MuscleTech HydroxyCut CLA Elite Next Gen – The Lose Weight Pill?


About MuscleTech HydroxyCut CLA

HydroxyCut CLA Elite Next Gen is a highly effective weight loss pill designed for adults who are looking to lose weight fast. HydroxyCut CLA joins MuscleTech’s Performance Series Line including twenty-seven products to help boost energy, support lean muscle development, and weight loss. Please read below to learn more about MuscleTech’s HydroxyCut CLA Elite product.

MuscleTech Products

MuscleTech’s Performance Series has a huge range of products that will help consumers get the results they are looking for from their workout. Whether users are just looking for general upkeep of health and body maintenance or they are serious athletes looking for maximum results, the MuscleTech Performance series has a supplement that will support each user’s goals and needs.

Some of the popular MuscleTech products:

Hydroxycut CLA Elite Next Gen is designed to be used for a minimum of sixty days for best results. Users have very positive feedback from using this product and many use it regularly to help them achieve or exceed their weight loss goals.

Hydroxycut CLA Elite Next Gen is packed with the amino acid L-carnitine L-tartrate, premium raspberry ketones, and green coffee bean extract to help users lose weight fast. HydroxyCut is the best-selling weight loss supplement line in the United States for a reason, HydroxyCut works! Users simply take two pills a day before meals and when combined with a healthy diet and exercise pounds will start to disappear.

How to Use Hydroxycut CLA Elite Next Gen

Users of HydroxyCut CLA should take one to two servings twice daily. Each dose is two soft gels. HydroxyCut CLA should be taken thirty to sixty minutes before the two largest meals of the day. Users should never consume more than eight soft gels within a twenty-four hour period. Users should drink a minimum of ten glasses of water per day while taking Hydroxycut CLA Elite Next Gen.

For best results users should take Hydroxycut CLA Elite Next Gen for a minimum of sixty days. Results will vary but users who combine Hydroxycut CLA Elite Next Gen with a healthy diet and exercise will see the biggest results.

Hydroxycut CLA Elite Next Gen is designed for use by adults over the age of eighteen. Users who have a preexisting medical condition should consult their doctor prior to use. Additionally, consumers who are pregnant or breastfeeding should no use HydroxyCut CLA Elite Next Gen.

Hydroxycut CLA Elite Next Gen Ingredients

Hydroxycut CLA Elite Next Gen is packed full of specially formulated ingredients that help users lose weight fast. Hydroxycut CLA Elite Next Gen Is gentle on the user's digestive system and has few side effects like other popular fast acting, weight-loss supplements.

-Conjugated linoleic acid (200 milligrams):

Conjugated linoleic acid is a fatty acid found in dairy and animal fats, such as beef, lamb, whole milk and eggs, but cannot be produced by the human body. HydroxyCut CLA derives their CLA from safflower oil. CLA is commonly used in weight loss supplements but its effectiveness is up for debate.

-L-carnitine L-tartrate (500 milligrams):

L-carnitine tartrate supports muscle recovery and reduces muscle soreness when used prior to exercise. L-carnitine works to metabolize fat and support weight loss.

-Garcinia indica (500 milligrams):

A super nutritious fruit in the mangosteen family that is used for a variety of health benefits. Garcinia indica is also commonly known as Kokum. This fruit contains hydroxycitric acid which is known for its highly effective weight loss properties. This acid is where the product line gets its name!

-Raspberry ketones (250 milligrams):

Raspberry ketones are found in many weight loss supplements currently available on the market. Raspberry ketones break up fat cells and make it easier for the user’s body to burn off fat.

-Robusta coffee bean extract (200 milligrams):

Green coffee bean extract comes from coffee beans that have not been roasted. Coffee beans contain compounds known as chlorogenic acids. These chlorogenic acids are believed to have antioxidant activities. Chlorogenic acids are also believed to help lower blood pressure. These acids affect how the body handles blood sugar and metabolism to help people lose weight.

A great deal of research still needs to be completed to truly know the weight loss effectiveness of green coffee extract. For now, it is a very popular weight loss option whether the claims are scientifically backed or not.


The best prices online are offered through Gundry Lane via Wal-Mart’s website. Each 100 soft gel bottle at is $26.49.

HydroxyCut CLA Elite Next Gen is available for purchase at Amazon for $28.97 for a 100 soft gel bottle. Currently is offering a 25% off coupon for first time buyers of HydroxyCut CLA Elite Next Gen. users can choose to subscribe and save which makes each 100 capsule bottle $27.52. HydroxyCut CLA Elite Next Gen is eligible for fats and free shipping.

Prices at are significantly higher at $54.99 for the same 100 soft gel bottle.

United States based consumers can also purchase MuscleTech Performance products at GNC and The Vitamin Shoppe either online or in stores. MuscleTech has a comprehensive contact list for national and international distributors. They have also included a list of non-authorized distributors so users can ensure the product they are buying is authentically made by MuscleTech. Visit MuscleTech’s website today at to find out more information about their full product line.

If consumers purchase a product they believe to be counterfeit MuscleTech offers them a way to reach them as well as tips and tricks to help consumers recognize a fake product before they buy. There are authorized distributors in one hundred countries.

Who Makes HydroxyCut CLA Elite Next Gen

HydroxyCut CLA Elite Next Gen is manufactured by MuscleTech, an established and reputable manufacturer of supplements and vitamins.

Should You Use HydroxyCut CLA?

Users who are looking for weight loss results in a low cost pill should consider HydroxyCut CLA Elite Next Gen. HydroxyCut is the number one bestselling weight loss supplement in the United States because it delivers results in a safe an effective way. To find out more please visit

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