Healthy Skoop Sleep Protein – Natural Plant-Based Sleep Aid?


Whether you’re aiming to burn unwanted body fat, build new lean muscle mass, or simply promote higher overall health levels, there are two critical elements that cannot be overlooked if you want to hit your fitness goals- sleep, and macronutrient intake.

The body uses the hours in which it is asleep to repair the body with macronutrients which, unlike micronutrients, are used to repair structural damage to the body.

More than 60% of the US population doesn’t get enough sleep.

Sleep is integral to the health of the body- constantly running on a “sleep debt” causes the immune system to function inefficiently, lowers the rate at which the body can metabolize food, increases fat retention, and causes chronic fatigue, making it difficult to focus on everyday tasks. A further 30% of the US population have medically-diagnosable insomnia, a condition that can make it extremely hard to gain a restful night of sleep.

When the body is damaged during exercise, strength training, or everyday life, it uses protein to repair broken muscle strands and skin. Protein is essential in many different functions of the body and is the primary component of muscle tissue- without adequate protein intake, it’s impossible to gain any significant amount of lean muscle mass as a result of strength or resistance training.

The human body requires between 50 and 70 grams of protein every day, depending on the sex of the individual, their metabolic rate, and their health and fitness goals. Gaining this amount of protein without resorting to supplements can be difficult.

Unfortunately, many of the protein supplements available on the market today are created from whey isolate, which isn’t compatible with the vegan, vegetarian, or lactose-free lifestyle.

A new health supplement, however, is promising to provide a solution to both the problem of poor sleep habits and the difficulty in maintaining adequate protein intake.

Healthy Skoop, one of the most popular health supplement manufacturers on the market, has recently released a new protein supplement called Sleep Protein.

The unique formulation of this supplement not only contains a massive dose of plant-based protein, but is able to promote healthier, more regular sleeping habits.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the Sleep Protein formula and find out how it works to help you decide whether it’s the right protein supplement for your needs.

What Is Healthy Skoop Sleep Protein?

Sleep Protein is a groundbreaking new supplement from Healthy Skoop that combines all of the very best elements of natural healthy sleep promoting herbal supplements with clean, vegan plant-based protein to create a solution that delivers a dual action protein and sleep boost.

Designed specifically for individuals that find it difficult to get to sleep, the Sleep Protein formula is able to promote calmness and relax the body to induce natural, restful, and long-lasting sleep.

The Healthy Skoop formula offers a number of significant advantages over other protein supplements on the market.

The most important difference between Healthy Skoop Sleep Protein and other protein solutions is that the protein in the supplement is derived from natural plant based botanical sources.

Milk-based protein supplements, such as whey isolate proteins, are not only incompatible with the vegan lifestyle, but they also contain lactose, which isn’t suitable for individuals with digestive issues.

Healthy Skoop Sleep Protein is also free from soy and soy products.

Many whey isolate supplements contain soy lecithin as a thickening agent, which has been clinically proven to act as a phytoestrogen that increases the estrogen levels of the body, which can cause serious hormonal imbalances.

Additionally, the Sleep Protein formula is also gluten free, making it suitable for celiac individuals or those with a gluten intolerance.

Healthy Skoop Difference

The Healthy Skoop brand was founded by Dr James Rouse, a trained naturopathic physician, and his long-term friend Greg Stroh.

The partners both notices a serious need in the supplement market for healthy, plant-based healing supplements that are free from negative chemical compounds.

Healthy Skoop is dedicated to providing completely natural and highly nutritive supplements to health enthusiasts around the world through a production process that values transparency above all else.

The company makes the entire production process of their products and their complete ingredient list available for all to see, with detailed information on what they do and how they are harvested.

Healthy Skoop Sleep Protein Formula

The nutritional profile of the Healthy Skoop Sleep Protein formula puts most whey protein supplements to shame, while delivering the added advantage of promoting healthy sleep.

Each serving of Healthy Skoop Sleep Protein contains a massive 8 grams of vegan-friendly plant-based protein sourced from organic peas and organic rice.

The organic farming techniques used to create the source material ensure that there are no GMO or pesticide contaminants in the end product, protecting the health of your body.

Healthy Skoop Sleep Protein also delivers 12 grams of complex carbohydrates, providing energy for the body to use in the healing and muscle growth process. A B vitamin complex provides the body with 100% of its daily B vitamin requirements, which also promotes the release of serotonin and melatonin in the body, promoting healthy sleep.

The micronutrient complex of the formula is also backed up by calcium and magnesium, which reduces recovery time and boosts bone health.

The most important ingredient in the Healthy Skoop Sleep Protein formula, however, is tryptophan.

This naturally occurring compound has been clinically proven to induce feelings of restfulness, relaxation, and drowsiness with no negative side effects or drowsiness in the next day.

Finally, the formula is flavored with 500mg of tart cherry extract, providing a delicious taste free from synthetic additives. Two flavors are available- Tirami-snooze, Key Lime Dream.

Healthy Skoop Sleep Protein Verdict

The Healthy Skoop Sleep Protein formula is the only vegan-friendly natural plant protein formula available on the market that also promotes healthy sleeping habits at the same time.

If you’re looking for a healthy, intelligently-dosed, cost-effective, and fast acting plant-based protein that will help you maintain restful sleep, look no further than Healthy Skoop Sleep Protein.

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