Honestly pHresh – Men & Womens Roll-On Deodorant Cream?


Most people, use deodorant every day – or at least should. However, have you ever considered the toxins that go along with that need to feel (and smell) fresh? Probably not. And, know that you are not alone on that thought process. To some degree, we are simply conditioned to use a product that will help guard sweat and the smell to match – so why look at ingredients?

If anything, we become more concerned with the way they smell instead of what we are putting on our bodies. And, what we may not recall is that our skin absorbs anything we put on it quickly and makes it way to the bloodstream, etc.

Knowing this, or at the very least being made aware might have you checking those ingredients now. This is where Honestly pHresh was born.

You see, traditional deodorants and antiperspirants often contain aluminum which in fact clogs our pores. This means it is actually stopping the sweat from leaving the body. This also means that you are trapping the toxins inside.

Not to mention that aluminum has been linked to a variety of diseases too; cancer, Alzheimer’s, and more. So, in other words, although you were using these antiperspirants to stop the sweat and smell from bothering you and others, you were actually unknowingly causing more damage – and long term.

What is Honestly pHresh?

Glad you asked! Honestly pHresh is an all-natural deodorant that works with the same effectiveness as your regularly used ‘go-to’ but without the damaging effects.

The irony is sweat in fact has no smell at all it is the bacteria when it meets our skin that causes that unpleasant odor. So, while you are trapping those toxins inside you are not only taking a health risk, but doing yourself no favor in the odor department either.

This unique formula offered by Honestly pHresh, offers you powerful minerals and a prebiotic that eliminates odor causing bacteria and acts as a natural moisture absorber to keep you dry. The deodorants, both men’s and women’s, are 100% natural, smell ‘pHresh’, soothe your skin and do not contain any aluminum, parabens, petroleum, gluten, GMO’s or any synthetic fragrances.

Probably, the best thing your armpits have experienced to date!

Honestly pHresh Product Line

There are four (4) different products available at Honestly pHresh:

  1. Roll-On Deodorant
  2. Deodorant Cream
  3. Women’s Deodorant
  4. Men’s Deodorant

The Roll-On Deodorant comes in three (3) natural scents; ginger rose, sea mineral and tropical nectar. When using the roll-on deodorant, you are delivering your body much needed minerals, including magnesium, which is known to regulate more than 300 biochemical functions in your body.

The roll-on deodorant retails for $7.99 and can be ordered online through their website.

The Deodorant Cream, is a little different. It is made with oranic fair trade Shea and Cocoa butters as well as organic root powder. It is applied using the provided scoop and provides the same type of protection offered by the other all-natural deodorants in this product line.

The Deodorant Cream retails for $12.99 and comes in six (6) different scents;

  • Cedar wood and Eucalyptus
  • Geranium and Patchouli
  • Lavender and Ylang Ylang
  • Rosewood and Bergamot
  • Sage and Chamomile
  • Phree Unscented

In the women’s line, this deodorant is in a stick format. Described as a ‘non-stink’ formula that can in fact be good for you – and your body. Providing you optimal wetness protection and is available in five (5) different scents; barely sweet, Phree unscented, sugar mint, tropical blossom, and soothing shea.

Each of these sticks retails for $9.99 and is available on their website for ordering.

Lastly, the men’s line. Because men deserve safe deodorant too! These deodorant sticks offer up to 24 hours of odor and wetness protection. The men’s formula retails for $7.99 and comes in three (3) scents of their own; Active sea mineral, Bold wild oak, and Hero herbal spice.

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