Hair Illusion – High Quality Topical Hair Loss Treatment?


For those that battle with hair loss and thinning, there can be a variety of causes, often in which, there is no cure. Recently, there has been an increase of reported hair loss found in both men and women. Hair loss is responsible for causing heightened levels of distress and many individuals suffer from hair loss, due to a variety of reasons.

Causing self-consciousness and low self-esteem, hair loss is commonly associated with genetics, aging, pregnancy, or vitamin deficiency. Because hair loss has been proven to be hereditary, it is not limited to aging adults, but can also affect younger adults, as well as children.

Although there are a variety of causes for hair loss, as mentioned above, currently, the most common causes include genetics, poor nutrition, hormonal changes, and stress. Usually affecting those between the ages of 30-50, approximately there are 35 million men and 21 million women who experience hair loss in the United States. Hair loss is a result of damaged hair follicles. Hair follicles are vulnerable to a variety of damaging variables including harsh hair products, sweat, ultraviolet light, and the physical forces from brushes and hats

For those who suffer with hair loss, they keep their hair healthy by taking matters into their own hands. In conditioning, using protein-rich products, regular trimming to keep the ends healthy and free from dryness, breakage and split ends, detangling, applying serums, wearing protective hairstyles, and a consuming a healthy diet full of rich minerals and vitamins, individuals can keep their hair healthy and strong.

Although these steps will keep the hair in a relatively healthy state, thinning and hair loss can still occur as aging begins, and cannot be reversed. Hair Illusion is a company that offers a cosmetic cure for baldness and thinning hair. Although it does not re-grow hair, Hair Illusion is made of real hair fibers, ideal for men and women of all ages who are wanting to treat their hair loss.

About Hair Illusion

Developed by Ronnie Passariello who suffered with hair loss, Hair Illusion was created as a safe, topical hair loss treatment that instantly conceals thin and balding hair. Unlike other hair building fibers, Hair Illusion provides 100% natural human, which stands firmly in place, withstanding perspiration, wind, and rain.

Because it is so strong and durable, users do not have to worry about it attaining their clothes. Regardless of hair type or level of balding, Hair Illusion can be used on completely bald spots, including facial hair.

The complexity of hair loss is found in the structure of hair. Hair is comprised of the protein keratin. Keratin gives hair its strength and promotes healthy hair grown. Hair has a complex structure. From the shaft, down to the root under the skin, hair growth occurs from the follicle. For healthy individuals, an average of fifty to one hundred hairs is lost on a daily basis. If there is the occurrence of more substantial hair loss or bald spots, physicians may suggest that there is a significant problem.

Made for both men and women, Hair Illusion works best with a minimum of 0.5 inch hair length. Unlike other hair loss concealers, Hair Illusion does not create a paint or slow polish affect. Made from human hair and not dyed cotton and rayon, it is rapidly becoming the most popular hair loss treatment on the market.

How Hair Illusion Works

Though there are many hair loss treatments on the market, most individuals wait a long time before serving for a solution. They usually begin treatment by the late 30s and early 40s, however, hair restorative treatments are very expensive and seeing results can take an extended length of time.

One of the popular hair restorative treatments is Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). This process removes one hair follicle at a time and targets the follicular units that appear the most likely to thrive and produce hair. After collecting the units, it transfers them to balding areas on the scalp. Although this is a time-consuming procedure, it is safe, minimally invasive, leaves no scar, has a quick recovery time, and produces natural-looking results.

The second most common treatment is NeoGraft Transplant Surgery. It is faster than the FUE treatment because it uses pneumatic pressure to extract multiple hair follicles from the back of the head and precisely implants them onto balding areas. In addition to having all the same benefits as the FUE treatment, the NeoGraft machine works as a natural extension of the surgeons’ hand, making the process faster and more accurate.

Unlike these extensive and costly methods, Hair Illusion uses actual human hair fibers, which use natural electrostatic charges in order to effectively adhere to hair. Much like how magnets with opposite charges are attracted to one another, so do the fibers attach to the hair.

Hair Illusion provides a safe and cost effective alternative to hair loss treatments. The company guarantees that Hair Illusion fibers will stay in place for several days until hawks is washed. Giving the illusion of density, it will hide baldness and thinning. Recommended for use with thinning hair found on the top and back of the head, Hair Illusion provides a natural looking hairline.

Hair Illusion Technology

Hair Illusion uses human hair instead of leading brands which use synthetic, keratin fibers. Usually the keratin fibers are chopped up into fine fibers with an electrostatic charge that instantly bond to existing hair follicles. Each fiber attaches itself to thinning stands until a “thickening” appearance takes effect. The fibers are applied just like you would shake spices in to a favorite food. When the fibers are shaken over the thinning areas, they collect and bind to make the hair fuller in problem areas.

One of the most important aspects needed for the process to work well is have at least a few hair strands that it can adhere to in order for it to work at all. If an area of the scalp is completely bald, there is nowhere for the fibers to catch. However, if done correctly, hair fiber concealers can be 100% unnoticed under lighting.

Fortunately, unlike other brands, Hair Illusion's human hair fibers are water proof not line other types of concealers and needed shampoo to be dislodged. For the best results, users should match the hair fiber color to the hair on the sides of your head. Use additional application aids such as the Hair Illusion spray applicator and the hairline optimizer tool. It is important that the fibers are brushed in order to blend with existing hair.

Purchasing Hair Illusion

Hair Illusion products can be purchased on their website ( Offering worldwide shipping, Hair Illusion also offers two different purchasing options. The prices and purchasing options for Hair Illusion are below.

  • Hair Illusion – One Time Purchase – $49.95 + $6.95 Shipping
  • Hair Illusion Quarterly Continuity Program – $29.95 + free shipping + free bonus hairline optimizer

When choosing the Continuity Program option, the customer will receive a new bottle of Hair Illusion once every 3 months, and the method of payment/credit card will be charged $93.80 (3 monthly payments of $29.95, plus $3.95 shipping) each time.

Regardless of which option you choose, Hair Illusion comes with a 30-day refund policy.

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