Superior Muscle X


Superior Muscle X

Superior Muscle X is a nitric oxide (NO) supplement which claims to help anyone maximize endurance and pump during their workouts.

Made primarily from an L-Arginine blend, Superior Muscle X claims to provide valuable health benefits, including weight loss, better strength, and even a higher sex drive.

How does Superior Muscle X work?

Superior Muscle X

Find out today in our Superior Muscle X review.

How Does Superior Muscle X Work?

Superior Muscle X works in a similar way to other NO boosters: it uses L-Arginine and a blend of other chemicals to increase NO levels in your body.

Nitric oxide, for those who don’t know, plays a crucial role in blood circulation. The higher our NO levels are, the more easily oxygen and nutrients can flow throughout the body.

When we work out, our muscles require high amounts of oxygen and nutrients to continue moving. Without NO, our blood can’t keep up with the demand from our muscles.

NO supplements typically use ingredients like L-Arginine to encourage the body’s natural production of NO.

Ingredients in Superior Muscle X

Superior Muscle X, for some strange reason, doesn’t disclose its full list of ingredients. It does list that it contains the following ingredients:

— Amino Acids
— Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate
— Herbal Supplements

Superior Muscle X doesn’t explain exactly what those “herbal supplements” are or where the amino acids come from. It also doesn’t list exactly how much L-Arginine is included in each serving, which could make this supplement difficult to stack with other pre-workouts or bodybuilding supplements.

In any case, Superior Muscle X argues that it contains 100% natural ingredients – although that claim is difficult to verify.

Superior Muscle X review

Benefits of Superior Muscle X

Superior Muscle X claims to offer all of the same benefits as other NO supplements – as well as a few additional benefits. Most NO supplements promise to boost endurance and increase “pump” – which is your ability to push out that last set during a workout.

Here are some of the benefits Superior Muscle X claims to offer:

— Break Lifting Records
Increase Strength
— Build Muscle More Quickly
— Sculpt Your Body
— Enhance Your Sex Life

How to Take Superior Muscle X

The manufacturer of Superior Muscle X recommends taking 1-2 capsules of the supplement with breakfast and another 1-2 capsules during lunch. Users should feel Superior Muscle X immediately go to work.

Does Superior Muscle X Actually Work?

There is limited peer-reviewed scientific evidence about the benefits of NO supplements. Most of the evidence in support of NO supplements comes from clinical trials.

The main problem with NO supplements lies in the fact that most healthy, hydrated individuals already have the maximum amount of NO in their bloodstream. Taking an NO supplement won’t raise levels any further, which means some people won’t feel the effects.

Of course, if your NO levels are naturally low, then supplements like Superior Muscle X could have a surprisingly powerful effect on your body. Ultimately, you’ll have to take an NO supplement to find out if it works for you.

Superior Muscle X has not been evaluated in any independent trials or tests. According to the official Superior Muscle X website, however, it’s performed well in clinical trials performed by the manufacturer.

How Much Does Superior Muscle X Cost?

You can only buy Superior Muscle X at the product’s official website. At that website, you’ll see plenty of offers for a “trial”. That trial is a good deal – but only if you’re smart about it and cancel before they bill you for the full price.

Yes, Superior Muscle X is another autoship-style workout supplement. Here’s how this autoship program works:

— You can only order this supplement through the “free” trial. This free trial charges a $4.99 shipping and handling fee. You’ll need to pay that fee using a valid credit card.

— After confirming your order, a 30 day supply of Superior Muscle X will be shipped to your door within 3-6 days.

— 14 days after you confirmed your order (not after you received it), Superior Muscle X will charge your credit card $98.63 plus tax plus shipping and handling. This charge is to pay for the “free” trial you already received.

— Superior Muscle X will continue charging your credit card $98.63 every month. Your next $98.63 charge will appear 30 days after you originally confirmed your trial. Another $98.63 charge will appear 30 days later.

— This will continue until you cancel. You can cancel by calling the Superior Muscle X customer service hotline at 1-888-659-8337.

Paying $100 for an NO supplement seems steep: there are plenty of lower-priced competitors you can purchase from Amazon or more honest bodybuilding supplement websites.

Conclusion: Who Should Use Superior Muscle X?

Superior Muscle X appears to work in a similar way to other nitric oxide supplements: it raises NO levels in the bloodstream, which is purported to increase endurance, enhance “pump”, and ultimately give you better results at the gym.

Superior Muscle X, however, has some shady policies: it doesn’t disclose its exact ingredient profile, for example. It also lures people into an expensive “autoship” program with a dishonest trial offer.

If neither of those things dissuade you, then Superior Muscle X is a basic (if overpriced) nitric oxide supplement that should improve your results at the gym.

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