FOCI: Wearable Device to Help Boost Focus & Productivity?


FOCI is a new smart device on Kickstarter. The small piece of equipment is said to be a wearable electronic that naturally boosts your focus, so you can improve your working ability. Performance is also enhanced when you wear the FOCI, they claim the small piece will help you achieve real mind’s power, to become the smartest version of yourself.

The little clip as it is right now, was actually able to achieve all of its funding in just a few fiver hours of its launch on the company Kickstarter site. So far there is over 740 backers with more than 23 days to still go. You can back the project at Kickstarter. And hopefully it will reach an even higher number by it’s cap on July 6th, 2018.

How Does Foci Work?

If you’re ever had the feeling that your focus was failing you, then FOCI is for you. According to the team who designed it, people lose their focus every three minutes. When we total that up, it’s about 31 days of focus lost time each year. That is why they made FOCI, an easy to use, discreet, wearable focus improving device that you can clip to the inside of your jeans or pants. It only ways ten grams, so you barely even notice that FOCI is there.

The improvements happen through superior cognitive biometrics, with the help of a sophisticated AI Mind Coach. It’s a device designed to quickly intervene with your distraction, so you can easily stop the cycle of distraction in an instant. One of the benefits of the FOCI is that it helps you break through distractions through the use of powerful machine learning. The point is that when you’re working, you won’t have to worry about the distractions slowing you down at all.

FOCI simply clip to your waist, it then immediately starts to capture the different cognitive states of minds and a stream of colored orbs is set in place to help you visualize your mind while understanding how you operate better. You can literally see how your mind operates with the fluid orb that pulses along with your breath. The orb will give you a reading on the different states of mind it picks up, for example there is distracted, fatigued, calm, focused, flow, and stressed to name a few.

You’ll be able to learn how your mind works better than ever before. When you’re working, distractions will become a thing of the past. You’ll never feel slowed down again and start to notice how the Mind Orb keeps switching color each time you lose focus. The extra level of awareness keeps your mind on track, on point, with total focus and control.

Foci Review Summary

While using the FOCI, you’ll get to know each and every minute of focus, distraction and stress – as well as fatigue.

All of the details count, even the smallest ones. At any time you’ll see the rhythm of your own personal focus. The FOCI will show you peak levels of focus that occur, at these times you can schedule your mist focus needed tasks. When your focus is offbeat or very weak, you can schedule or tasks or times of relaxation. Lastly, with the AI Mind Coach, the FOCI is said to help you improve times where you make mistakes to help improve your productivity while improving Focus as well.

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