Hylands Nerve Tonic – Natural Stress Relief Homeopathic Tablets?


Those looking for quick daytime stress relief might be interested in this supplement.

This nerve tonic, dosed as sublingual, dissolving tablets, is made with natural ingredients to aid in a healthy stress response. Please continue reading to learn more about this natural stress relief supplement.

What is Hyland’s Natural Nerve Tonic?

Stress and anxiety have been shown to have negative effects for both physical and emotional wellbeing. While overall lifestyle contributes to responses to stress, supplements help the body to remain calm.

Homeopathy focuses on natural ingredients with a range of health benefits. Many of these sources promote relaxation, decrease irritability, and help with mental dullness. Additionally, without the use of additives, side effects are significantly decreased and users will not become physically dependent on the supplement.

Hyland’s Natural Nerve Tonic comes in the form of quick-dissolving tablets for rapid, daytime stress relief. All natural ingredients aim to decrease anxious thoughts and irritability while sharpening mental clarity and concentration.

These tablets are taken under the tongue for maximal uptake and to ensure the benefits are felt.

How Does Hyland’s Natural Nerve Tonic Work?

Simply allow 1-2 tablets to dissolve under the tongue up to three times per day. They can be taken regularly or as needed when anxious or irritable feelings arise.

Sublingual delivery allows the ingredients to enter the bloodstream quickly and effectively, allowing the benefits to be felt as soon as possible.

Made with all natural components, there are no side effects or habit-forming properties. Ideal for day time stress relief, this supplement does not promote sleepiness or lethargy.

Relying on traditional homeopathic customs, ingredients such as calcarea phosphorica and kali phosphoricum, these simultaneously improve symptoms of anxiety and restlessness as well as cognitive lucidity.

It is recommended that users consult a doctor if symptoms persist or worsen after seven days. Additionally, directions for use must be properly followed or accidental overdose might occur.

Hyland’s Natural Nerve Tonic Ingredients

While this product is not reviewed by the FDA, these ingredients have recognized roles within traditional homeopathic practices. That being said, some of the ingredients were described as having effects specific to reducing anxiety and nervousness, when that is not necessarily the primary use.

The active ingredients in Hyland’s Natural Nerve Tonic include the following:

-Calcarea phosphorica: Used for balancing nutritional deficiencies and improving symptoms of anxiety and irritability.

-Ferrum phosphoricum: Aids in alleviating restlessness and fatigue, as well as improving blood flow.

-Kali phosphoricum: Decreases nervousness, promotes mental clarity, and combats lethargy.

-Natrum phosphoricum: Reduces acidity in the body and promotes relaxation.

-Magnesia phosphorica: Helps with mental clarity and focus, as well as mitigates sleeplessness.

There are no artificial flavors or additives, allowing the ingredients to support the body’s own calming and healing mechanisms.

Hyland’s Natural Nerve Tonic Pricing

Several retailers carry this supplement, Amazon, VitaCost, and iHerb:


The lowest cost available of the three, a bottle of 500 tablets is priced at $9.30


500 tablets are sold for $9.79.


A container of 100 tablets is offered for $10.04.

Should You Use Hyland’s Natural Nerve Tonic?

Most online reviewers seem to agree that this supplement helps them to relax and stay calm throughout the day. For that reason, this might be a useful product for those looking to reduce feelings of anxiety and irritability, and improve mental clarity.

More information can be found at https://www.amazon.com/Hylands-Stress-Relief-Tablets-Natural/dp/B00014FGTK/.

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