Kerasal – Fungal Nail Renewal & Intensive Foot Repair Benefits?


If you suffer from a fungal infection on your toes, then you know that the repercussions are not easy to deal with. They weigh you down both psychologically and physically. Your toenails become ruined, meaning that every time you take off your shoes, everybody in the room turns away.

Chances are, you have tried numerous solutions to restore your toes to no avail. They still look as bad, if not worse, than they did before. You might have even lost hope of ever walking barefoot in public again. However, there is a solution. It is found in Kerasal foot cream.

Kerasal can be described as one of the most trustworthy foot-care solutions available globally. It has been a companion to dermatologists and podiatrists for decades. They have used the products under the brand to treat the most seemingly untreatable dry feet and hard cracked heels.

Now the company has produced a product that eliminates all the effects of fungi-infected feet and toenails by penetrating deep into the tissue to deal with the infection from within.

Backed By Science

The product so produced is one that is backed by plenty of scientific evidence. The product has undergone three clinical tests and all of them have approved the foot cream to provide rapid relief from the symptoms of fungal infections. The cream is also fully effective and that is why it has been fully embraced by clinicians globally.

Initially, it was developed in Sweden and marketed by Swedish clinicians. The product was then shipped into Canada where it also gained a massive customer base because of its effectiveness. The product then eventually landed in the United States in the year 1996.

In the United States, the product caught on rapidly. In fact, in the year 2001, local podiatrists started distributing the cream from their offices in favor of other prescribed foot creams. It became so popular in the world of foot-care that it was dubbed the “podiatrists brand”.

The Kerasal Challenge

In the year 2003, the company launched the Kerasal challenge. In this challenge, the partakers were asked to try the product and analyze the results for themselves. It was the launch of the Kerasal brand into the mass market and was the marketing tool they used. The aim was to show the consumers the effectiveness of the product. The campaign saw millions of Americans participate.

The participants would apply Kerasal cream on one foot and leave the other. They were to do this for five days and then analyze the difference after the five day free trial. The results were extremely positive to say the least. The challenge saw such sentences as “the driest feet become completely soft” become synonymous with the Kerasal brand.

Seal Of Approval

Just to emphasize the effectiveness of the Kerasal cream, the American Podiatric Medical Association granted the Kerasal cream brand a seal of approval. That should tell you all you need to know because the association reserves its seal of approval for only the most effective products in the market.

The success of Kerasal in the American market was far from over. In the year 2007, NBA teams started using the product widely to address their cracked and dry heels. This was following a recommendation from the then head trainer of the Miami Heat, Ron Culp.

In current times, Kerasal can be described as the best form of medical foot-care available in the market. The tubes can be easily found at any retail store across the country. Also, the company sells the products on their website at discounted prices courtesy of the coupons they give. You should try this highly recommended product if you suffer from dry, cracked heels or fungal infections. It is especially recommended for athletes.

Benefits of Kerasal

  • The product has been tested and approved by clinics to facilitate for nail renewal. The formulation is tailored specifically to restore fungi-stricken nails, meaning your nails become healthier and have a better appearance.
  • The results of the cream only require about a week to show.
  • The application of the cream is also precise. The tube comes with a silicone tip applier so you can apply the cream to exactly where it is needed without creating a mess.
  • The product has a seal of approval from the American Podiatric Medical Association.
  • It has also been tested and approved as safe for use.
  • It is completely effective against dry, cracked feet.

Why They Are Needed

The company restores the self-esteem of its customers. This is because the cream eliminates the appearance of unsightly feet and toe nails. The people who use the cream can attest to its rapid effectiveness. Some of the people who purchase it never thought that prior to the cream they could ever take off their shoes and walk barefoot in public but now they can.

The cream receives five stars consistently from practically all of the users of the product. It has been proven to remove those stubborn blights in the nail by softening them to the point you can just scrape them off. Kerasal is the highest recommended foot-care cream globally.


As with any medical product, ensure that you consult you podiatrist before starting the use of the product. However, there have been no reported side effects.

Kerasal Conclusion

If you have suffered from dry, cracked feet, then you have finally found the right solution for yourself. A product that has gained a seal of approval from the American Podiatrist Medical Association is not to be taken lightly.

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