In 2010, three sisters, Lyndsey, Christy, and Keri, realized that the slow and tedious visits to the salon could be so much more. They considered making the experience easier, more fun, and less tiring. They envisioned the idea of nail wraps that you could do easily for yourself at home. These wraps are designed to look flirtatious but subtle, elegant but still vibrant. They are an easier solution to conventional nail art that takes far too long to get done.

They are also a way of making the nail art process more than just about looking good. With the wraps, you get to do some experimenting on your own, which can be quite fun. The founders were keen on bettering the quality of life for women across the world. The goal of the company is to inspire women to greatness.

To give women across the globe motivation to accomplish their dreams just as the founders did. The company is an associate of the Direct Selling Authority and abides by a strict code of ethics.

Jamberry has come up with an ingenious new way to promote their product through the use of what they call Jamberry parties. Albeit parties do not require an excuse, Jamberry is giving you one anyways. It is a clever way that is mutually beneficial to both the host of the party and the company.

The parties are a fun and innovative way for the customer to show off their new nails and to get their friends to try the products as well. The beauty of it all is that you, as the host, could earn from the parties you host. It is an excellent way for the customer to earn free wraps from Jamberry.

How To Host A Jamberry Party

This is how to go about hosting a Jamberry party:

  1. You coordinate with a Jamberry consultant. Work together to fix a time and date that you will host the party while inviting your friends and family, and even your neighbors.
  2. The costs of accommodation are mostly up to you. The snacks and beverages you would wish to serve at your event are your choice. You are the host and the boss of your event.
  3. At the event, you get to be the host but a Jamberry consultant does all the work for you. The consultant gets to talk to the women at your event. She helps these women choose the products that are best for them and walks the women through trying the samples.

For hosting these parties, Jamberry rewards you richly. If the cost of your party is $100, you receive a free nail wrap. It only goes up from there. It the cost of your party was $350 and above, you get free shipping on any future purchases for up to three months. If the invitees of your parties also decide to follow your lead and host a party themselves, you also gain some extra benefits every time each one of them does so.

The benefits acquired by each hostess are dependent on the type of product that the hostess purchases to exhibit at her event. As a hostess, you cannot use gift cards to make purchases. You can, however, use coupon codes that have not expired yet. The cost of shipping the product is $5.

The company thrives on social media promotion. Their ads are full on social media, but the product is not all show with no go. They recommend you to try them regardless of your prejudices on a personal level. Don’t take their word for it, go ahead and experiment for yourself.

The wraps are not fake nails, they are far from that. They are sheets designed to envelop your nails that you can wrap for yourself. The sheets are designed to last up to two weeks on fingernails and four weeks on toenails. One sheet costs about $15 dollars, inclusive of sales tax.

A price of $5 dollars is charged per shipment, regardless of the number of sheets. Each sheet comes with 18 stickers. Each sticker can cover at least two average sized nails. So each sheet, if you are wise in using it, can cover at least three manicures, which is quite economical. They can also give you one more manicure if you do accent nails using the wraps and applying a complementary color on other nails.

A set of four stickers plus shipping will cost you an average of $50 dollars, which is definitely more than you spend on your average manicure.

Why They Are Needed

Jamberry make the best nail wraps available on the market. The revolution has seen women who lead busy lives and have little to no time to care for the looks of their nails have amazing looking nails with little effort.

The company also gives women the chance to earn some money and amazing benefits by hosting parties. These parties also serve to bring people closer to each other. The company has also employed numerous people and therefore reduced the rate of unemployment in the country.

They basically make women look great with little effort and time. The stickers are easy to put on and remove, meaning women can experiment with different patterns and designs. The company also has campaigns that empower women. Indeed, the impact the company has made in the beauty industry is a great step in the right direction.

How To Apply

  • First assemble a list of items. You do not need special equipment to apply the product on your nails. All you need is a hair dryer, tweezers to remove cuticles, nail cutter, nail file, a pair of scissors, and the stickers themselves.
  • Make sure your hands and nails are clean. If you have nail polish on already, remove it. Use the tweezers to push back your cuticles.
  • Choose a wrap that best fits your nail size. If you are in doubt, choose a slightly smaller sticker as opposed to a slightly larger one. A larger sticker does not give a good look.
  • Peel off the nail wraps from the packet and cut them in half.
  • Use a hair dryer to heat up the sticky side of the wrap. You will feel the wrap start to soften. The heating makes the wrap more flexible and soft, making it easier to use.
  • When the wrap is sufficiently warm enough, apply the softened sticker to the nail. Aim for the nail bed as much as possible. Then press down on the nail at the base and maintain pressure. You can stretch the wrap slightly over the edge of your nail. It helps them stick better.
  • The nail should have a bit of wrap at the edge left behind. Cut this part off using the scissors. After cutting it off, use a nail file. File in a downwards direction to give you a proper finish and to make sure the sticker is not chipped away.
  • Use the dryer on the nail to make sure the adhesive has stuck properly and it is shaped out decently. Following these instructions, you will have nails with the best finish that have a proper look.

How To Remove

After two weeks you will want to remove your stickers. This will mostly be because you feel like you want to apply a new sticker design as opposed to them being chafed. There are two techniques on how to remove your Jamberry stickers.

Quick Removal Method:

This is for cases where you have stayed with your nail wraps for less than ten days. It just involves the use of a hair dryer. Heat the wraps with the dryer till you feel them change, which should take between 10 and 15 seconds. Using your thumbnail, preferably, get under the edge of the nail wrap to break off the seal.

Peel the wrap from one edge to the other gently, ensuring all the wrap comes off. Remember, this method is for people who have not stayed long with the wraps. In case your wraps refuse to give in, you can try the second method.

Gentle Removal Process:

Apply polish remover to the nails and let it sit for about 30 seconds. Then you can gently rub on the wrap. The remover reduces the strength of the adhesive that holds the wrap in place, allowing for easy and gentle removal of the wraps. This method is used when you have had the wrap on your fingernails for over 10 days, meaning the wrap is pretty stuck on the nail.

Benefits of Using Jamberry

There are many reasons why you might prefer Jamberry over your contemporary manicure.

The following are among those reasons:

  • The wraps are easy to apply at home, saving you the inconvenience of having to spend hours in the salon getting your nails done to perfection.
  • The wraps come in many designs and patterns. This reduces the likelihood of not finding the right pattern for your nails. It also gives you more options to play with.
  • The wraps are also quite durable. The women who use them have reported very few incidences where they have had to replace the wraps after the estimated two weeks. The nail wraps are also designed to suit the busy life of the modern woman. So whether you engage in workouts, love swimming, or like any other nail-wrap unfriendly activities, the wraps are unlikely to peel before or even after the two weeks period estimated for each wrap. They last longer than contemporary nail polish.
  • The wraps can be used for a lot of manicures. You can use one sheet for between two and four manicures, as the extra parts are cut off in each application.
  • The wraps also discourage nail chewing, leading to healthier, better looking nails.
  • The wraps also strengthen the nails.

Jamberry Downsides

There have been claims on the internet from several women. These should be taken into consideration when purchasing the items.

  • The wraps are quite vulnerable and show signs of peeling off on the day when you apply them. You need to be extra careful on those days as the adhesive seem quite delicate to removal. This delicacy is also noticed after the two weeks. Note that these are not fake nails that are applied using superglue and do not easily come off. These are stickers that are removable at any time.
  • The shape is designed oval in a way to fit all nails. However, there are tiny spaces left on the sides and at the base. From afar, they look just fine. However, if you are a perfectionist, you might find this quite irritating.
  • The wraps are also remarkably more expensive than ordinary nail polish.
  • The wraps made for the toes are excellent. However, if you wear closed shoes, you will most likely find them stuck inside your shoes or in your socks
  • A lot of women do not like the feeling the wraps create on their fingernails. It feels like attaching a sticker on the fingernails, which is basically what it is.
  • Accuracy is a skill required in the application of these wraps. Accuracy is not a skill that is possessed by every person, and this might make applying or removing the wraps an irritating task. You might have to go through quite a number of stickers before getting your right fit, costing you a lot of money.
  • You will need additional items like hair dryers that you might not have had previously.
  • Jamberry also make wraps for children. They look excellent but they are highly unlikely to stay on. The kids will be tugging at the stickers the moment they are applied.

Jamberry Conclusion

If you are looking for vibrant, festive colored nails, then you should definitely try Jamberry. With the broadest variety of colors and patterns, you will find one that suits your fancy. Also, because of the diverse range of options, you can also play and experiment with different colors and patterns just for fun.

They are easy to apply and can easily be applied at home. The treatment is easy to do and does not require complicated tools. It is true that mastering the application process could take a while, but once this part is over with, you will find all the practice and patience was worth it. Try Jamberry nail wraps today and experience a new and modern way of enhancing your beauty.


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