HexoFire Labs Delta Prime & Nitric Oxide: Lean Muscle Gainers?


Delta Prime is a supplement that targets the production of testosterone to help with the metabolism and to increase the effectiveness of the immune system. Nitric Oxide is a supplement that helps consumers to promote better blood flow throughout their body. Consumers can purchase either one of the products from HexoFire Labs, which is the creator of the remedies.

What is Delta Prime?

The body requires a certain balance of hormones to function at its best capacity. Most people think about their thyroid gland or pancreas, but there is actually much more. For men, testosterone controls a lot of their bodily functions, their needs, and their sex drive. Though men are able to produce this hormone in high quantities while younger, men over age 50 have a more difficult time maintaining that performance. HexoFire Labs is responsible for developing a remedy called Delta Prime that could effectively help with the issues that men face at this time.

According to the claims made online, the use of Delta Prime may:

When someone increases their testosterone levels, they also may experience an increase in their libido and have an easier time building up their muscle mass than before. There are no ingredients or other proof of effectiveness on the website.

What is Nitric Oxide?

While working out, consumers need to make sure that all the nutrients they take is in capable of being distributed throughout the body. Most of the time, the digestive process is enough to deliver oxygen and nutrients, but the use of a supplement like Nitric Oxide can help.

Nitric Oxide is meant to:

  • Promote protein synthesis for muscle development
  • Improve the flow of nitric oxide
  • Increase strength

Unlike Delta Prime, the Nitric Oxide supplement offers some of the ingredients that are included in the remedy, like L-Arginine and L-Citrulline. However, there is nothing online to show exactly how much of these ingredients are included, so their effects are unpredictable.

Using Delta Prime and Nitric Oxide

The full directions are not available for either of the supplements, but it appears as if one bottle of either treatment is meant for one month of use. If that is true, the daily dose of Nitric Oxide should be three capsules, while the daily dose of Delta Prime should be two capsules. Full directions will be available with the shipments to give a clearer idea of what to do. However, any immediate concerns can be brought up with customer service.

If the user presently has to take any kind of medication, they may want to confirm with a doctor to ensure that combining these treatments with their prescription is safe. There are no details on the website that say whether the user can combine Delta Prime and Nitric Oxide.

Pricing for Delta Prime and Nitric Oxide

To purchase the Delta Prime supplement, consumers will be able to make a purchase from the official website for a bottle of 60 capsules for $99.00. If they are interested in the Nitric Oxide formula, they can purchase it for $96.00. Neither option is available as part of a subscription, so the user will need to order it on an as-needed basis.

If the user is not happy with the results of using either one of the remedies, they have up to 30 days to request a full refund by returning the products.

Contacting the Creator: HexoFire Labs

With such different types of supplements available, consumers need to know as much information as possible to make their decision about the products. The customer service team offers both a phone number and an email address to get in touch.


The HexoFire Labs products may help consumers to get the support that they need, but there is no evidence about any of the treatments. Ingredients are not included, which makes it difficult to predict how effects the remedies are and if they can follow through on the benefits described. Consumers will be able to try out the formulas with the one-month return policy, so there is not too much risk involved.

Even though this treatment is able to increase the natural production of testosterone, it is not meant as hormone replacement therapy. Furthermore, if there is a significant loss of testosterone in the body, consumers would be better off by speaking with a doctor before changing anything else in their routine.

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