Internet Life Coach Quit Smoking Hypnosis – Will It Work?


Quitting smoking is often referred to as “the single most difficult thing I’ve ever done”.

With that being said, it is also the best thing you can do to improve your health and your life. Smoking has become the leading cause of cancer in adults, while dramatically increasing your risk of a heart attack or a stroke. Any attempt to quit smoking should not go unnoticed, as each attempt can make you stronger, however, you can avoid these attempts with a solid long term smoking cessation plan.

Whether it’s been 2 days, or 20 years, your body will immediately begin to heal itself from the damage done by years of smoking. With the right combination of tools to support your efforts, you can make this the one last attempt at quitting for good. Success doesn’t have to be something only other people have when quitting smoking.

Not only is the addiction to nicotine a very real thing, but breaking the habit is just as hard to do. How many of you smoke while driving, on the way to work, when you’re having a drink, a coffee, waiting for the bus, when you feel stressed, during your breaks at work?

The nicotine withdrawal can last weeks before becoming tolerable, fighting the habit can take months. This is where the Internet Life Coach comes into play. With an inexpensive Quit Smoking Hypnosis program, you can go through these sessions at home while reaping the amazing benefits of quitting smoking for good.

About Internet Life Coach Quit Smoking Hypnosis

The creator of Internet Life Coach Quit Smoking Hypnosis is so confident that you’ll get the results you’ve dreamed of, that they offer a full 60-day money back guarantee if you begin smoking again. They only ask that you begin with a real desire to quit smoking.

Hypnotism has successfully been used for many years to help individuals quit smoking. Although this may not be the only avenue that works, there is not a “one size fits all” solution, and some require hypnotherapy along with other cessation plans to be completely successful.

The purpose of using hypnosis and NLP practices is to train your body into never wanting another cigarette ever again. To make your brain believe that smoking another cigarette is the most disgusting act you could ever commit.

Internet Life Coach Quit Smoking Hypnosis is made up of 3 downloadable audio session that you can do in the comfort of your own home:

  • Session 1: This introduction gives a thorough explanation of what hypnosis is, and how it will work to help you quit smoking. 8 minutes 26 seconds
  • Session 2: This is the Stop Smoking Hypnosis Session. This is where you will be walked through a hypnotic trance and given post hypnotic suggestions that will deter your cravings and make you not want to smoke again. 58 minutes, 17 seconds
  • Session 3: This session is the subliminal reinforcement stage. It is recommended that this session be listened to again and again to reinforce the post hypnotic suggestions. 60 minutes

The purpose of this package is to make you never want to smoke another cigarette, hence why you really need to want to quit.

Internet Life Coach Quit Smoking Hypnosis Conclusion

Let’s run through some of the reasons to quit. Smoking is a huge expense, have you ever calculated how much money you’ve spent in a year on cigarettes? The compared it to a wanted trip or big purchase? Cigarette smoking can kill you.

Cigarette smoking is the largest cause of cancers, lung disease, heart attacks, strokes etc. These are all very slow, painful ways to die. It smells bad. There’s no way around this one, it just does.

Imagine yourself as a non-smoker. How much healthier you’d me, how much more money you’d have to spend on leisurely things, or even bigger expenses like a home or car. Imagine your life without the dependency related to being addicted to cigarettes, the freedom from this addiction.

This is the purpose of Internet Life Coach Quit Smoking Hypnosis, and it can be all yours for $49.99

Today can be the first day of your best life.

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