Juice Press Water + Cinnamon – Medicinal Antioxidants Drink?


Water sustains all life on this planet, from single celled organisms to the mightily whale. The human body is made of about 80 percent of water. These facts are taught in primary school yet most people are not fully aware of the other advantages of water.

Staying hydrated is essential for active people, from being invigorated to a softer skin, water has many advantages. To add to the mix Cinnamon, an ancient spice used throughout the world for its aromatic and medicinal properties.

To that end to that end Juice Presses water + cinnamon is a simple yet perfect next step.

What Is Water + Cinnamon?

This is an innovative mix of pure water with a hint of “Ceylon cinnamon”, the true cinnamon. This aromatic water not only hydrates the body but contains numerous antioxidants. Not only is the pure water sourced responsibly, it replenishes the body levels. The cinnamon sub species used here has many health benefits as well.

How Does Water + Cinnamon Work?

The fresh and unique flavour of cinnamon makes this water even more potent. Its two primary components are:


iIs essential for bodily function and aids in:

Increased Energy: The brain consists mostly of water. Increased intake resupplies it with water that boosts focus and concentration.

Weight management: Water fills the gut and acts as a natural appetite suppresses. It raises the metabolic rate and contains no extra calories.

Detoxification: Through the natural secretion processes like sweat and urination, the body gets rid of toxins. These processes need water.

Healthier skin: It has anti aging properties and a well hydrated body has a fresher and glowing look

Digestion: Water works in conjunction with the stomach acids to break down food and avoid any blockages.

Body immunity: Water naturally flushes the unhealthy cells and protects against many illness.


Is a prized spice used in ancient civilizations for its medical properties. It is:

Antioxidant: Cinnamon is loaded with potent polyphenol antioxidants which contain the damage from free radicals.

Anti-Inflammatory: Inflammation is a double edged sword. While it helps to fight infection in the short term, over time it turns against the body’s tissues. Cinnamon has been found to reduce inflammation.

Helpful against heart disease: Cinnamon has been found to improve a person’s cholesterol and blood pressure levels. This helps alleviate risks of heart diseases.

Anti-Diabetic: Cinnamon lowers the blood sugar levels by affecting insulin resistance. It does so by mimicking insulin properties.

Juice Press Water + Cinnamon Review Summary

A proud American company founded by Marcus Antebi. He is a sports and nutrition enthusiast. His company, Juice Press is devoted to a vegan lifestyle. They claim to be the best juice and smoothie bar on the planet. Using fresh and pure fruits with their formulas makes them stand out.

This refreshing product is available in the US for $2.75 and is available for local delivery. For more details and ordering visit the site at https://juicepress.com/shop/waters/water-cinnamon/

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