JAXPETY Cycling Exercise Bike

With a manifold increase in time limitations, for most people, it is harder than ever to find time to dedicate to physical well being. While most people are well aware of the effects that just 30 minutes of cycling has on the overall health and wellbeing of a person, they are unable to devote the time needed.

Thus, going specially to the gym is on the far bottom of the to do list. A good way to circumvent this very real problem is to bring the gym to the house. Having a static cycle at home is the perfect solution for those who are short on time but would still like to remain fit.

This where JAXPETY Cycling Exercise Bike for health and fitness comes in.

What Is JAXPETY Cycling Exercise Bike?

As the name suggests, this is a stationary exercise bike for general fitness. It is a great way to get active without having to worry about the time or weather outside. Some features that help this piece of equipment stand out are:

Digital monitor display:

The display screen is fitted at a perfect angle on the bike, making it the perfect tool to monitor a host of parameters. The display shows the distance travelled, speed and duration of the current session and most importantly it calculates the calories burnt during the exercise session.

Adjustable Tension and resistance:

People are different, so are the end objectives of the exercise. Some people are after muscle strength for their racing, for them having a higher resistance is good. Other people might just want a good cardio workout, for them a lower level of resistance is ideal.

Smooth and silent:

This cycle is engineered for a quiet workout. Along with that it has non skid pedals that have sturdy straps. Therefore a person doesn't get distracted by any annoying sounds from the machine but can focus on their exercise, or read/ watch television along with it.

Sturdy build:

Crafted using a strong tubular metal frame this machine is extra strong and comes with adjustable handle bar and seat to allow for more flexibility to a variety of users.

How Does JAXPETY Cycling Exercise Bike Work?

This exercise bike easy to assemble. It can be used at the persons convenience. Simple exercises such as cycling have been found to help in building a stronger immune system and managing ones weight. Some benefits of using this bike are:

Weight management:

As mentioned, riding a stationary bike for half an hour a day, burns about 300 calories. In conjunction with a healthy diet, this is an ideal way to lose weight quickly in a safe manner.

Cardio-vascular control:

Dedicating 30 minutes a day to cycling has been found to lower a person's blood pressure and help in preventing heart attacks.

Legs toning:

Using this bike means a complete works out for the quads, gluts, and calves of a person.

De-stressed workout:

This bike is ideal for people who don't want to put any added stress on their back, hips, knees or ankles.

JAXPETY Cycling Exercise Bike Conclusion

JAXPETY Cycling Exercise Bike is an ideal way to promote health and fitness. It comes in a stylized blue and white colour. At the moment the product has been sold out.

For details and pricing check out their Amazon page at https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07438TYSM.


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