Immune Defense Summit – Superbug, Pandemic & Virus Protection?


The Immune Defense Summit is an upcoming online event taking place between July 24 and July 31, 2017. Find out more about this natural health event today in our Immune Defense Summit review.

What Is The Immune Defense Summit?

The Immune Defense Summit is an online event that promises to teach attendees the best strategies to rejuvenate their immune system and neutralize the threat of superbugs, pandemics, viruses, and chronic illnesses.

The summit will be available for online between July 24 and 31, 2017. To sign up, you just need to enter your first name and email address into the online form at, then pick your desired package.

There are two packages: one for $60 and the other for $100. Both packages give you admittance to the event, but the $100 package comes with an extra 8GB USB stick filled with the talks from the event.

What Will You Learn At The Immune Defense Summit?

The organizers of the Immune Defense Summit insist that the best defense against the illnesses of today and tomorrowys is a strong immune stem. Unfortunately, many people don’t know how to create a strong immune system, or what kind of steps they can take to support immune system health. As the Immune Defense Summit website explains,

“Too many still remain uninformed about the best protocols to prevent illness and defeat diseases like autoimmune disorders, cancer, heart disease and the looming threat of “superbugs”.

Superbugs, for those who don’t know, are antibiotic-resistant strains that could wreak havoc on human populations in the future. The invention of antibiotics was a good short-term solution for viruses, but excessive use of antibiotics has also led to the creation of superbugs – deadly viruses that cannot be fought with traditional antibiotics. This could be a huge health problem in the future – and the Immune Defense Summit wants to teach you how to protect yourself and your family.

Here are some of the specific topics that will be discussed at the Immune Defense Summit:

  • How to cure infectious diseases with the use of “toxic drugs”
  • The latest advancements in immune protective protocols
  • How to prevent colds, flus, and pneumonia
  • Why vaccines are dangerous, and safe alternatives you can choose instead
  • How to cure diseases by targeting the root cause of the illness
  • “And more”

Who’s Speaking At The Immune Defense Summit?

The Immune Defense Summit is led by “36 of the world’s top experts in integrative medicine and science”. The team includes specialists in autoimmune disorders, cancers, heart disease, dementia, and pathogens, among other deadly diseases and illnesses.

Some of those experts – and their planned speeches – include:

  • Ty Bollinger: “Avoiding Cancer Cell Growth”
  • Niki Gratrix, mBANT, CNHC: “Link Between Emotions and Disease”
  • David Minkoff, MD: “Overcoming Lyme Disease and Co-Infections”
  • Daniel Pompa, PScD: “Detox and Immunity Solutions”
  • Izabella Wentz, PharmD, FASCP: “Thyroid Disorders and Immune Health”
  • Judy A. Mikovitz, PhD: “Vaccines and Immunity: The Untold Story”
  • Dr. Thomas Janossy: “Biofilm Warnings: Uncovering Toxic Threats”
  • Edward F. Group III, DC, ND, DACBN: “Heal the Gut, Heal the Immune System”
  • Phil Carson, DPh, RPh: “Nature’s Pharmacy: Safe Sickness Solutions”
  • Donna Powers CCH, RSHom (NA): “The Hidden Value of Fevers”
  • And more

As you can see, some of these people have unique designations after their name that you may not be familiar with. “RSHom”, for example, is a designation from “The Society of Homeopaths”, while mBANT refers to membership in the “British Association for Applied Nutritional Therapy”.

In total, there’s a diverse range of professionals from across the natural medicine community, including naturopathic doctors, lawyers, and thyroid specialists, among others.

The event is hosted by Jonathan Landsman, who manages and the NaturalHealth365 Inner Circle program, a monthly subscription service that reaches out to professionals across the natural health community. Jonathan advocates an organic, non-GMO diet filled with nutritional supplements, exercise, and meditation.

How Does The Summit Work?

How does an online summit work? With the Immune Defense Summit, new speeches will be revealed every day. Approximately 5 talks are released every day between July 24 and July 30.

Each day’s talks are available on demand for a 24 hour period. After that, you won’t be able to access the talks again until July 31, when all talks will become available for an additional 24 hours. Ordinary participants in the Immune Defense Summit will not receive any permanent copies of the talks, although you can pay $40 extra dollars for a flash drive filled with the talks.

Immune Defense Summit Pricing

The Immune Defense Summit signup page mentions the word “free” various times. However, the only “free” thing about the event is that you can submit your email for free. To attend the event, you’ll need to buy one of two packages.

Subscribing to the Immune Defense Summit is as easy as filling out your name and email address on the official website. Then, you can choose your desired package:

  • Online Access Only: $59 USD
  • Online Access + Flash Drive: $99
  • Flash Drive Only: $99

If you sign up for the summit early, you’ll receive five “free early talks”, including “How Chronic Infections Block Detox”, “Vital Tools to Correct Immune Problems”, “Solutions for Antibiotic Resistance Audio”, and “Homeopathic Remedies: The Uncensored Truth Audio”.

Your purchase also comes with a variety of eBooks created by some of the speakers. All materials are delivered to your email in digital format (unless you buy the USB package).

All purchases come with a 30 day money back guarantee.

Immune Defense Summit Review Summary

The Immune Defense Summit is an online summit taking place between July 24 and July 31. The event features 5 talks a day from professionals across the naturopathic medicine community. Some of the talks explain why vaccines are dangerous, while other talks discuss the surprising ways in which homeopathic remedies can cure your diseases and illnesses.

The event is led by Health Talks, a St. Augustine, Florida-based company. It’s hosted by Jonathan Landsman.

If you’re interested in hearing about some of the unique health topics covered during the Immune Defense Summit, then visit the summit online today at

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