Kortex – Scientifically Validated Neurostimulation Stress & Sleep Aid?


Kortex is a device that neurologically triggers the release and restriction of certain chemicals in your brain to help balance out your stress level. This product is presently being funded through Kickstarter, with the first shipments expected to be sent out in July 2017.

What is Kortex?

Getting a good night of sleep sometimes seems like a dream. With all the different stimuli that you have throughout the day, and all the stress, your mind always seems to start reviewing these conundrums as soon as your head hits the pillow. Before you know it, you’re overwhelmed with so many different issues that you couldn’t think clearly if you tried.

Bedtime is not the time to have your head filled with all the obligations of the day. Instead, it’s time to find a moment for yourself to relax, ensuring restful sleep. That’s why Kortex will soon be available.

Kortex is presently offered as a solution to your stress and sleeping problem, which is being developed by Fisher Wallace Labs. When you wear this VR headset, and participate in the included program, the technology triggers your brain to start producing various chemicals that help you to feel happier, while reducing your body’s ability to become stressed. You can use it with or without the virtual reality headset.

Most people, when they experience this kind of stress and frustration in their life, will seek out the help of a medical professional. However, the medical industry often relies on the ability to prescribe medication, under the assumption that a chemical imbalance causes your sleepless nights.

While that may be true, the best way to correct this issue is usually the most natural method. With Kortex, you can stimulate the right release of chemical neurologically, rather than delivering them through your digestive system to your bloodstream.

How Does Kortex Work?

Kortex works with different visual cues and audio stimuli to help release the chemicals in your brain to cause a feeling of relaxation, using a treatment called neurostimulation. This technology may be new to you, but the creators behind the Kortex have previously used the same type of method to create another one of their products – the Fisher Wallace Stimulator.

Even though it doesn’t require any prescription, the treatment has still earned approval from the FDA as a reliable way to treat mental conditions like anxiety, insomnia, and depression.

When you use Kortex, you send your brain the signal to release serotonin. Serotonin is often referred to as a “feel good” chemical in your body, but it also helps to control your general motor function as well. This chemical is often released when your body is experiencing some level of trauma, which is why you may feel calm in emergency circumstances that impact your well-being.

The other chemical change that occurs will impact the amount of cortisol that your body is producing. Cortisol is released as a reaction to stressful or jarring events, like abruptly waking up or exercising. By reducing this chemical, you can finally find the relaxation that you need.

Most people severely underestimate how important a good night of sleep is. When you sleep, your body goes through both internal and external reparative processes, while giving your brain the energy to function throughout the next day.

When you’re sleep deprived, you probably find it harder to function during the day. This problem isn’t necessarily because you’re tired; it’s most likely due to the lack of support that your brain has received. Kortex manages to give your brain the downtime it needs to adequately prepare you for the next day.

Using Kortex

You will need to attach the Kortex to the included headband to start. Once you’ve prepared Kortex, you will need to wet the included sponge electrodes with tap water, clipping them to the strap to line them up with your sideburns. The base unit should be positioned on the back of your headband. Connect the wires from the electrodes to the base unit, and turn on the device.

This set includes a VR game, which is called Land’s End. While you do not require a VR game during the remedy, you can pair it up as a welcomed distraction. You only need to leave the device on for 20 minutes, which is when it automatically shuts off.

You should use Kortex once or twice a day to help balance out the function in your brain. It doesn’t have to be used right before you go to sleep, but you may find that you prefer to use it at that time of night anyway.

While it may become uncomfortable to wear something like this device every night, you can adjust the band of the device to meet your preferences.

Pricing for Kortex

Right now, Kortex is still accumulating necessary funding through their Kickstarter campaign, though it’s implied that the full retail cost will be $349 when it’s expected to be released in July 2017. However, with the Kickstarter campaign, if you pledge various amounts, you can lock in your price now. You can choose to pledge:

  • $299, for the Early Bird Discount
    • Includes: Kortex and Land’s End (VR game)
  • $349, for the regular Kortex package
    • Includes: Kortex and Land’s End
  • $449, for Kortex and Samsung Gear VR (compatible with Samsung phones)
    • Includes: Kortex, Samsung Gear VR, and Land’s End
  • $459, for Kortex and ZEISS VR ONE Plus (compatible with iPhones and other smartphones)
    • Includes: Kortex and ZEISS VR ONE Plus

Each of the packages has a limit on how many consumers can make a purchase, so it’s in your best interest to secure your equipment while the lower pricing is still available.

Contacting the Creators of Kortex

To find out more information about Kortex, you will need to consult the customer service team with Fisher Wallace Labs, who is responsible for the use of this technology. Their team is available via phone and email, though you can also choose to speak with a virtual representative over a messenger service on the website.

To call Fisher Wallace Labs, you will need to use 800-692-4380 to reach a representative. This department is presently available from 10:00am to midnight EST on weekdays, and from noon to midnight EST on weekends.

If you prefer to communicate with the company over email instead, send your message to [email protected].

Kortex Conclusion

Kortex is an innovative treatment that the creators hope to expand to more users as the technology becomes more publicized. While the device itself may be a little expensive, you will comparatively spend much more if you decide to pursue your medication or other methods of getting a good night of sleep.

If you’re ready to finally feel rested, rather than tossing and turning all night with your stress and worry, then Kortex can help you achieve that goal.

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