Hello Sense Sleep Tracker – Sleep Amplifier Or Another Gadget?


Hello Sense Sleep Tracker Review – Why Buy?

A good night sleep can severely impact the day to come. Not only does sleep boost the mood, it is the key part to living a healthy lifestyle as good sleep benefits the heart, mind, weight, and more. Sleep is important in letting the body reset from the daily stressors of everyday life.

Studies have shown that adequate sleep can yearn surprising health benefits. While sleeping, the mind stays busy by strengthening memories by “practicing” skills that are learned during the waking hours. This time of consolidation is what occurs when individuals take on a new task, such as learning a new language, or sport, and the mind works these skills while the body sleeps, to improve performance after a good rest.

After a good rest, the brain is renewed and then spurs an onslaught of creativity. As well as consolidating memories, strengthening skills, the brain spends hour reorganizing and restructuring the connections – resulting in more creativity. Sleep strengthens the emotional components of memory, aiding in the creative capabilities.

Another health benefit of sleep is an increase in lifespan. As getting too much, or too little sleep is associated with a shorter lifespan, it is clear that sleep affects the quality of life. The consequences of sleep deprivation are catastrophic and life-altering, putting the immune system at risk for illness and disease. Armed with that knowledge, it is easy to see that getting enough sleep each life contributes to a better life, keeping you protected from the effects of a compromised immune system.

Innovation and creativity have allowed the unique Hello Sense sleep tracking system to come to life. Sense is a sleep tracking system that monitors the sleeper during the night. It is a one of a kind device that analyzes the sleep cycle, and personalizes wake times based on observed data.

About Hello Sense

Hello is a company that creates products and services that make the lives of their customers easier. With a team of experienced designers, engineers, and operations staff, millions of people from all over the world have joined the vision to help people live other lives by understanding the world, and themselves.

The circadian rhythm, also known as the body’s internal clock, is responsible for deciding when to sleep, and wake up. Most everyone experiences some level of tossing and turning throughout the night, and the natural rhythm becomes disrupted. Loud sounds, bad dreams, or anxiety can jolt someone out of a deep sleep, affecting the ability to perform well, and causing lasting grogginess throughout the day.

Many alarm clocks contribute to the unpleasantness of being startled awake. Thankfully, Sense’s Smart Alarm analyzes the user’s sleep cycle and knows the precise time that sleep is in the lightest phase, usually about 30 minutes before the set time, and gently sounds the alarm to wake the user up at the most ideal time. To set the alarm, the user has the option of choosing from one of the 15 alluring wake tones.

Sense does not only monitor the sleeper, but it monitors the environment as well. Sense takes in data of the bedroom and recognizes sleep through the movements made during the night. All of this data is stored in the Sleep Timeline which presents a comprehensive overview of the user’s sleep cycle, also pointing out specific events that occurred during the night. The timeline allows the user to see how external disturbances, such as loud thunder, can affect the quality of sleep.

As well as the Sleep Timeline, Sleep Summary offers the user data stored from one night in one place. The details include how long it took to fall asleep, the quality of sleep, and the environmental conditions (temperature, sounds) of the bedroom, and how the sleep cycle reacted.

With the Sleep Summary, the Sleep Score keeps track of instant feedback on sleep. The Sleep Score analyzes the environmental readings of the bedroom, and sleep cycle, providing the user with a unique score out of 100. The score allows the user to gage sleep, and to see how the score changes over time as a result of sleeping habits. Once the user learns what habits improve the sleep score, they can ensure better sleep for the future.

Sense is adaptable, and is constantly learning. The more Sense is used, the more intelligent the system becomes. Over time, the detailed insights about nightly sleep will grow. The information can then inform the user to change their sleeping environments, sleep and wake times, and get the most out of their sleep, improving each night.

 Features of Sense Sleep Tracker

The design of the sleep tracker is unique and striking. Designed to be placed on a bedside table, the Sense base unit is a round plastic orb made of a strong polycarbonate shell, packed with sensors, surrounded by an acoustic mesh. The Pill motion tracker, a small round clip, attaches to the edge of a pillowcase. Sense is available in two beautiful colors: rich Charcoal, or brilliant Cotton. It fits into any bedroom, falling into the aesthetic and décor, sophisticatedly unnoticed. The Sleep Pill is only available in brilliant Cotton, and is required in order to work harmoniously with the base unit.

As mentioned above, Sense is packed with sensors. The ambient light sensor allows the Sense to illuminate a warm light, encouraging peaceful sleeping. The temperature sensor allows the device to predict the correct level heat or cold for optimal sleep. The humidity sensor discovers the humidity level in the room, and how it affects the sleep cycle. The proximity sensor allows the user to dismiss the Smart Alarm with just a wave of the hand placed above the base unit. The particulate sensor discovers whether the air is clear, and if dust and particulates are affecting breathing through the night, disrupting sleep.

The dimensions of the Sense are 2.75 inches (70mm) in diameter, and 2.5 inches (64.16mm) in height. The sense also possesses a microphone to allow enhanced audio to detect noises that are made through the night. The audio consists of a speaker that allows one of the 15 custom composed wake tones to be played. For functionality, Sense requires a WiFi connection, and Bluetooth, allowing the user to interact with their Sense through their smartphone.

The Sleep Pill, the device that measures movement throughout the night, charts the sleep patterns. The dimensions of the Pill are 1.1 inches (28.06mm) in diameter, and 0.55 inches (14.05mm) in height. The Pill also possesses a sensor, a precise accelerometer, which tracks movement, and translates that movement into a sleep pattern. The Pill uses Bluetooth to connect to the Sense and communicate data.

Purchasing the Sense Sleep Tracker

The Sense Sleep Tracker can be purchased on the website (store.hello.is/sense). Because the people behind Sense want to make purchasing the product as easy as using their product, they have made the entire checkout process extremely easy. Users can pick the color of Sense they want, the device comes in white and grey, and then continue with their checkout. Unfortunately, at the moment, shipping for Sense is not free. They charge standard shipping rates to ship to Australia, Belgium, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, and United States.

  • Sense and Sleep Pill: $129.00
  • Extra Sleep Pill (Sense with a partner): $49.00
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