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Function of Beauty Review – Worth It?

For nearly every woman, hair care is more than important – it is a necessary step to cultivating an appearance that one can be proud of. What most hair care companies fail to realize is that not all hair is created the same. Hair differs in terms of texture, composition, appearance, and healthiness.

As a result, what works for one woman certainly may not work for others. To try to combat this widespread problem, one brand has developed an interesting haircare solution called Function of Beauty. Here is everything you need to know about the brand to meet your hair needs.

What is Function of Beauty?

At the simplest form, Function of Beauty is a personalized hair care solution. Unlike most hair care brands that market themselves to women as a whole, this brand actually listens to you about what you need in a hair care product and develops a customized solution for your needs.

The custom approach is meant to provide you with the precision, quality, and formula that work best for the type of hair that you have. Once the solution is created and bottled, it is conveniently shipped to your door so that your hair can meet its full potential.

The Goal of Function of Beauty

The brand currently offers 450 different product combinations that it can create just for your hair needs. The creator of the company, CEO Zahir Dossa explains, “Most products will cater to either a hair type or a specific goal. Very few cater to multiple goals.”

Essentially, the difference between Function of Beauty and other brands is that this brand caters to your specific hair care needs instead of providing you with a generic product that can actually do more harm than good. Those that develop the products for your hair are known as “chemists.”

The Purpose of a Chemist

Chemists are the brand’ support staff who are responsible for guiding you through the process of generating the ideal product for your hair needs. Once you log into the website, you may be lost as to how to choose the right formulas, scents, and ingredients. Fortunately, you can open a chat with the chemist, who will assess the type of hair you have and then ask you want you are looking to do with your hair. For example, the chemist may ask what your hair goals are, i.e. whether you are looking for shine, a straighter appearance, volume, and so forth.

Upon divulging your hair goals, the chemist will help you choose the proper formula for your hair so that you can achieve your hair goals. The best thing about the brand’s formulas is that they are a completely unique and custom solution to hair. You can finally have the beautiful locks that you are looking for, without all of the trouble of spending hours in a store. To develop the right hair product, the company utilizes a software algorithm that gauges the precise formula that you need for both the shampoo and conditioner.

A Function of You

When creating your bottles of shampoo and conditioner by choosing your hair profile, the length of your hair, frizz composition, split end remedies, and even the minute details like scent – you’ll notice that the brand does not call the personalized bottle “A Function of Beauty.” Instead, it replaces the word “Beauty” with your name. For example, if your name is Jane, the bottle will reflect that and say “Function of Jane.”

Taking this into consideration, not only is the brand helping women develop a positive image of themselves, but it also makes using the products as gifts very easy and uplifting. You can create for your family member or friends their own custom bottles of shampoo and condition and gift it to them with their own name on the bottle, which is a pretty neat and effective idea that most women will love.

The Price

Custom products are known to be more costly, but when it comes to Function of Beauty, the founders really do try to make it as reasonable and affordable as possible. After all, every woman deserves to look and feel beautiful.

The cost for a 8 ounce bottle set is $26, while a 16 ounce set will cost you $38. A “set” is a bottle of shampoo and condition. While this may seem a bit costly, it is best to keep in mind that low-end brands will sell for up to $15 per bottle, while a high end can reach $50. Therefore, with this custom solution, you are able to settle on a comfortable medium that does not hurt your wallet and that is much better for your particular hair type and needs.

You can also buy multiple different formulas to see which one works for you best. In addition, due to the hundreds of different combinations, it is highly unlikely that you’ll ever get bored with creating new bottles.

Also, if you look around the web, you’ll be able to find coupons for your first purchase, which so far have reached up to %5 off.

As Convenient as it Gets

While there are certainly many things to love about this brand, one of the greatest features is that this shampoo and conditioner brand is as easy as it gets when choosing a product and having it delivered to your door.

The brand really does do its best to deliver in a timely manner and to keep packing fully in tact during shipment so that you receive exactly what you expect.


Overall , if you are looking for a completely different way to approach your hair care needs, then this brand is it. With over 450 potential combinations that you can apply to your hair, you are bound to find something that not only works, but that gives you outstanding confidence, satisfaction, and happiness.

Women who have already tried the brand have loved what it has to offer and you are not likely to be an exception.

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