Illness & Injury 12 Personal Things That Helped Me Survive Guide


Injuries and Illness can have a huge impact on our lives, and the road to recovery is not only physically painful but also mentally stressful. You have to deal with the pain and discomfort of your injury or illness and also make your friends and family feel at ease about your situation.

Juggling these two can create a lot of stress and most of us aren’t able to cope with it well. This is really frustrating and most of the professional help that you get is very impersonal and often very expensive too. Thus illness and injury, especially for a prolonged period can set your personal and social life in a state of disarray.

About the Author

Ryan Mcgill is a 32 year old individual who lives in Melbourne, Australia. In 2012 he was involved in a strange and remarkable accident involving a statue of Shiva where he was thrown into an abyss of constant pain and suffering.

He had to spend 18 months, in what seemed like a lifetime, enduring and overcoming various periods of chronic illness and injury. On his journey back to recovery, the lessons that he learned along the way were so effective for him in coping with and overcoming his ailments, that he felt compelled to share to share it with others through this book.

About Illness & Injury 12 Personal Things That Helped Me Survive Guide

In Illness & Injury 12 Personal Things That Helped Me Survive Guide, Ryan McGill provides a personal account of his experience coping with illness and injury and an insight into the 12 critical lessons and techniques that he credits with saving his life.

Ryan has spent a lifetime enduring and overcoming various periods of chronic illness and injury, it was the incident that took place in 2012 that formed the catalyst for Ryan’s personal transformation and ultimately the motivation to write this guide. He had been continually let down by the conventional medical system, including physicians, psychiatrists and pharmaceutical experts.

In this book, Ryan shares his experiences, lessons and mental techniques that enabled him to cope and to conquer. Ryan’s story serves as a personal and practical guide to help all those people suffering without answers or without hope, to hopefully make their experience a little easier. It is an inspiring tale of survival that aims to share with other sufferers the most critical steps and secrets to building mental strength

Illness & Injury 12 Personal Things That Helped Me Survive Guide Key Features

  1. First Person Account: It is a first person account of survival and written by a survivor. It is not written by medical professionals who tend to give a third person narrative of experiences, which are often distant and not personal. Ryan’s story and narration are as personal as it gets.
  2. Self-help guide: This is a self-help book and you do not need to take any other professional or amateur help. It is a simple step by step guide intended to serve as a seminal reference on effective coping strategies for anyone suffering at any stage of illness or injury.
  3. Brief and concise: Most self-help books are long and hard to follow. However, Ryan has summarized this in only 20 pages and has done this without sounding preachy at all.The concise nature helps this book to function something like a “cheat sheet” for illness and injury, that you can refer back whenever needed.
  4. Pain Management Strategies: The author focuses on deep breathing and meditation techniques to help your body relax and put your mind at ease. He gives different techniques for different environments and varied levels of pain. It also provides mental tools to minimize acute and chronic pain.
  5. Building Mental Strength: This book not only helps you deal with the pain, which is temporary. It provides techniques and tools to help build mental strength and resilience which stays with you for a lifetime and leaves you a stronger person at the end of your recovery.

Customer Opinions

The book has received mostly positive reviews from the readers all over the world. John Smith of Portland says ‘A remarkable feat of human mental endurance, a must read for anyone dealing with serious illness or injury.’

Similarly, Deborah Sanford from Yorkshire says ’ A refreshing perspective, helpful advice that no doctor offered me.’

Illness & Injury 12 Personal Things That Helped Me Survive Guide Pricing

Illness & Injury 12 Personal Things That Helped Me Survive Guide is available as an eBook on the website . Its available worldwide in 3 formats, ePub(IOS), mobi(kindle) and PDF(PC). You can download it at a price of $8.90 USD.

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