InkBox – Organic Fruit Based Tattoos Safe For Skin?


InkBox is a company that produces temporary tattoos that last for up to two weeks, and are made from organic materials.

These tattoos are much less expensive than the real thing, and allow you to try out an idea, before you make a full commitment.

What is InkBox?

Getting a tattoo is one of the few experiences that individuals consent to a prolonged period of pain, all in the name of art.

You may decide to get a tattoo for a number of reasons, but you always need to remind yourself that these designs will remain on your body for the rest of your life.

If you’ve never had a tattoo before, that permanency can be an overwhelming thought, especially if you’re on the fence about what you want to get.

Luckily, you can try out a design before you commit to your trip to a tattoo parlor with InkBox.

InkBox is a revolutionary type of temporary tattoo, which is “like nothing you’ve seen before.” This tattoo is made exclusively of organic materials, making it completely safe for adults and even teenagers.

The application process sets it apart from regular temporary tattoo, which normally flake and deteriorate after one days. However, ones the ink settles, it remains on your body for a full two weeks, depending on how well you take care of it.

When you get a tattoo, you need to be fully committed to the design, the placement, and every other aspect before you invest in one.

You need to do research to determine where the best placement is for your pain threshold, and you may even need to bring along someone for support.

This decision is not one to be taken lightly, but many consumers impulsively decide to make these permanent marking, regretting the decision later. Rather than being filled with disappointment over your new permanent fixture, narrow down your ideas with a purchase from InkBox.

How InkBox Works

As stated above, each formula from InkBox is entirely based on organic materials. The materials contribute to a patented formula, which absorbs into your top layer of skin to make the long-lasting imprint.

The formula takes advantage of the way your skin is designed to help maintain the new design you’ve selected.

While typical tattoos have ink injected into the dermis, the only way to penetrate your skin this deeply is with a needle.

However, InkBox tattoos are soaked into your epidermis, which is still longer-lasting than just the surface of your skin like cheap temporary tattoos.

The tattoo darkens over the few days after application, revealing designs that truly look like they’re the real thing.

Applying the InkBox Tattoos

To put on the InkBox tattoos, you need to follow the exact instructions of the kit, though the full set of directions are also available on the website.

Before anything is applied to your skin, you should wash and dry that area of your body, making it the most receptive and the most absorbent to your new artwork. You need to eliminate any oils on that selected area.

Once your skin is prepared, you’re ready to start the process. You will need to peel the protective backing off of the InkBox, which will expose the adhesive.

Press it onto your skin with the adhesive side down, and remove the black or blue cover from it. Once the temporary tattoo comes in contact with your skin, you cannot remove it.

Put on the glove, and open up a corner on the cloth bag, without removing the cloth. You will need to microwave both the bag and the cloth together for about 12 second.

You will use this wipe to dab the InkBox navy blue fabric. You want to avoid contact with any other part of your skin.

You will need to fold the cloth into a square, and then place the entire surface of the InkBox, holding it firmly for 30 seconds with as much strength as you can use. Then, you will maintain a firm but less intense grip on the square for 15 minutes after.

Once the waiting time is over, you can slowly peel off the sheet in the direction of your hair growth, allowing five minutes for the area to dry before rinsing it gently with soap and water.

Over the next 24 to 36 hours, the tattoo will keep developing to show the full display of this realistic design.

Due to the sensitive nature of the tattoo, you will need to avoid applying it to anyone under the age of 12.

If you want to remove the tattoo, you can scrub the skin carefully with an exfoliant. However, the strong design may require multiple removal sessions to completely eliminate any remaining colors and designs.

Available Tattoo Options from InkBox

When you receive your InkBox package, you will receive everything you need to help you apply the temporary tattoo. Along with the tattoo, your box will include:

  • A single, black tattoo glove
  • A pre-moistened cloth
  • An ethyl alcohol wipe

The only thing you really have to worry about is choosing the tattoo you want to try on for the next couple of weeks. Choose from:

  • Animals
  • Aquatic
  • Arrows
  • Flowers
  • Geometric
  • Hearts
  • Music
  • Nature
  • Quotes
  • Science
  • Travel
  • Spiritual

You can narrow down your decision by the size of the tattoo as well. Prices vary, but most of the tattoos are around $20.

Contacting InkBox

Most of your concerns about the temporary tattoos or your order may have already been addressed in the FAQ section.

However, if you find that your questions need a little more attention, you can fill in the online form with your inquiry to submit it to customer service.

InkBox Review Summary

Even though you may be committed to the idea of getting a tattoo, you may not have made any final decisions.

InkBox allows you to choose nearly any design, and then try out the look for a couple of weeks. Hopefully, this time can be spent determining if this tattoo is the right one for you. With a dedicated customer service team, InkBox is an opportunity to make a temporary decision, before settling down with something more permanent.


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