Kortex Stress & Sleep Management VR Neurostimulation Wearable


Presently in the prototype stage, but also has a working, physical product that performs core functions. This device is seriously, futuristic, Yet, making what was once thought of as impossible, possible.

Kortex Stress & Sleep Management VR Neurostimulation Wearable, is developed at a genius level – but in simple terms, stimulates the brain to produce serotonin and melatonin while lowering cortisol. In doing so, stress levels can be decreased, and ultimately your mental health is in a desirable position to improve.

The Kortex machine was designed to be used for managing stress effectively, and sleep management. And, this wasn’t something thought of and designed overnight.

Its development and prototype results are because of years of scientific research and clinical validation. This is wearable technology that is like one that was approved of by the FDA to treat anxiety, insomnia and depression.

Taking possible, to life changing.

How Does Kortex Stress & Sleep Management VR Neurostimulation Wearable Work?

Once you are wearing the Kortex, Revolutionary VR Content device, it stimulates the brain to produce serotonin and melatonin. Melatonin being critical to a healthy, restful sleep. As mentioned above, it also is able to lower cortisol levels which is also knows as the stress hormone. The studies performed are available on their website if you want to read more on both the subjects, the trials and the results.

As stated in one report, Kortex is intended to help people manage stress and sleep. Because of this, people can acquire Kortex without requiring a script from a doctor.

Kortex and Virtual Reality

Interesting concept to say the least, but also one they have been able to bring into fruition. While wearing the Kortex, it is able to display relaxing, meditation and engaging virtual reality content that will enhance the usage of Kortex. This is achieved in their collaboration with ustwo games – where they have provided Kortex with a free copy of Land’s End.

The Kortex device, attaches to a headband and using services such as Samsung Gear VR, Google Daydream and ZEISS VR ONE Plus the magic happens.

In the works presently, are applications that will curate content and offer a variety of services to meet different healthcare goals.

Directions for Use

For optimal results, Kortex should be used once or twice a day for twenty (20) minutes. There are four (4) different steps that should be followed to use the device.

Step One

Moisten the sponge electrodes and clip them to the headband. You can use tap water to do this. The electrodes can also be attached to a Virtual Reality Headstrap and should be secured above your sideburn area.

Step Two

Clip the Kortex based using to the headband (or another strap as indicated above)

Step Three

The wires should then be connected to the base unit of the Kortex.

Step Four

Turn the Kortex device on. *Please note, the device will turn off automatically after twenty (20) minutes.

There are multiple images found on the website in the event you needed more details, or imagery before applying the device and headband to your head.

Corporate Wellness

Does Kortex seem like a great fit for you and know others at your workplace would benefit? This device is defined as low cost, high reward and should be considered by your corporate team. Simply reach out using the contact methods on the website for more information.

Side Effects With Using Kortex Stress & Sleep Management VR Neurostimulation Wearable

There is a documented less than 1% of users that have disclosed experiencing a headache after using Kortex. It is possible the electrodes may cause minor skin irritation and when becoming used to the VR experience, dizziness may occur. People who have existing implants or devices in their heads are not good candidates for Kortex as the devices may interfere with external electrical stimulation.

When the electric stimulation is activated, it is unlikely the user will even feel the stimulation happening. You may experience mild tingling but other than that the experience is said to be a relaxing one.

Some more of the commonly asked questions are available online that are more specific to using Kortex with thicker hair, will it help everyone, long term effects (none reported in more than ten years), and so on.

How to Acquire a Kortex Stress & Sleep Management VR Neurostimulation Wearable

Kortex Stress & Sleep Management VR Neurostimulation Wearable is expected to retail when it goes to the market for $499.00. Right now, there is a special discounted price of $299.00 available when you order online through their website. This is a savings of more than 40%!

There are currently more than 620 people who have ordered and ultimately backed this project!

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