Idol White Review – Can This Product Really Whiten Your Teeth?


Professionally whitened teeth have become a fashion trend for people who want brighter smiles. Accordingly, there is no lack of products in the marketplace that claim to do just that. However, not every product is created equal. Some teeth whitening solutions are uncomfortable to apply, and some do not even work a advertised.

One product that has had numerous reviews is Idol White, a teeth whitening pen that is designed to work as a harmless and effective solution for whiter teeth.

What Is Idol White?

Idol White is a teeth whitening system that claims to deliver professional-looking results similar to those delivered by dentists. Idol White uses a gel that is applied using a dispenser pen. The company claims that users will see results in only a few minutes after the first application.

Users should wait up to two weeks to see the best results from using the product. The product supposedly delivers whiter teeth that are up to eight times whiter than before.

How Does Teeth Whitening Work?

There are many options and alternatives to consider when searching for a teeth whitening solution, yet they are all basically the same.

Teeth whitening works by bleaching the tooth to remove brown and yellow stains. This is traditionally done in a dentist’s office, but due to the costs involved, professional at-home bleaching kits such as Idol White are making ground in the industry.

The most effective and expensive method of teeth whitening is laser bleaching. In this method, a bleaching gel is applied to the tooth, a laser is then used to activate the gel to increase the whitening effect.

A less expensive method is tooth bleaching, in which a bleaching agent is applied to the tooth without using a laser. This method is only suitable on teeth that are mildly stained, and will not work on teeth that are damaged or if the patient suffers from gum disease. Laser and tooth bleaching are performed exclusively in a dentist’s office.

There are other methods of teeth whitening that do not involve an expensive visit to the dentist that can be done from the comfort of one’s home. Take-home whitening treatments include whitening kits, which use bleaching gels that get applied to the teeth using trays that mold to the user’s teeth. There are also over the counter alternatives of these treatments that cost far less than those prescribed by a dentist.

How To Use Idol White

Below are the following steps to get the most out of using Idol White:

● The user should gently brush their teeth and floss prior to using Idol White.

● Unscrew the cap and and give the application a slight twist to dispense some gel from the tube. After that, use a mirror to pinpoint the spots on the teeth that require whitening.

● Once the user has identified the spots they wish to whiten, apply the gel to the intended areas. Only a small amount of gel is required for Idol White to work.

● The gel should be left on the teeth for a minute or so before thoroughly cleaning the mouth with warm water

What Ingredients Can Be Found In Idol White?

● Glycerin helps in the application of other components used in this formula to work deeper into the enamel of the teeth, which will enhance the whitening results.

● Hydrogen Peroxide is a common ingredient found in most teeth whitening products. Hydrogen Peroxide works as a bleaching agent, helping to oxidize stains on the teeth.

● Sodium Hydroxide is another popular whitening ingredient that is known to aid in speeding up delivery in other components.

● Carbomer helps to enhance the brightness and color of the user’s teeth.

● Peppermint oil was included in the Idol White formula to make the gel taste better.

● Sodium Saccharin helps improve the taste and texture of the Idol White paste. It is free from sugar so it won’t damage the user’s teeth in any way.

● Edita this helps to reduce toxins in the user's teeth, making the whitening process more efficient.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Idol White?


● The product only takes about a minute to apply two times per day, and improvements can be seen within one to two weeks of starting Idol White.

● The gel dries within thirty seconds. This makes it easy to avoid contact with the user’s lips and gums.

● Idol White whitens as well as cleans the user’s teeth. This could mean that one might not need to visit the dentist as often.

● There are additional ingredients in the formula that freshens the user’s breath.

● The product comes with a 90 day money back guarantee for unused products.


● The gel may cause irritation for some people if it comes into contact with exposed gums.

● The product could be considered expensive as there is only one pen included. However, the overall cost could be reduced by purchasing a multiple month supply.

● The pen is used to treat a few spots of discoloration on the teeth. It may not be the best option if the user intends to whiten all of their teeth.

Where To Buy Idol White Pen?

It’s easy to order Idol White directly from the company website. As an added benefit of buying direct from the manufacturer, there are discounts available for customers that want to stock up for multiple months. Idol White comes with a ninety day money back guarantee, so the user can return the used pens if they are unhappy with the results.

● One month – $39.95

● Three months – $79.95

● Six months – $119.95

Are There Any Side Effects to Using Idol White?

The manufacturer states that the ingredients found in Idol White are safe and will not cause severe side effects. However, just like with other teeth whitening products, this product is not recommended for use by pregnant and nursing women.

If the user has issues with their gums or teeth it may be safer for one to consult with their dentist or doctor prior to using Idol White. As an extra precaution, one should check the list of ingredients above and make sure they do not have any allergies to the components.

The Bottom Line – Is Idol White Worth It?

Idol White is a popular product for people who want whiter teeth. There are many reviews online that are very positive about the product, and it has been on the market for more than eight years.

However, Idol White could be considered an expensive treatment if one is only buying for a month. It is also best applied on parts of the teeth that are discolored. If one is looking for a full-mouth solution for whiter teeth then an alternative product could be a better solution.

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