Sometimes, we can get caught up in the everyday stressors of life and lose sight of the things that make us the happiest. These might be moments with friends or family, a great meal or beautiful landscape of your city. Often, these are the moments we forget about when we recall our days because the stressors or obstacles tend to be stronger and overpower them.

Before technology existed the way, it does in modern society, like it does now people spent time writing in a diary or journal, creating scrapbooks or picture albums. Although technology is a beautiful thing, it might be safe to say we are still trying to find ways to harness it.

HiMoment is a mobile phone app that was created for both iPhone and Android users to help get back in touch with their happiness.

How Does hiMoment Work?

Once you sign up for free on the hiMoment website, you are then prompted to download the application from your app store or google play. Once inside, you are ready to go. You are encouraged to take pictures and record notes of moments in your day in which you felt happy. These don’t need to be extravagant moments either, simply ones that made you smile – and feel good.

Maybe it was a meal you cooked, or a garden you planted. Perhaps it was a family visit or time with a pet. Whatever the case is, capture. Take a few moments to snap a photo and add a caption. Through this process, it will help you create a timeline of people, places and things that make you happy.

It is a great way for you to spend a few moments every day to reflect on the things that are important to you. So, in the event you are having a not so happy moment – you can quickly scroll through your timeline and be reminded of the things you have to feel grateful for.

It may seem trivial at first, but rest assure that as the collection of moments continue to grow you will be thankful you did this. Let’s say for example you are at your daughter’s dance recital – naturally, you take a picture of her. Upload this image into the hiMoment app and add a caption. You might say something like ‘she is so talented!’.

Or, let’s assume you are spending some time at the beach. Capture an image of the water meeting the sand – describe how that makes you feel – or why you love the ocean. Starting to see how these collection of moments will have you smiling? Have you appreciating the moments you are fortunate to experience? Consider adding an image of yourself smiling – a selfie even! Add a motivational quote or caption to his image.

Are You Ready to Reclaim Your Happiness With hiMoment?

You deserve it to be happy – do you believe that? HiMoment takes only five (5) minutes a day to help you start capturing moments that will motivate you to smile more and truly recognize the things in your life that make you feel happy.

As mentioned above, it is easy to fall into a trap of the everyday grind and miss out on the things we truly appreciate. When we are not consciously taking note of the good times, and being present in them, the bad will always come out on top. It is an unfortunate truth.

The good news is, the team working behind the concept and execution of hiMoment want to help you reclaim that happiness you deserve, with ease. Not everyone is a scrapbook fan and picture albums seem to be a thing of the past – this way you have the power at your fingertips.


And, whether you choose to scroll your moments every night before bed – or first thing when you wake up, they’re there and they’re yours.

Focusing on the Prize

And, the prize is your happiness. When we focus on the positive things, it is interesting how we begin to attract those things more regularly. You may capture images of things that you want, or need – using the hiMoment app can help you focus on your goals and bring to the forefront the things that matter, to you.

A way to keep track of the different things you include through your hiMoment timeline, is to use hashtags. This can help you sort through specific moments, or using a year like #2017 to help you find your favorite moments of the year.

Regardless of the process you choose, or how you get started – the important part is starting! Consider downloading your free hiMoment app today!


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