While most people care about their skin in one way or another, very few understand the true importance of the skin. Yes, it is the thing that keeps everything together, but it also serves as a protector. Few know that the skin is actually an organ of the body, the biggest organ in the body, and that to truly thrive, the skin needs to be treated with the same care and concern as other organs.

Most people wouldn’t drink poison or try to stab themselves in the heart, but because the skin is so sensitive, it is often put under extreme stress by the daily activities of the majority of people. The skin works like a giant sponge. No matter what people are doing, the skin is busy absorbing. From the air around it to the water it’s washed in, the skin is always taking in bits and pieces of what it is exposed to. And nothing plays a bigger role in what the skin absorbs than the products placed directly on the skin.

From shampoos and hair products to lotions and makeups, the skin takes in parts of everything in which it comes into contact. The problem with this is that a lot of the things the skin absorbs, from air and water to lotions and makeup, has toxins and chemicals in them that can cause harm to the body. In fact, if exposed to these dangerous pollutants too much, serious harm can come to the health and wellness of people.

Because the skin is so sensitive and therefore needs to be well cared for, it’s important that people think through the products they place on their skin. Anything with preservatives, artificial fragrances or colors, or other questionable ingredients can cause problems for the skin and health of users.

Happy Skincare is a company that focuses on creating safe, natural, and effective skincare products. From lotions and deodorants to sunblock and makeup, Happy Skincare provides its users with everything they need to look and feel great, all while protecting the health of their skin.

About Happy Skincare

Happy Skincare is small, family owned company that produces organic, 100% natural, vegan skincare products. Started when a husband made a natural stretch mark cream for his wife’s pregnant belly, Happy Skincare has been changing the world ever since, offering those who care about the ingredients in their products an alternative to other options. By using the best ingredients and keeping the focus of the company on quality, Happy Skincare has been able to break into a market that normally swallows small, independently owned businesses.

A huge reason Happy Skincare has succeeded so well in the past several years is because the husband and wife team behind the company aren’t just obsessed about what goes in each product, they also care deeply about their customers. The two are known to get on the phone with customers when needed and will always do their best to make sure every single customer feels like family. With this focus on quality and friendliness, Happy Skincare has continued to grow, with more and more people realizing that natural is better and Happy Skincare is best.

Located in Australia, Happy Skincare has the privilege of being in a place where natural, quality ingredients thrive. Many of the products offered by the company come right from the island, being locally sourced. Of course, all these ingredients are organic and completely natural, which makes them safer and more effective. However, knowing that Happy Skincare is supporting jobs in Australia and keeping things as local as possible is another reason people keep coming back.

What Makes Happy Skincare Different

There are several reasons Happy Skincare has set itself apart from other skin care companies in the industry. The first, and most obvious, difference between Happy Skincare and the others is that Happy Skincare has dedicated itself wholly and completely to producing the most effective, but safest, products on the market today.

And Happy Skincare is able to do this by keeping its focus on the ingredients that go into its products. Every ingredient included in Happy Skincare products are completely natural, organic, and vegan. Despite being made with natural ingredients, these products smell amazing and do everything possible to support the health and wellness of the skin of its users.

All the ingredients in Happy Skincare products have to meet several criteria. As mentioned above, the biggest three criteria are that the ingredients have to be certified organic, 100% natural, and vegan.

Because of this focus on quality, Happy Skincare products are sourced from plant and mineral origins, despite not containing any mineral oils, which can irritate the skin. And Happy Skincare doesn’t just throw ingredients in its products, hoping they’ll work. Each ingredients is thoroughly researched before being mixed into a product, so every product is effective and able to provide the best results for its users.

A big reason Happy Skincare has seen so much success in the short time it has been creating products is because it takes its promises seriously. When promising to be organic, natural, and vegan, Happy Skincare didn’t just try to stick with these standards. Happy Skincare went out and sought certification and support from outside sources to make sure its products were living up to these standards.

Happy Skincare uses the International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients, or INCI, to make sure it’s keeping to the standards it set as a company. Because of this commitment to using the best ingredients, Happy Skincare doesn’t have to hide what ingredients it uses in its products. In fact, every Happy Skincare product is clearly marked with the full list of ingredients.

It’s not just consumers that love Happy Skincare. Because the company has become so well known for its quality and effectiveness, Happy Skincare products are often recommended by medical professionals.

In fact, one of the company’s favorite products is the TLC Intensive Repair Oil, which was made to help support those going through chemotherapy. It is stories like this, as well as the support of medical professionals across the world that keeps Happy Skincare doing what it is doing.

Products Sold by Happy Skincare

As mentioned above, Happy Skincare is based in Australia, using many local ingredients for its products. However, because the company is located Down Under, for those who don’t live in Australia, to purchase Happy Skincare products, they will have to make their orders online. The prices on the Happy Skincare website (www.HappySkincare.com.au) do not include shipping costs, which would need to be added for those ordering from overseas.

Because Happy Skincare offers such a wide range of products, it has broken what it offers down into distinct categories. Not only do these categories make it easier for users to find what they want, but when they want to come and purchase again, they’ll know exactly where to look.

One of the greatest things about Happy Skincare is that it offers a wide range of samples for people who want to try out the products before committing to them long-term. There are natural makeup samples, natural deodorant samples, and skincare sample packs for those who want a smaller tester before making a larger purchase.

The list of the categories offered by Happy Skincare are listed below.

Shop by Concern

  • Anti-Ageing & Mature Skin
  • Dry & Damaged Skin
  • Aggravated & Itchy Skin
  • Sensitive & Reactive Skin
  • Oily & Blemish Prone Skin
  • Stretchmarks & Scars

Natural Makeup

  • Samples
  • Complexion
  • Eyes
  • Accessories

To see a full list of the products offered by Happy Skincare, users should visit the website. As mentioned above, the owners of the company are very hands-on and are more than willing to help those who have questions or concerns.


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