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Gundry MD Review – Is It For You?

Gundry MD is a weight loss specialist best known for his book “Diet Evolution”. Dr. Gundry’s Diet Evolution claims to help you lose weight – even if you’ve tried and failed with traditional dieting and exercising. Here’s our review.

Who or What is Gundry MD?

Dr. Steven Gundry MD is a surgeon, researcher, and author who has an “insatiable curiosity and compassion for his fellow man”, according to his About Me page []. That compassion led Dr. Gundry to develop a weight loss plan known as Diet Evolution.

Diet Evolution is targeted towards individuals who have struggled to lose weight with traditional dieting and exercise strategies. Published in 2008, the book has been consistently popular among the dieting community.

The central idea behind Diet Evolution is that your genes are at-fault when you struggle to lose weight: it’s not your fault when you eat right, exercise hard, and then struggle to lose weight. It’s your genes’ fault.

In the past few years, Dr. Steven Gundry has transformed his brand from Diet Evolution into a lineup of dietary supplements that promise to help you reduce fat and treat other bodily problems.

Gundry MD Products

Gundry MD’s two core products include a skin cream, a nutritional supplement, and the Diet Evolution book.

Correct + Calm Redness Relief Cream

This cream promises to help your body reduce facial redness “by attacking it both at the surface and at its source”. It combines soothing ingredients with “powerful probiotic-derived technology” to help rebalance your skin’s levels of healthy bacteria while also moisturizing your skin at the cellular level.

By applying the cream daily, you can purportedly boost hydration, reduce visible signs of inflammation, and decrease the appearance of redness. The cream is priced at $49 for a 50mL (1.69 fl oz) container. Key ingredients include tiger grass stem cells, myrrh, Bonicel, and an “anti-redness peptide matrix”.

Vital Reds

Vital Reds is a formula that promises to reduce the fatigue and energy dysfunction that serve as warning signs for much more serious health problems. The supplement comes in the form of a powder. The powder combines “the power of 21 polyphenol-rich superfruits with dozens of natural fat-burning ingredients to help your body maintain higher energy levels and fast metabolism.”

Some of the other promised benefits of the powder-based supplement include controlling fat buildup across your body, boosting your energy, and improving digestion.

The Vital Reds formula is priced at $39.95 for a 112 gram (4 fl oz) container, which is good for 30 servings.

You can add one scoop of the formula to the beverage of your choice (Dr. Gundry recommends water, iced tea, or juice).

Diet Evolution

Diet Evolution is available in the form of a paperback or an eBook (both of which are priced at around $10 on Amazon).

The book discusses alternative approaches to weight loss. While conventional diet and exercise tactics work effectively on most people, they don’t work on everybody. That’s why Diet Evolution discusses how good microbes in the body can be utilized to facilitate weight loss, while bad microbes can be removed for the same reason.

By targeting these microbes and utilizing your genes appropriately, Diet Evolution claims anyone can lose weight.

The diet program involves several phases, including:

The Teardown Phase: This phase can last up to six weeks and involves eliminating grains, starchy vegetables, fruits and sugars during the first 2 weeks before slowly reintroducing fruits and grains in the third week. This phase is designed to kickstart your weight loss.

Restoration Phase: The Restoration Phase involves transitioning from calorie-dense foods to low-calorie foods to promote a permanent change in your eating habits. Some of those changes include increasing the number of dark leafy greens you eat while reducing your consumption of animal protein, cheese, grains, and legumes.

Final Phase: The Final Phase is designed to be a maintenance plan to help you continue to eat healthy long-term. You create a plan that mimics your early ancestors during this phase – like a paleo diet. Expect to eat a lot of vegetables and whole foods during this phase.

By completing these three phases, you can lose a significant amount of weight and keep it off.

About Dr. Gundry MD

Dr. Steven Gundry, MD is a surgeon who graduated cum laude from Yale University and completed his residencies at the University of Michigan in Thoracic and General Surgeries before spending time at the National Institutes of Health as a clinical associate.

In addition to specializing in weight loss, Dr. Gundry became renowned for pioneering heart transplants in infants and children (along with his partner Leonard Bailey). A pediatric heart procedure called the Gundry Lateral Tunnel is actually named after Dr. Gundry MD.

He also did neat things with inter-species heart transplants. In one instance, Dr. Gundry kept a baboon alive with a transplanted pig heart for 28 days, which was a record for that type of surgery. Dr. Gundry was also one of the first surgeons to become FDA-approved for robot-assisted minimally invasive surgeries.

After a successful career as a thoracic surgeon, Dr. Gundry shifted paths in 2001 “after hearing of a patient who was deemed “inoperable” fully recovering from coronary artery disease due to nutraceutical supplements and dietary change.”

The rest, as they say, is history: Dr. Gundry MD now sells a range of nutritional supplements, skin creams, and diet books online. These products help you achieve various health goals and emphasize the use of natural ingredients and nutraceuticals instead of conventional medicine.

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