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Having pets is equivalent to having kids, except kids become adults and pets remain kids. While their company is relaxing and enjoyable, the fur left behind can be annoying at times. Why?

Pet owners need to spend time and money on tools such as vacuums or tape rollers to get rid of unwanted fur left behind. With vacuums, it cannot be used on certain types of furniture and tape rollers eventually come to an end, leaving consumers buying more and more.

The Fur Wizard is a time and cost efficient product that not only removes fur, but also allows pets and their respective owners to spend some quality time together. This review will look closely at the Fur Wizard, how it works, its benefits and whether or not this product is a worthwhile investment.

What is the Fur Wizard?

The Fur Wizard is an advanced version of a tape roller that can be used endlessly. It is used to remove unwanted fur left behind in half the time it takes a traditional roller to complete the exact task.

What makes this product ingenious is the fact that it is double sided, which helps pet owners clean up twice as fast and cleaning the Fur Wizard itself can be done instantly.

How Does the Fur Wizard Work?

The Fur Wizard is made up of over a thousand micro bristles that have the same effect as removing each strand of fur by hand. This method of removing fur is the same method used to clean the Fur Wizard. This product comes with something called a “Self Cleaning Base”, which is made up of micro bristles as well.

When one places the Fur Wizard into the Self Cleaning Base, like removing fur by hand, the Self Cleaning Base cleans the Fur Wizard and the residue falls in the bottom of the Self Cleaning Base. To remove the accumulation of fur, one must simply pull the base clip off and dump it in the trash.

Benefits of the Fur Wizard

While the design itself is quite astonishing, let’s take a closer look at the benefits of the product:

  • The larger the size and double sided means pet owners can clean up after their animals furs at a much faster rate without having to constantly stop
  • The Self Cleaning Base helps to clean the Fur Wizard instantaneously
  • Long lasting, therefore consumers do not need to worry about replacements
  • Can be used to remove fur off of anything
  • Saves money and time
  • Convenient and easy to carry

What Does an Order of a Fur Wizard Include?

With the purchase of the Fur Wizard, pet owners will receive:

  • 1 Self Cleaning Base
  • 1 Mini Brush with its respective Self Cleaning Base

Is the Fur Wizard a Worthwhile Investment?

The current going price of the Fur Wizard (with the Self Cleaning Brush, a mini brush and its self cleaning brush) is approximately $19.99, excluding shipping. With shipping, it is approximately $27 or so.

This is fairly reasonable given that one purchase includes 2 other products. However, pet owners have the option of buying one and getting the second set for free, given that he or she pays the applicable shipping fees. In total, for two sets of the Fur Wizard, consumers are paying approximately $34.99.

This is a great deal, as it is a onetime purchase, which does not require replacement. Not only is it easier to use the Fur Wizard, but it is much easier to clean it, therefore time efficiency is out of the roof.

Finally, unlike many other tools that may not be suitable for specific furniture or clothing type, the Fur Wizard can be used to remove fur from blankets, jackets, inside of a car, furniture, carpets, and pillows.

Overall, it is clear that the Fur Wizard is a worthwhile investment that should be considered not only by pet owners, but consumers in general because visiting a home with pets means leaving their home with unwanted fur.

Most importantly, pet owners no longer need to limit or set boundaries for their pets and they will have more time on their hands to spend some quality time together. For more information on to get hold of the Fur Wizard


  1. If I get a second set free (except for shipping costs) why are the shipping costs $2.00 more than for the first set? It’s like I’m paying $2.00 for that second set. ?????? Can someone please clear up these issues? I am still interested in getting a set, but need some answers first and maybe an actual person to talk to.

  2. After calling the 800# the for fur wizard, I can’t seem to talk with a person. Everything is automated. I have questions, but no answers. They say to talk to a customer service assistant I should press “2”. That only gets me the online address to check the status of my order (which I have not placed). I am suspicious of this phone number. I prefer talking to a live person.


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