Insane Labz Pennywise Pre-Workout – Energy & Focus Training?


Bringing together the central tenants of energy, strength, and vascularity, essential to preworkout supplementation, Insane Labz Pennywise Pre-Workout is a potent supplement for advancing fitness goals.

Please continue reading for more information on this powerful, performance-boosting supplement.

What Is Insane Labz Pennywise Pre-Workout?

With many preworkout supplements on the market with varying levels of caffeine and other performance-boosting ingredients, consumers often have to try several preworkouts before deciding what works best for their bodies.

Pennywise by Insane Labz brings together every element of a preworkout supplement. The physical aspects of energy and power, as well as the aesthetic appeal of vascularity are stimulated by this product.

Insane Labz Pennywise Pre-Workout is formulated to boost athletic performance by increasing energy and stamina with caffeine, while creatine increases strength and power. The inclusion of simple carbohydrates provides muscles with necessary fuel to improve athletic performance and raise energy levels further.

Many other preworkout supplements include beta-alanine, an amino acid with the common side effect of tingles in the skin. Pennywise does not include this ingredient for a more natural feeling of energy.

How Does Pennywise Preworkout Work?

Simply mix one scoop with water 30-45 minutes before exercise to feel the energy boost for a more intense workout.

Consumers can choose from three different flavors: Fear, Killer Punch, and Pennywise Flavor.

Due to the high caffeine content, users should not take this supplement within a few hours of bedtime, and should use caution when concurrently consuming other caffeinated products.

Ingredients in Insane Labz Pennywise Pre-Workout


Simple carbohydrates give the body a quick source of available calories, resulting in increased energy and power when consumed before and during exercise. Dextrose is a common form of these carbohydrates, often included in workout supplements because of its easy dissolvability.

It is important to note that when consumed in a single dose, simple carbohydrates can have the effect of a sudden blood sugar drop once they are metabolized. They seem to be more useful when consistently ingested throughout intense exercise.

Creatine Monohydrate:

A well-known staple in fitness supplement stacks, creatine increases physical power by making more energy available to the body more quickly by increasing muscle stores of short term energy.

With the additional effect of slight water retention, creatine increases muscle cell volume, potentiating further muscle growth. Together, these allow for improved power and athletic performance, which are necessary to grow lean muscle mass and reduce body fat.

Caffeine Anhydrous:

Useful for a few reasons, caffeine first of all increases the amount of available fat molecules in the blood that can be broken down into energy. Increases in energy translate into more intense exercise and energy output, which promote muscle growth and strength during resistance training.

Juniperus Communis:

Known as Insane Labz’s own formulation AMPiBerry, juniperus communis is known for a variety of health benefits, including diuretic and water retention properties.

These contribute to keeping water in the muscle cells for an inflated muscle after it is exercised as well as increased vascularity.


It appears that Insane Labz Pennywise Pre-Workout is available only through the manufacturer, Insane Labz. One tub of 30 servings is available on their website for $59.95.

Should You Use Insane Labz Pennywise Pre-Workout?

Without any customer reviews available online, it is unclear whether people using this product like it. Nevertheless, this might be a useful supplement for those following demanding exercise regimens who wish to avoid beta-alanine.

More information can be found at for interested readers.

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