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Green Chef Review – Great Tasting?

The Western world is facing a huge issue, in the form of the obesity crisis. The last reports done in the United States found that over two thirds (68.8%) of adults in the country were overweight or obese. And, even children are suffering from this condition, with one third of children and teenagers being overweight or obese. However, despite the rising numbers of people suffering from this condition, there is no concrete solution to the issue.

There are several factors that have contributed to the obesity crisis over the years. For one, people are less and less active than they were a generation ago. Less playing outside and exercising means that the body isn’t burning off all the calories it is consuming, which leads to the next factor. The foods that people are eating today are packed full of calories, from sugars and carbohydrates. And, since many of these foods are mixed with preservatives and questionable chemicals, the body isn’t able to digest them in the way it should.

The problem is that even though people realize that they need to be more active and they should stop buying processed foods, it is extremely difficult to do so these days. More time is being spent at school and longer hours are being worked at home, making fast food and prepackaged meals much more convenient than making healthier, home cooked meals. And to purchase the kinds of foods that would actually help people lose weight costs much more than the average person is willing to spend on food.

While there are several barriers to eating healthier, the problem that has become so prevalent today has inspired people to come up with more creative solutions. There are restaurants that cater to those with specific diet needs, whether it be vegan or paleo. Still, people can’t eat out every single day. It would be a huge expense and very inconvenient.

Green Chef is offering another creative solution to the food problem that the country is facing. The program offers meals that are both healthy and easy to make. However, Green Chef doesn’t just focus on convenience and health, it also focuses on cost, making its meals extremely affordable, so even the busiest person can afford to make delicious, healthy meals.

About Green Chef

As mentioned above, Green Chef is a company that provides a meal service. Through a subscription program, Green Chef delivers three dinners to its members every week. These meals are picked out beforehand by its members, so they know exactly what they’re getting. And, all the meals provided by Green Chef are focused on offering members healthy meal alternatives, so they don’t have to think about what they’re putting into their bodies.

Because Green Chef sends the meals to its members in parts, with all the ingredients perfectly measured out and prepped for cooking, members are able to make their home cooked, healthy meals, but without the hassle of having to do all the shopping and prepping. What makes these measured out meals even more convenient is that everything is used for each meal, meaning there are no scraps or bits and pieces left over. Everything is used to make these delicious, nutritious meals.

Green Chef understands that everyone has their own specific dietary needs. Because of this, Green Chef offers its members a variety of meal options catering to various dietary needs. From paleo to vegetarian, Green Chef has something for everyone. And, with its wide range of choices, members don’t have to worry about running out of variety with their meals. They can pick meals from different cultures with different ingredients, so members always have something delicious and new to try during their busy weeks.

Not only does Green Chef cater to the different dietary needs of its users, it also offers an ever changing list of meal options. Every week, users will be presented with a new list of meals that they can pick from. All these meals are organic and can be prepared in 30 minutes or less, making them perfect for those with busy lives. With all the changing options, but the consistency in quality, Green Chef assures its members that they will never get bored with its meals.

Benefits of Green Chef

While some of the benefits for getting a membership with Green Chef were mentioned above, there are so many other amazing things that make Green Chef the perfect subscription option for users. In addition to the variety and the quality of the food, there is so much that Green Chef offers its members, making it one of the best subscription options available today.

Green Chef is extremely responsible when it comes to sourcing its ingredients. As its name suggests, the company is very focused on ‘going green’ as much as possible when it comes to its products. This means the company has been certified organic by the CCOF. The certification isn’t just for some of the Green Chef ingredients, it’s for all of them. From the soybeans to the salmon, everything Green Chef offers is fresh and sustainably sourced, making it the number one choice for those who care about their environment.

In addition to being organic and sustainably sourced, Green Chef goes the extra mile to make sure all of its ingredients are the best of the best. For one, no synthetic pesticides are used on any of the ingredients used by company. And, Green Chef never uses genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in its meals.

In addition to these two huge points of importance, Green Chef uses no artificial ingredients and no growth hormones or antibiotics. The commitment Green Chef has to the quality of its ingredients means that members don’t have to think about what they’re putting in their bodies. And, with Green Chef taking care of three meals out of the week, members don’t have to hunt down all the groceries they would need to meet the standards of the meals offered by Green Chef.

As mentioned above, one of the biggest reasons people tend to eat out or buy prepackaged meals is because it’s extremely convenient in this crazy, busy world. Not only does Green Chef deliver all these meals to the doors of its members, but members can pick the days they want them delivered. And, unlike other subscription options, Green Chef allows its members to join with no commitment. This means they can skip weeks if they want and come back whenever. When the food is sent, it is packed in eco-friendly packaging and placed in a refrigerated container, so even if it can’t be brought into the house immediately, the food will still be safe and fresh.

Joining Green Chef

As previously stated, Green Chef has membership options for people of varying dietary needs. It is these dietary needs that the meal plans offered by Green Chef are based on. Each of these options has a per person price per meal. The meal plans and their prices are listed below.

  • Vegetarian (3 Vegetarian Recipes) – $10.49
  • Ominvore (Veggie, Meat, and Seafood) – $11.99
  • Carnivore (3 Meat and Seafood Recipes) – $13.49
  • Gluten Free (Veggie, Meat, and Seafood) – $13.49
  • Paleo (3 Paleo Friendly Recipes) – $14.99

Again, all these meal plans are customizable and there are no commitments required when joining Green Chef.

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  1. Green Chef is the worst service that we have tried. The food quality is absolutely terrible, the recipes are bland and the customer service is so outrageously awful, that they literally have to spend their growth capital with online reputation companies to stay in business. Go check out their reviews on Yelp.

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