HercuLean Meal Prep

When it comes to attaining the ideal weight management goal, what is slightly more significant than training is one’s food intake. With many consumers constantly on the go, the chances of eating out at unhealthy restaurants are likely to increase. This is why many take part in meal preparations.

Meal preparations consists of making balanced meals across a week. A typical meal should include carbohydrates, protein, vegetables and ,depending on the goal, healthy fats as well. The question now becomes: How much of each food group must one consume? This is where the HercuLean Meal Prep may come into play.

HercuLean Meal Prep was created in the hopes of ensuring that consumers have access to health, convenient and ready-made meals that deliver essential nutrients to the body. The following review will look closely at the HercuLean Meal Prep in terms of its purpose, types of meals offered, its uniqueness and more.

What is HercuLean Meal Prep?

HercuLean Meal Prep was formed on the basis of body transformation while optimizing taste. Each meal is classified as “Macros Curated” because of its pureness of ingredients and accurate measurements that help consumers get into shape and achieve desirable weight.

Ben and Nathan Canary are the duo responsible for the HercuLean Meal Prep’s concept. The foundation of this project was Ben, a self-taught chef’s desire to get back in shape. Most of the recipes came from his brother, Nathan’s bodybuilding diet, where Ben added more herbs, spices and other alternatives to ensure each meal was well balanced. According to Ben and Nathan, they both managed to lose 65 and 40 pounds respectively.

What Differentiates HercuLean Meal Prep Compared to Others?

The HercuLean Meal Prep was built on three core principles. Unlike most meal preps that encourage a maximum of three meals, HercuLean believes it is ideal to consume 5 to 6 light meals per day. In addition, they believe frequent meals can eliminate the likelihood of fat storage in the body.

Its second principle revolves on purity; it claims to contain no added salt or sugar, and are gluten-free. Furthermore, none of their meals contain unnecessary or unhealthy macronutrients.

Lastly, the HercuLean Meal Prep discourages low-carb diets and potentially provides consumers with healthier alternatives that are light and filling at the same time. Some of which may include: brown rice, oats, quinoa, and sweet potatoes to name the least.

What Type of Meals Can Consumers Expect From HercuLean Meal Prep?

HercuLean Meal Prep carries 23 meal options to choose from, which include breakfast, lunch and dinner. Here is a sample list of meals that consumers can expect:

  • Breakfast: Shredded Steak, Turkey Chili, Turkey Scramble, Salmon and Chicken Sausage
  • Poultry: Turkey Meatballs, BBQ Chicken, Pesto Chicken, and Chicken Lentils
  • Fish: Whitefish, Curry Tilapia, Blackened Whitefish, Lemon Dill Cod, Cod Burger and BBQ Salmon
  • Pork: Pulled Pork
  • Beef: Shredded Steak, Steak and Lean Ground Beef

With each meal, consumers will also be provided with its calorie count, and grams of protein, carbohydrates and fats. In addition, each recipe might also include basic measurements of each ingredient used.

Investing in HercuLean Meal Prep

Consumers can either choose to purchase from their physical store in Indianapolis (which will open in moment’s time), or through subscription plans online. On average, with the subscription consumers can expect to invest approximately $7 per meal, which can be carried out on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. If picking up meals is not convenient, consumers can get them shipped for an additional cost.

HercuLean Meal Prep Final Thought

Although the HercuLean Meal Prep was based off of a bodybuilder’s diet, it is not to say that consumers of zero to varying training abilities cannot make use of it.

According to the creators of the HercuLean, consumers as old as 60 years and plus to students, parents and others who have had a hard time losing weight can benefit from the HercuLean MealPrep. What’s great about each meal is the fact that they are freezable and can be easily heated in a microwave or oven.

Ultimately, the HercuLean Meal Prep is for anyone and everyone who wants to potentially become a better versions of themselves, while putting in the work required. For consumers who are interested, the next step would be to set an appointment with the Canary brothers to discuss goals and associated matters.

For more information, go to: http://herculeanmealprep.com.


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