Henna Hair Dye – 100% Natural From Plant Extracts


Henna Hair Dye Review

For millions of women, the desire to change the color of their hair is very real. Many brunettes want to be blonde; blondes want to be brunette, etc. Thankfully, products like Henna Hair Dye exist to shine and beautifully color hair in a few simple steps. In just a few minutes, you two can shine and color your hair however you want to.

What is Henna Hair Dye?

Henna Hair Dye is natural hair dye that comes from various plants. Neutral henna comes from freshly cut grass, red henna comes from Lawsonia inermis, and black henna comes from indigo. Technically, there is only one kind of dye that is henna and that color is reddish.

When other compounds, metallic salts, and other materials are added, the colors can change. However, real henna is actually red-orange in color.

Why Use Henna Hair Dye?

Henna hair dye is a typically almost 100% natural and free of harsh chemicals, unlike most commercially sold dyes, which often contain several chemical agents that may damage and weaken your hair.

Henna hair dye is made from plant extracts. Sometimes additional compounds are added, but these additives typically are still safer than the harsh chemicals often added to other commercially sold products. So essentially, the main advantage to henna is that you can avoid most of the dangerous chemicals, and your hair still looks as colorful and shiny as it would be with even the best commercially sold hair dyes.

Other Things You Need to Know

Unless you’ve got plenty of experience in hair dying, then you’ll want to listen to these other important details about using Henna:

#1 — Using Henna is pretty easy and straightforward: All you normally need to do is melt the whole brick in a bowl with hot water until it has a mud-like consistency.

#2 –- Things will get messy fast: Seriously, like most hair dyes, you’ll need to use gloves when handling your henna mix. It may also be a good idea to stand in the shower when applying henna on your hair to contain any potential spills.

#3 –- Everything will get stained: is a very potent dye that will stain everything. This is why we recommend being in the shower, to avoid staining your counter or floor.

#4 — Henna isn’t going to even out your hair-color: If you’ve got existing highlights or roots, then there’s a good chance you’ll still have them when you’re finished.

#5 –- The dye can take a long time to set: Unlike other hair dyes, it can take up to 6 hours for henna hair dye to set. It doesn’t always require 6 hours and in reality, it only depends on the vibrancy you want.

#6 –- Dying your hair after using henna requires special care. You shouldn’t use any permanent dye on top of your henna, so your options are limited in the event you don’t like how your henna turns out.

How to Buy Henna Dye

There’s a good chance you can find henna hair dye through various online retailers, as well as your health and beauty stores. The price of henna really various based on supplier and the store you are buying from.

Just a quick note though. Before you buy any henna dye, make sure to look at the ingredients label. You’ll want to look for any artificial ingredients and if the product does contain chemicals, you’ll want to avoid them.

While henna can make your hair shine beautifully and vibrant, there are a lot of risks to using henna. It’s really only a good idea to use henna if you’re 100% committed to the idea. Otherwise, you may not like the end result and as we’ve already said, your options are very limited on fixing the issue.

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