Inspire Fitness CR2 – Cross Row Friction Based Resistance Benefits?


Inspire Fitness CR2 With Friction Based Resistance

Physical fitness has remained a top priority for many people as obesity and illness rates continue to rise. The best inventions to date in relation to exercise have remained those that allow the user to gain the most out of their time, with optimal cardiovascular work, and muscle performance; all with the least amount of friction on your joints.

Rowing has long been recognized as a workout that covers all these requirements, but is not practical as not every person has the ability, location, or climate for this activity. Older, less advanced machines were designed for this purpose; however, they did not provide the type of simulation required to achieve the same or even similar results in a workout.

Now, with the Inspire Fitness CR2 with friction based resistance, you can achieve and maintain these results safely in your home or gym.

Rated as the Best Commercial Cross Row, the Inspire Fitness CR2 Cross Row is a state of the art fitness machine that provides an elite core building experience while simultaneously providing an excellent cardiovascular workout.

Inspire Fitness CR2 provides friction based resistance, meaning there’s a push and pull resistance when using the machine, working the front and back muscles. It is specially designed to produce resistance for the best workout, with stress free motions that are smooth and won’t cause strain on your body.

This commercial quality rower gives you the workout of a water rower, without the water, and in the comfort of your own home. The CR2 Cross Row offers a full range of motion rowing action, with an excellent range of resistance levels. This rower is ideal for people who want to work out at home, while it’s commercial brand qualities make it a favorite for gym owners.

The CR2 Cross Row has become popular amongst people who love the overall body workout and cardio, but don’t want to be outside due to inclement weather, or even excessive heat in warmer climates, bringing your workout inside.

Comfortable, Inspired Fitness ensured the CR2 Cross Row was made to “lock in” the user so there was no slipping which can be problematic with form, and is common with other brands. Rubber grips for feet with clamps and fully adjustable, this machine is comfortable, safe, and efficient for everyone.

The comfortable, no slip hand grips are adjustable and are designed so you can change your grip to work different muscles. This machine is known for providing challenging resistance for the best results in toning your shoulders, back, chest, and abs.

Along with typical console functions for example, reading heart rates, displaying resistance levels, time etc.; it also displays whether you should be in a push or pull motion in that moment, making your workouts quick, and foolproof.

Features of the Inspire Fitness CR2

  • 28 lb. HD flywheel
  • Bi-directional resistance
  • Adjustable seat
  • Magnetic breaking
  • Smooth workout
  • LCD display
  • 10-year frame warranty, 3 year parts

Inspire Fitness CR2 Conclusion

The CR2 Cross Row is perfect for home as it doesn’t take up a lot of space, it’s not too heavy, and conveniently has wheels so it can easily be moved. Ideal for those who love to stay fit and exercise with the practicality of remaining indoors. The silent drive chain makes for a very quiet workout, which for many is a valuable feature.

This machine retails for $1595.00 on Amazon plus free shipping.

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