across the world. However, very few of these products are organic or free of chemicals and toxins. Because these products contain dangerous ingredients, users are exposing themselves to potential health risks every time they lotion their bodies, put on makeup, or wash their hair.

Green Beauty is a company run by Kristen Arnett that focuses on providing users with the best choices in makeup and skin care products on the market. Through extensive research and from years of experience, Arnett has been able to build a foundation for Green Beauty with her company.

About Kristen Arnett and Green Beauty

As a professional makeup artist, Kristen Arnett spent the majority of her life working with skin and helping her clients get the best experience possible when it comes to cosmetics. However, Arnett became aware of the dangers that the chemicals in makeup and skin care products have on the body, even effecting the way the skin looks.

Worried about her own appearance, Arnett began researching and made the switch to products that were more natural. After using these products for a while, Arnett noticed that her skin looked better than ever. And, she had a certain peace of mind knowing that the things she was applying to her skin wasn’t harming her health.

Once Arnett found products that worked for her, the next step was introducing these products to her clients. After more extensive research, Arnett was able to come up with a makeup kit that contains only the best of the best products. Not only are these products better for the health and wellness of her clients, but they also work just as well, or even better, as more conventional makeup options.

What makes Green Beauty, the business Arnett created around her cosmetics and makeup services, so amazing is that the products are able to transform users in the way that traditional makeup does, but the true effects are seen when the makeup is off. Over time, using these natural products are able to transform the skin, making it look healthier, from the inside out.

While a huge part of Green Beauty revolves around the makeup artistry work Arnett does with her clients across the world, it is also a place for questions and to gather information. There is such a lack of clear and concise information available about natural beauty products. Arnett has been able to create a space for people who want to gather well-researched information so they can begin to adopt the Green Beauty lifestyle themselves.

The Importance of Green Beauty

Despite the pressing scientific evidence that natural skin care products really do make a difference, it can still be hard to give up old habits. So many people hold on to their cosmetics or skin care products, even if they don’t use them, just because they can’t bear the thought of throwing their things away. However, sometimes health and wellness depends on being able to throw out a few things and make a fresh start.

The importance of Green Beauty starts with the skin. Most people aren’t aware that the skin is actually considered an organ. Not only is the skin an organ, but it is the largest organ of the body. And, like internal organs, the skin is extremely absorbent. The skin absorbs parts of everything in comes in contact with, from water and air to cosmetics and skin care products.

Unfortunately, the absorbency of the skin means that any chemicals or other questionable ingredients placed on the skin are absorbed and find their way into the bloodstream. Considering the average woman uses about 168 ingredients on a daily basis, there are several ingredients being absorbed by the body. And, if those ingredients are harmful in any way, they could cause serious harm to the body.

It’s because of these dangerous ingredients that Green Beauty is so important. Arnett has created her Green Beauty around products that only use natural, safe ingredients. And, with her makeup lessons and tutorials, she uses minimal amounts of makeup, so users can get the looks they want, but without putting their health at risk. The results of these consultations can be seen as skin begins to clear and look more vibrant and healthy after long-term use of these newer, natural products.

Benefits of Green Beauty

While there are dozens of benefits for going natural when it comes to makeup and skin care products, these benefits tie in very closely with the benefits for working with Kristen Arnett. Through her many consulting options, including lessons, or even through the extensive information she gives away on her website, users will be able to reap the amazing benefits of embracing their own Green Beauty.

Working with Arnett will give her clients more time. Because she will work with each individual to find the best products for them and their busy lifestyles, they won’t have to spend hours shopping online or wandering through stores to find their products. And, because she’s an expert in her field, Arnett will be able to keep the number of items users need down to a minimum, so they don’t have to spend huge amounts of money to get the looks they want.

In addition to saving time and money, working with Arnett will give users a brand new attitude towards their lives and their beauty. Because these products are able to improve the natural look of skin even when free of makeup, using the products suggested by Arnett will increase confidence of her clients. And since the products are natural and positively impact the health of her clients, they can feel at peace knowing their doing what’s best for their skin and their wellness.

Finally, Arnett helps cut out the clutter that so often gathers when people start collecting makeup and skin care products. By keeping the number of products users need down to a minimum, even though they’re getting the same amazing results, Arnett is able to free up the precious cupboard space of her clients.

Booking with Kristen Arnett

For those who are ready to get access to all the amazing tips and advice offered by Kristen Arnett, she has several booking options available. While her website contains an abundance of free information for those starting out on their Green Beauty journey, her sessions will be able to expand on these topics and help users gets a better idea of their health and beauty goals.

Below is the list of the booking options available with Kristen Arnett.

In-Person Lessons – $374

For two hours and thirty minutes, Kristen Arnett will work with clients at her Portland business location. In addition to the one-on-one session, she will also provide a bonus Virtual Brush up which will follow up on the things learned at the in-person lesson.

Virtual Health Skin Consultation – $164

For an hour and ten minutes, Arnett will work with clients on the phone or over Skype to teach them different ways to keep their skin healthy and vibrant.

Virtual Healthy Beauty Lesson – $164

For an hour and ten minutes, Arnett will work with clients on the phone or over Skype to teach them different beauty types and go over makeup options.

To check the availability of these booking options, interested clients should visit the website of Kristen Arnett (

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