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Ask any person trying to lose weight where they want to lose fat the most and they’ll probably tell you it’s their stomach. Unfortunately, the midsection is the hardest part of the body to burn fat – that is until a new invention called Hot Shapers entered the market.

What is Hot Shapers?

Hot Shapers are designed to help increase your core temperature when you’re exercising, playing sports, or even just casually walking. This is meant have a thermogenic effect on your body, causing you to lose more weight.

The secret behind Hot Shapers is a proprietary fiber called Neotex™. Neotex increases your body’s temperature when it comes into contact with your body skin, while the outer layer of fiber keeps you dry.

The theory behind Hot Shapers is that by sweating in your abs and thighs, you can burn fat in those areas, and only in those areas. While we know fat loss burns fat from your whole body, there is some research that supports the notion that targeted fat loss may work.

However, it’s not a proven science yet.

Do Hot Shapers Actually Work?

From the Amazon Reviews and reviews on the actual Hot Shapers website, there seems to be mixed results from Hot Shapers customers. Some people swear Hot Shapers are better than sliced bread while other customers claim it was the biggest waste of money in their life.

The biggest complaint seems to be that the Hot Shapers have ripped after only a few weeks of use. There are fewer complaints about a lack of weight loss, although some people were unhappy with their overall results.

Overall, it seems like one or two things are going to happen. Either you’re going to absolutely love Hot Shapers or you’re going to absolutely hate them. There seems to be no real middle ground, so take that into consideration before you buy Hot Shapers.

How to Buy Hot Shapers

As you may expect, Hot Shapers are by no means cheap. Hot Shapers cost $79.95 and you can include a “Hot Shirt” for $39.95 and a “Hot Belt” for $49.95 as well.

Hot Shapers only offers a 30-day money back guarantee, provided a number of conditions are met. They offer a slightly more lenient exchange policy, although they do claim that both refunds and exchanges are up to their sole discretion.

Are Hot Shapers Worth Buying?

This is a very tough question to answer because of the questionable science and mixed bag of reviews we’ve found. It seems like a crapshoot as to whether or not Hot Shapers will actually work.

If you’re going to try Hot Shapers, we recommend you use them every day so you can quickly figure out whether or not they’re working for you so you can return them.

While we don’t think Hot Shapers are some sort of miracle solution for weight loss, they may still help you burn fat in your midsection and thighs. Still, we don’t recommend you go in with huge expectations, or you may end up disappointed like many other users.

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  1. please do more researches about hotshapers
    they can cause some serious problems such as INCREASING weight, diabetes, high blood pressure, blood sugar and in rare cases skin cancer
    sweating doesn’t help losing weight
    sweat is just water and salt

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