Gras Natural – Generally Recognized As Safe Health Products?


Gras Natural is a small business specializing in all natural bath and beauty products. Each product is made to order and available in twenty different scents.

What is Gras Natural?

Gras Natural is a company committed to offering consumers a high quality product line free of dyes, chemical, and additional fillers.

Gras Natural Products

Sugar Scrub: Gras Naturals sugar scrub is the product that started the entire company. The sugar scrub gets great reviews for its gentle exfoliating properties and will leave users skin soft and delicately scented.

Body Fluff: Coconut oil, Shea butter, fragrance oils and other natural ingredients whipped till it is light and fluffy! Gras Natural's body fluff will leave your skin silky smooth.

Body Butter: With the same great ingredients as their Body Fluff but heat processed to give it a thick rich texture. The body butter penetrates to soothe even the driest skin.

Lip Balm: Coconut oil and home collected beeswax join up with Shea butter and vitamin E to create a balm so wonderful it will have your lips soft summer or winter.

Gras Naturals Ingredients

All of Gras Naturals products are coconut oil based. Gras Naturals prides itself on offering all natural products with no added colors or chemicals.

Sugar Scrub:

Gras Naturals makes all of their sugar scrubs with coconut oil, shea butter, granulated sugar, scented oil, and cornstarch to create a soft and creamy scrub that provides results. No artificial dyes, fillers, or chemicals. Available in twenty scents plus unscented.

Body Butter: Each body butter by Gras Naturals is made with high quality coconut oil, shea butter, grapeseed oil, essential oil, tapioca flour, and cornstarch.

No chemicals, dyes, or fillers. Gras Naturals body butter is available in twenty scents as well as naked unscented.

Body Fluff: Gras Naturals Body Fluff contains coconut oil, shea butter, grapeseed oil, beeswax, scented oil, and cornstarch.

No chemicals, dyes, or filler ingredients. This products is available in twenty scents plus an unscented option.

Lip Balm: Coconut oil and beeswax. Available in eight flavors plus an unscented version. Flavors include chocolate , butter cream, vanilla, apple, banana, watermelon, root beer, lemonade, and unflavored.

They are available in a huge range of flavors and scents. Scents include apple, banana, bay rum, blueberry pie, bubble gum, butter cream, chocolate, juniper, lavender, lemonade, naked (unscented), patchouli, peach, peppermint, raspberry, root beer (lip balm only), strawberry, vanilla, and watermelon.

Additionally, Gras Naturals offers three seasonal scents caramel apple, maple syrup, and pumpkin spice.

Gras Naturals Pricing

Gras Naturals products are sold through Etsy.

  • Sugar Scrub:Available in three sizes 2 ounce ($3.00), 4 ounce ($5.00), and 8 ounce ($9.00).
  • Body Fluff:Available in three sizes 2 ounce ($3.00), 4 ounce ($5.00), and 8 ounce ($9.00).
  • Body Butter:Available in three sizes 2 ounce ($3.00), 4 ounce ($5.00), and 8 ounce ($9.00).
  • Lip Balm:Each lip balm is only $1.00.

Currently Gras Naturals has a Fall Collection special, each collection is offered in three sizes small, medium, and large.

Available in three scents pumpkin spice, caramel apple or maple syrup.

  • Fall Collection (small): $12.00

Includes: 4 oz. sugar scrub, 2 oz. body butter, 2 oz. body fluff, 2 oz. body mist, and lip balm.

  • Fall Collection (medium): $15.00

Includes: 4 oz. sugar scrub, 4 oz. body butter, 4 oz. body fluff, 2 oz. body mist, and lip balm.

  • Fall Collection (large): $18.00

Includes: 8 oz. sugar scrub, 4 oz. body butter, 4 oz. body fluff, 2 oz. body mist, and lip balm.

Who Makes Gras Naturals?

Everything at Gras Naturals is made with natural ingredients. The founders of Gras Naturals started this company because they were tired of spending lots of money on beauty products that were full of chemicals and unknown ingredients.

Additionally, the founder wanted to ensure that the products their family was using were cruelty free and were not tested on animals. Coconut oil, shea butter, beeswax, cornstarch, tapioca flour, sugar and scented oils.

Gras Naturals is based in Pennsylvania.

Gras Natural Review Summary

Gras Naturals is a small business focused on giving consumers high quality products for their skin and lips.

Made of all natural ingredients and made to order, consumers know they are getting a high quality product at a reasonable price. Visit Gras Naturals on Etsy today and place an order!

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