Green Smoothie Girl Detox Secrets – Mini Cleanse Masterclass?


The Green Smoothie Girl Detox Secrets is a website that features various membership options and free online guides to help women eliminate the toxins that are damaging their body. Most of the content is online, and the recipes are much more appealing than the bland options that are usually in cleanses and diets.

What Is The Green Smoothie Girl Detox Secrets?

Keeping the body healthy is more than just the act of getting the right amount of fruits and vegetables. Sometimes, toxins build up in the body from the environment and preservatives in the food consumed, and they need to be cleared out to fully absorb the nutrients of each ingredient. Luckily, the Green Smoothie Girl Detox Secrets can help.

The Green Smoothie Girl Detox Secrets is responsible for a major plan that takes 26 days to completely repair the damage that toxins have created in the body. While consumers can benefit from the free video master class that explains everything that they need to know about detoxification, the next step is to find a plan that works. The detox available last for 26 days, and is so potent that the company recommends that it’s only performed a few times a year.

The amount of benefits is incredible, when consumers decide to participate in a detox from Green Smoothie Girl Detox Secrets, or any other resource. The regimen can:

Everything is outlined for consumers, eliminating all the guesswork. With shopping lists and a complete menu, the only real decision left to be made is whether to choose level 1 (for beginners) or level 2 (for a bigger challenge).

The program will show users how to figure out the foods that they are most sensitive, and how to regain control over the processes in the body. However, the big question is – how do you know if a detox is necessary in the first place.

Signs That You Should Detox

According to the website, there are few things that consumers can look out for in their own life and body to determine if a detox is what they need.

Some indications may include:

  • Being overly tired, despite getting enough sleep at night
  • Being overweight or obese, without being able to lose weight with dieting
  • Consistently having issues and irritation during digestion
  • Feeling depressed and anxious
  • Becoming overwhelmed easily

If any of these issues sounds like what you’re going through, then the Green Smoothie Girl Detox Secrets regimen is probably the best step for you.

What Lessons Are Found in Green Smoothie Girl Detox Secrets?

There are four main lessons that are found in the Green Smoothie Girl Detox Secrets freebie, starting with the question of if toxins are causing your current illnesses and discomfort. To get an in-depth idea of the way the body functions, the guide will demonstrate the seven different toxins that may currently exist in the body, causing disruption in digestion and more.

The guide goes over the best way to change the weight that the body keeps defaulting to. This “set point” is usually the point when consumers are unable to lose weight with their current routine, but eliminating toxins can help.

Furthermore, this type of detox helps to eliminate stress and emotional issues, if you’re willing to consume the eight recommended foods described.

Pricing For Green Smoothie Girl Detox Secrets

There are many different packages and offers through the GreenSmoothieGirl Detox website. Right now, the website is offering a master class on detoxification, helping consumers to understand why this process is crucial for a healthy body.

For a membership that helps you with other aspects of a diet, then the GreenSmoothieGirl Detox website offers a few different memberships right now.

Green Smoothie Girl Detox Secrets Packages Available

Before consumers can begin the regimen, they are asked about their dedication to the regimen. Choose from:

  • Lifetime membership, $369
    • Includes: manual, Quick Start guide, access to the Facebook group, the Detox Portal, a wallet card with a list of bad ingredients
  • The Full Support for 2 membership for three months, $264
    • Includes: two manuals, two Quick Start guides, two Detox Portals, two wallet cards, a skin brush, and a chart
  • Full Support membership for three months, $189
    • Includes: manual, Quick Start guide, access to the Facebook group, the Detox Portal, a wallet card with a list of bad ingredients
  • Manual only, $84
  • Manual only (as eBook), $57

Contacting The Creators Of The Green Smoothie Girl Detox Secrets

Whether consumers choose to only view the free content, or embark on a subscription, there are always questions that need to be addressed. The customer service team is available by email only, depending on what department needs to be reached.

For consumers that have general questions about the program or their purchase, send a message to [email protected]. If there’s a question about the detox, or about detoxification in general, the message should go to [email protected].

Green Smoothie Girl Detox Secrets Summary Review

The Green Smoothie Girl Detox Secrets regimen is a great way to purify the body at any age. Whether the participant is fresh out of college with a need to undo the damage of living in a dorm, or they are in their 50s and want to maximize their health, a detox can help. There’s plenty of information that is free to anyone online, so it may be best to start there to see if the regimen is the right plan for you.

For anyone who needs to regain the balance in their body, the GreenSmoothieGirl Detox regimen and masterclass can help.

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