H2P Nutrition Extreme Lean – Potent Fat Burner Weight Loss Aid?


The age old quest for a fit and chiselled body is laden with many traps. The hardest conundrum is that, to gain muscle one needs food intake. This usually means consuming fats, which then make it difficult to get those well etched abs. Over the ages, athletes and gym goes have had to struggle with a regimen of an obnoxious diet to get to their goals.

Fortunately, modern science has been able to detect and produce ways to circumvent these horrendous diets and literately melt the fat. One such brilliantly crafted formula is in the Extreme Lean Fat Burner by H2P nutrition.

What is H2P Nutrition Extreme Lean?

H2P Nutrition Extreme Lean is a potent thermogenic capsule. This special mix works by increasing the metabolic rate, that enhances the process to break down fat cells. This supplement is researched and formulated to work constantly. It looks to burn fat at the same time ensuring a curb on calorie intake by reducing appetite.

These pills help with weight loss as well as to gain lean muscle and is suitable for both men and women. It should be noted that though these fat burners contain only the best ingredients, they should be used in tandem with a healthy and active lifestyle. Each jar contains 120 such fat burning capsules

How Does H2P Nutrition Extreme Lean Work?

H2P Nutrition Extreme Lean has been perfected over time. It uses active ingredients that have proven to work. The main compounds that make this ingenious product work its wonders are:


It has been known and used as a stimulant for years. The compounds of Caffeine, more particularly caffeine anhydrous have been used by professionals for enhancing their performance.

It works by triggering the glands to release excess adrenalin. This increases the rate at which fat is broken down resulting in a burst of energy that increases alertness and the power surge allows for more sustained performance.

Bitter orange:

Another natural source of fat melting. Bitter orange has acids that trigger excess heat production. This thermogenesis then results in a faster rate at which the fat molecules are dissolved.


A compound used in this mix due to its ability to dilate blood vessels quickly. This allows for quicker blood recycling and oxidation. It is also effective in maintaining cholesterol and triglycerides levels in the blood stream.

Green tea extract:

Certain components in green tea work as stimulants for specific hormones. These aid in fat loss. As an excellent antioxidant, tea also escalates the rate of metabolism.


This rare plant is found in the dense jungles of the Amazon. Guarana seeds contain more caffeine than coffee. For centuries, it has been used by the natives to suppress appetite.

N- Acetyl L-carnitine:

These compounds are the best compounds to combat fat cells. They burn stored fact effectively and the resultant energy influx boosts athletic performance.

Who is H2P Nutrition?

H2P is a sports nutrition company located in Buckinghamshire. Their products are targeted for people who are looking to boost their health and performance. They are passionate about their field and focus solely on nutrition related products

H2P Nutrition Extreme Lean Conclusion

The H2P Nutrition Extreme Lean highly rated pill is usually priced at 29.99 pounds this product is on sale and is currently sold at 11.97. It also allows free delivery for packages over 20 pounds. There is also a money back guarantee if the item is returned within 30 days.

For further details and order process visit the Amazon page at https://www.amazon.co.uk/Nutrition-Support-Strength-Thermogenic-Ingredient/dp/B07148NQJH

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