Genie Leggings – Slim & Tone Lower Body Shapewear For Women?


The great legging debate! And, this is not about the ‘are leggings really pants?’, ‘are leggings like tights’, is it OK for girls to wear leggings’, and so on! Because, since we wear leggings on our legs, and they are designed to cover all those areas completely – we are not entirely sure what the debate was ever about.

This debate however, is how do you choose when they all look amazing?! Genie Leggings went all out on this brand. They did not only bring you some fashionable colors and designs, but they brought to the table all women look for when they purchase leggings – control.

Control of showing off the shape they have, and making it look great too!

Different Options Available by Genie Leggings

First and foremost, let us slim and tone, shall we? This is described as the best shapewear with the comfort and style of those leggings you already love so much. They are high-waisted with medium compression to hide any potential muffin tops and help smooth out any other unwanted bulges or bumps.

These leggings slim out the entire midsection and love handles, hips, buttocks, inner and outer thighs. That is five (5) areas of complete coverage and more importantly, invisible coverage!

Genie Leggings are lined with fleece comfort and will give your legs the illusion of being longer, slimmer and just the way you want them to be.

The waistband is extra wide and sits above the belly button area – ultimate, complete and invisible support.

Slim Jeggings – they really do look just like a pair of jeans. But instead, the comfort of leggings. They too have a fleeced interior lining and even has pockets too! One variety of these jeggings is you can also order them with a zipper on the bottom sides, giving a different dynamic to their appearance.

Like the original Genie leggings, they will provide the same areas of coverage, allowing for the same smooth look thanks to their shaping fabric and high-waisted look.

Mix and Match

Since there are four (4) different styles to choose from, each come with their own set of colors – even the jeggings and zipper jeggings too! So, to make sure you can take advantage of all of them – because let’s be honest, there is always more room for leggings …

Genie leggings is offering a great sale – Six (6) leggings for $36.00. That’s like saying $6.00 each! That is a savings of more than 70% off – and is only available for a limited time.

These leggings (and jeggings) are featured at ‘As Seen on TV’ and, Genie Leggings also includes a 60-day money back guarantee (minus the shipping and handling).

To recap, the four (4) options available are:

  1. Slim and tone Leggings
  2. Genie Leggings
  3. Slim Jeggings
  4. Zippered Jeggings

Take Genie Leggings Anywhere!

So, we already know you love leggings – because who doesn’t? So not only are the Genie leggings affordable, look great, feel great, but have the added benefits of the control through the five areas that women look for help in the most!

The high waist allows for complete tummy control, and this is through the bottom, hips and thighs. There is no need to keep leggings inside the home – let them experience life with you – and wherever it may take you!

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