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The potential health impact that cell phone radiation may have on the human body has been a controversial issue since the release of the first commercial cell phone in 1983. Recently, in the first quarter of 2017, a report released by the California Department of Public Health advised that there may in fact be a link between cell phone radiation and increased chances of cancer and other health disorders.

The report, which consists of more than five years of data gathering from the state department, has been locked away since 2014 and has only been released due to a lawsuit from Joel Moskowitz, Ph.D., a concerned health professional.

Contained in the report is compelling evidence that cell phone radiation may increase the risk of brain cancer, advising consumers to keep cell phones at least one inch away from their heads at all times.

In light of this concerning information, taking steps to minimize the impact of cell phone radiation on your body is essential in securing your long term health. Fortunately, a new product provides a convenient, effective, and proven method of blocking the radiation emitted by your cellphone.

The I Am Cell Aware Radiation Blocker is a new, simple solution that can be applied to the rear of any cell phone to protect you and your loved ones from cell radiation induced health disorders.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the scientific evidence behind cell phone radiation to find out the truth behind what is one of the biggest unknown health risks, and find out how the Cell Aware solution can prevent radiation from damaging your body.

The Dangers Of Cell Radiation

Cell phones are ubiquitous in modern society and have become an integral part of our daily lives. What is not known to most people, however, is the significant health risk they represent.

The primary concern regarding the interaction between cell phones and the human body is the radiation they emit. Radiation is defined as any form of electromagnetic wave, and comes in many different forms. Some types of radiation can cause lethal cancer extremely quickly in even low doses, so the concern around the type of radiation emitted by cell phones is justified.

The type of radiation cell phones emit is called EMF radiation, and is a form of non-ionizing radiation that is broadcast from the cell phone to the nearest cell phone tower, and visa versa. There have been multiple extensive clinical investigations into the effects of EMF radiation on the body, with concerning results.

A 2012 meta-study performed by a research team at Hanyang University in Seoul, Korea, found that EMF radiation has a strong effect on the reproductive organs of the body

The investigation, which assessed over 70 different individuals clinical investigations, determined that the EMF radiation emitted by a cell phone is able to cause deformation in developing babies, disrupt the balance of the hormonal system, and cause reproductive toxicity in both men and women, lowering overall fertility rate.

EMF radiation has also been strongly linked to breast cancer in a 2000 study by the Department of Preventive Medicine at the State University of New York.

While the exact mechanism through which EMF radiation causes cancer is unknown, the study cites a strong statistical link between increased cancer rates and EMF intensity that warrants immediate investigation. This earlier study is supported by a new study released by the National Cancer Institute, which states that, while there are no directly observed mechanisms through which EMF radiation can cause cancer, the statistical link is significant and should be taken into account when handling cell phones.

Despite the lack of conclusive evidence, it’s clear that the radiation emitted by cell phones has a dramatic effect on the composition of the human body and interferes with key chemical processes that are critical to health. While most of the clinical evidence that is available states that EMF radiation doesn’t directly cause cancer, many individuals are choosing to practice cautionary protective methods.

What Is I Am Cell Aware Radiation Blocker?

I Am Cell Aware Radiation Blocker is one of the most effective and most popular protective items that can reduce the impact of cell phone EMF radiation on the body. I Am Cell Aware consists of a small radiation blocker that is placed on the rear of the cell phone, sitting between the phone and the case.

The blocker functions in a similar manner to the lead vest worn while undergoing X-ray imaging, protecting the head and body from harmful radiation waves.

I Am Cell Aware blockers are manufactured and distributed in the US, and, unlike many of the other cell radiation blockers available on the market, aren’t phone brand or model specific and don’t rely on adhesive or bulky cases.

Consisting of a small, credit card sized blocking screen, the I Am Cell Aware solution protects cell phone users from EMF radiation without interfering with the function of the handset or damaging the exterior of the cell phone.

The typical amount of radiation emitted by a modern cell phone sits at around 77 milliGauss, or mG. The FCC warns consumers that it’s best to limit EMF radiation exposure to just 2.5 mG, demonstrating the huge discrepancy between safe radiation levels and those emitted by cell phone technology.

The Cell Aware blocker is able to reduce EMF radiation directed at the user to just 0.1 mG, making it one of the safest and most effective EMF radiation blocker solutions on the market.

I Am Cell Aware Radiation Blocker Review Summary

If you’re already aware of the dangers of cell phone EMF radiation, or have recently discovered the health risks presented by this concerning cancer-causing emission, taking action is critical to ensure your long term health.

The I Am Cell Aware solution is one of the most effective and economical solutions on the market, and is ideal for anybody seeking to protect their health or that of their loved ones from the dangers of cellphone radiation.

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