Goop The Mother Load Review

Goop Wellness is a company offering guidance and product choices for many aspects of life, including beauty, skincare, wellness, clothing, and shoes.

The Motherload is the supplement developed for pregnant and nursing moms. The line is sold on the website and in several stores across the United States.

What Is Goop Wellness, The Motherload?

Supplements and vitamins are sold on line and in every store, on every shelf these days. There are so many to choose from for so many things. If you want to lose weight, gain energy, develop muscles, burn fat, help your digestion, or just improve your overall mood, there is a supplement for you.

With the confusing labels that include vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, botanicals, proprietary blends, and enzymes, it can be very difficult to decipher, and choose the supplement you need.

A company helping to make the decision easier on which supplement to purchase and for what cause, is Goop.

Goop is the brainchild of Gwyneth Paltrow. Launched in 2008, it came from her kitchen as a homespun-sort of weekly newsletter, to organize her own thoughts and recommendations on travel, shopping, and healthy recipes with her friends, and to get some of her own questions answered about the same.


And it took off!! Now, Goop has grown into a fully-formed lifestyle website, offering products, contents and recommendations from Gwyneth Paltrow herself, along with the experts that have mentored her throughout her life.

It offers suggestions for where to shop, eat and stay from a trusted friend. Thursday email started the business, and has continued as a staple, but has now grown into so much more.

Goop now consists of a full team of people and the Thursday email now offers more content, a shop of products from favorite designers, an organic skin-care line, fragrance, wellness recommendations and so much more.

Though the brand has expanded, the core values have stayed the same – words and actions are aligned, they take a curious, unbiased approach to all the work they do.

Goop does the research on products so you do not have to, and only recommend what they love and deem worthy of your wallet and time. Ultimately, Goop hopes to become your indispensable resource for recommendations.

One of their departments is wellness and supplements. To that end, they have presented a line of vitamins for many needs – whether you are tired, in high school, have lots of things in the air or pregnant.

The Motherload is a supplement designed for women who are pregnant, nursing, or moms. This supplement addresses the physical toll that pregnancy and motherhood can take on a woman.

While a lot of focus is given toward taking care of the growing baby and their development, several moms suffer from their own nutritional deficiencies, even after the birth. This supplement is a top-notch natal protocol designed to help new moms (and not-so-new mom) get back on their feet.

How Does Goop Wellness, The Motherload Work?

The Motherload, by Goop, is a powerful combination of vitamins that provide support from pre-conception through post-natal care for women. It is specifically created to help in replenishing nutritional building blocks after the baby is born. Each packet includes:

  • A Mother multivitamin: this multi consists of powerful vitamins and minerals, including antioxidants (beta-carotenes, vitamin E and C), essential amounts of iron, and folates.
  • A Calcium and Magnesium duo: calcium and magnesium are necessary nutrients for supporting strong bones, particularly during breastfeeding when the baby’s needs for these nutrients can cause the mom to suffer bone loss. Calcium and magnesium are also a great help for cramps during pregnancy, and can aid with muscle relaxation.
  • Choline: this micronutrient is necessary for proper liver function, nerve function, muscle movement, healthy metabolism, and brain development (especially in babies). It is also critical in aiding with the creation of DNA and nerve signaling. Choline supports breastfeeding when the body’s nutrient requirement is higher than normal.
  • Omega 3 EPA-DHA 720 and omega 3 DHA 600: these fatty acids are often deficient in pregnant women and moms, as babies take them away from their moms for development of their nervous system in utero. These fatty acids help with rebuilding healthy levels in moms, and support the immune system and support a positive mood. The DHA included is critical during breastfeeding as it is crucial to infant brain development.

Each packet of The Motherload includes: 2 Mother Multi tablets, 2 Calcium + Magnesium Duo tablets, 1 Choline softgel, 1 Omega-3 EPA-DHA 720 softgel, and 1 Omega-3 DHA 600 softgel.

Using Goop Wellness, The Motherload

To receive maximum benefits from your Motherload supplement, take one packet daily. As with any supplement, consult your healthcare provider before starting new supplements or vitamins, especially when pregnant or nursing.

Pricing for Goop Wellness, The Motherload

Your Motherload supplement from Goop can be purchased on the company website at with a cost of $90.00 for a 30-packet, 1-month supply or receive a $30.00 discount with the purchase of a 3-month supply for $240.00.

Contacting Customer Service For Goop Wellness

To reach a Goop Wellness customer service representative for this supplement, dial 1-844-WTF-GOOP, or email [email protected] While on the site, sign up to receive the Thursday email.

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Goop The Mother Load Conclusion

Supplementing during pregnancy is recommended by nearly all obstetricians. Instead of purchasing standard over-the-counter pre-natal vitamins, let the Motherload by Goop Wellness take care of all your pre- and post-pregnancy vitamin needs.


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