Habitat Kitchen Knives – NASA & Caltech Inspired Alloy Metals?


Having the right kitchen tools on hand can make a significant difference to one’s kitchen experience. One of the most important kitchen gadget is knives. Those who have the right kitchen knives on end are able to cut cleanly, easily, and they’ll enjoy from higher efficiency levels as well. Those who are tired of dealing with low-quality and dull knives may want to consider a brand’s knives that are a one-of-a-kind and revolutionary approach.

With that, this review would like to introduce Habitat Kitchen Knives. These knives are designed with NASA technology and they feature metal alloys that ensure consistent sharpness and optimal cutting.

What Is Habitat Kitchen Knives?

Habitat Hardware is an established houseware brand that has already released a number of knife sets on the market. It’s latest product is its NASA Inspired Kitchen Knives. These knives are innovative and they are able to provide users with the full cutting, dicing, slicing, and shopping capabilities that make their kitchen experience a breeze.

The blades are made with the brand’s cutting-edge technology, which ensures that they stay extra-sharp and are 5 times sharper than traditional knife brands on the market. Those who have these knives on hand will be able to have a truly outstanding kitchen experience when it comes to prep.

The Benefits Of Habitat Kitchen Knives

There are many benefits to choosing Habitat Kitchen Knives. Here are the main advantages of choosing this knife brand so that users know what to look forward to when adding it to their lifestyle:

Comparable to High-Quality Chef Knives

First, one of the main advantages of these knives is that they are akin to high-quality chef knives. The knifes are game-changers because they enable users to apply more effective and powerful kitchen tools to their cooking efforts, without having to deal with the same high costs.

The knives are affordable and have already far surpassed the funding needed on Kickstarter for production to take place. Therefore, those who do opt for these knives can count on getting them.

Three Knife Offerings

Second, Habitat Housewares NASA Inspired Kitchen Knives come in three forms – the traditional chef knife, the santoku knife, and the paring knife. Images of each knife can be viewed on the brand’s Kickstarter page.

But essentially, the santoku knife is the largest knife and is ideal for chopping, the chef knife is great for cutting smaller items, while the paring can be used for the smallest tasks.

Sharpness That Endures

Third, those who use these knives can stop worrying about sharpening techniques. These knives are designed to be five times sharper than traditional knives on the market and better yet, they stay sharp five times longer. According to the brand, the sharpness features are much better than what even most chef brands offer.

Sleek and Comfortable Design

Finally, the knives offer users a sleek and comfortable design. The knives fit in one’s hand comfortably so that users can start cutting and chopping with ease. Those who use these knives will be able to cut through nearly all foods with ease.

Clearly, there are ,many benefits to be had when one adds NASA Inspired Kitchen Knives. These knives are ones that users can feel good about adding to their kitchen tool stock so that they can have an outstanding cooking experience.

Endorsed by Professional Chefs

There are many ways to discern whether or not one is making the right decision when purchasing kitchen knives – but one of the most reliable approaches is to simply take a look at what the chefs have to say. After all, chefs understand about kitchen knives and they can provide insight in direction in terms of what works best.

In this case, Habitat Houseware NASA Inspired Kitchen Knives have been inspired by professional chefs. Chefs have explained that the knives are some of the most reliable tools available and that they provide prime cutting capabilities. Those who are interested to view additional feedback can visit the brand’s website and browse through the feedback.

Excellent Sharpness

As the brand explains, one of the most important feature to verify when choosing a kitchen knife is that the blade is as sharp as can be and that it will stay that way with regular use.

In this case, Habitat Housewares offers knives that are made with Caltech and NASA-developed metal alloy. As the brand explains this type of steel is one of the strongest and most powerful on the market and as a result, it will be able to maintain it sharpness for long periods of time. In addition, the form of metal is not brittle and it does not rust as well.

In addition to being extremely sharp, the knives are also recognized for their hardness. The knives have met the Rockwell (HRC) testing standard, which is often used on high-end and expensive knives. The hardness quality of these knives can be attributed to the carbon steel used in the metal. Throughout hardness testing, the knives have achieved a grade of over 70, compared to the traditional 50 for most other knife brands.

Patented Metal Alloy Edge

Another unique feature attributed to these knives is that they have a patented metal alloy edge. This edge features natural Nano-serration at the molecular level. Essentially, if one were to look closely at the blade, they’d notice serration at the teeth of the blade. This serration makes it so much easier to cut through most all foods.

In addition, dissimilar from most other knife brands on the market, this one can actually self-sharpen with use. The serrated teeth sharpen the knife as one uses it so that they can overcome hassle involving dullness and ineffective performance.

Habitat Kitchen Knives Summary

Ultimately, those who are interested in giving NASA Inspired Kitchen Knives by Habitat Hardware a chance may want to visit the brand’s Kickstarter page. The knives are set to be released in April 2018 and they ship to anywhere in the world.

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