Gymwatch Strenx – Smart Strength Training Biometric Workout Sensor?


The wearables market is currently flooded with hundreds of different solutions that are able to track a wide variety of fitness and health parameters. Fitbit, Garmin, and Withings all offer richly-featured devices that are able to monitor sleep health, steps taken, GPS position, and even automatically log different sport activities with intelligent neural networks.

The latest generation of fitness trackers, however, is focused on providing fitness enthusiasts with meaningful insights and actionable feedback on their performance, form, and movement. Gymwatch, one of the most forward-thinking fitness wearable developers, has recently released a smart wearable that is not only able to provide detailed training analytics, but is able to actively coach fitness enthusiasts with an advanced artificial intelligence system.

The Strenx focuses on one of the most important aspects of physical training- form. Performing a fitness routine or exercise is relatively easy, but performing it correctly can be much more difficult. The Strenx makes use of an advanced sensor suite that is able to capture the full range of motion of the user and deliver detailed, useful advice.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the features, design, and functionality of the Strenx and find out how it works to help you decide whether it’s the right intelligent fitness tracker for you.

What Is The Gymwatch Strenx?

The original Gymwatch was launched in 2015 via a highly successful Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign that collected more than $160,000 in funding from thousands of eager backers, almost twice as much as its original $85,000 USD stretch goal. The latest iteration of the Gymwatch Strenx is designed to function as a full replacement for a dedicated personal trainer, offering comprehensive and highly actionable form, routine, and movement advice.

The benefits delivered by the Strenx are obvious- personal trainers, while great at providing feedback and instruction on fitness form and technique, are extremely expensive and operate on inflexible schedules. The Strenx packs all of the knowledge offered by a dedicated professional personal training into a simple arm-mounted wearable, providing a surprising amount of knowledge.

How The Gymwatch Strenx Works

Using the Strenx is relatively simple. Users either mount one Strenx unit to their upper arm, or for a higher level of data fidelity, are able to mount Strenx devices to both their arms and legs. Once mounted, the Strenx begins to capture data and provide real-time advice on the current workout the user is performing.

The Strenx, unlike other wearables on the market, doesn’t actually offer any kind of interface on the device itself apart from a single LED light. The Strenx is designed to pair with a compatible smartphone via the Strenx App, which is available for both iOS and Android.

After simply mounting the Gymwatch Strenx wearable and connecting it to a smartphone, the Gymwatch Strenx will automatically begin to assess the muscle contractions of the user and collect movement data in order to provide recommendations and advice.

The Strenx is able to measure both muscle strength and movement across a broad range of physical exercises, including running, rowing, strength training exercises, and bodyweight exercises. The sensor suite integrated into the Strenx is able to collect data on velocity, force, and motion, and can even count individual reps for the wearer.

While the Strenx is in use, it provides constant audio feedback via the app that delivers information on whether an exercise is being performed with proper form as well as providing a verbal count of each individual rep.

In addition to live workout coaching, the Strenx also performs most of the functions you’d expect from a typical fitness tracker device. Users are able to use the Strenx app to view their progress and historical data, but a surprising feature offered by the app is the ability to select from a range of pre-programmed workouts or create new workouts. These workouts are then performed using the Strenx device as a live coach.

The Strenx is even able to generate detailed personalized training programs for fitness enthusiasts. By entering their personal health data into the app along with specific health and fitness goals, users are able to take advantage of a complex training program generator that creates the most efficient workout possible.

Gymwatch Strenx Design & Construction

The Strenx device itself is extremely lightweight, and consists of a simple, low profile chassis available in three colors- black, red, and white. The outer casing of the Strenx is manufactured from sturdy plastic, and is attached to the arm or leg via soft machine-washable fabric bands with a velcro clasp.

Unfortunately the Strenx chassis is only splash-proof, not waterproof, but as the device offers no swim coaching features it really isn’t an issue.

Gymwatch Strenx is charged via a microUSB port at the bottom of the device, which charges a lithium ion battery that is able to power the device for up to 30 days at a time. A convenient quick charge feature is able to bring the device back to full power in just one hour. Device status is provided by both the paired Strenx App and a single LED that denotes tracking mode and battery status.

The sensor suite of the Strenx boasts a built-in magnetometer, gyroscope, and accelerometer, which are able to collect data on movement in three dimensions, as well as velocity and muscle contraction strength. The only limiting aspect of the sensor suite built into the Strenx is that it can only collect data from one single arm or leg at a time, unless Strenx units are paired and used together.

Gymwatch Strenx Review Summary

Gymwatch Strenx offers fitness enthusiasts a unique alternative to engaging an expensive personal trainer, and can deliver a surprising amount of insight into form, movement, and total power output.

The design and function of the Strenx make it more suited to strength training tracking than cardio training, which fills a significant gap in the market and delivers an exceptionally clear picture of strength progression.

If you’re currently in the market for a new fitness tracker and are looking for a solution that can provide guidance on form as well as run you through an entire workout with no need for a personal trainer, the Strenx is a great choice.

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