Flow Water – Naturally Alkaline Canadian Spring Water Boxes?


Flow Water is 100% natural Canadian spring water, packaged by an ecologically-minded company. Flow Water has a naturally alkaline pH and is infused with electrolytes and essential minerals. Here’s our Flow Water review.

What Is Flow Water?

Flow Water is sourced from a family-owned artesian spring in Bruce County, Ontario. Fed by ground filtered glacial runoff, the water has a natural pH level of 8.1 and is infused with minerals and electrolytes specific to the region’s local geology.

Flow Water Features: How Does It Work?

Flow Water is fairly straightforward. It’s simply artesian spring water, bottled at the source for sale to the general public.

However, it’s important to note that the water isn’t “bottled” in the strictest sense. Instead it’s packaged in a non-PET, BPA-free container made from renewable materials. Flow Water claims its packaging is 100% recyclable and 70% reusable.

Who Makes Flow Water?

Flow Water was founded by Nicholas Reichenbach, its current CEO. Reichenbach shares directorship with Joe Jackman, one of the company’s founding investors. The rest of Flow Water’s executive board is made up of industry heavyweights such as John Cochran, a former top-level executive for Pabst Brewing Company, Fiji Water, and other major premium beverage and water companies, and John Lederer, current director of Restaurant Brands Inc, the owner of Tim Horton’s.

Flow Water Ingredients

Listing the ingredients in a bottled water product may sound rather simplistic, but the truth is that when it comes to artesian spring water, there’s much more than just H2O in Flow Water.

Because artesian spring water take on trace minerals and other characteristics of the geology around them, no two springs are alike. Here’s a sample breakdown of Flow Water’s characteristics, as provided by the company:

· 8.1 pH alkalinity at water source

· 29 mg of Magnesium per liter

· 73 mg of Calcium per liter

· 2 mg of Potassium per liter

· 8 mg of Sodium per liter

· 298 mg of Bicarbonate per liter

These characteristics contribute to the unique taste of Flow Water.

Flow Water Pricing

As a product of Canada, Flow Water is available in retail stores within the country at locations from Vancouver to Toronto to Quebec. There are even some retail stores in the United States that carry Flow Water as well.

However, if you happen to live in specific geographical areas – the Greater Toronto, Vancouver, or Montreal Areas – you are eligible for complimentary door-to-door delivery made personally by one of Flow Water’s fleet of all-electric vehicles.

Ordering Flow Water as a one-time delivery costs $23.89 for a case of 12 500-mL packages or $17.94 for a case of 6 1-L packages (assumed to be in Canadian dollars). Ordering regularly from Flow Water in this method offers discounts depending on how often you order water and how much you order each time; a recurring month-to-month order can save you up to 16% on the one-time order price, while a pre-paid plan can offer savings up to 25%.

Flow Water Reviews: What Do Customers Have to Say?

It’s kind of difficult to judge whether or not a brand of bottled water is better than another, at least as far the water itself goes. Besides whether it meets basic sanitation requirements, water is largely the same – it’s wet. Taste differs from one supplier to the next based on source and whether the water is infused with different minerals, electrolytes, or other flavors, and whether or not you like the taste of a particular brand of water largely subjective and depends on your personal palate.

Still, there’s enough that we know about Flow Water that we can provide some insight into what people are saying.


· Socially responsible – People are highly impressed with what a strong commitment Flow Water has made to being socially responsible. The use of 100% recyclable packaging and providing complimentary delivery in select locales via electric cars demonstrates just how committed Flow Water is in reducing its ecological footprint.

· Possible health benefits – Many feel that drinking alkaline water has possible health benefits. Whether this is strictly due to its alkaline nature or the fact that beneficial minerals and electrolytes are more present in alkaline water is up for discussion.


· Limited availability – As a product of Canada, Flow Water isn’t available throughout the entirety of North America. It is widely available north of the US-Canada border, and there are some isolated stores in the US – largely in the state of California – where you can find stores that carry it. Additionally, you can only access the complimentary delivery service if you live in the Greater Toronto, Vancouver, and Quebec areas.

· Possible health concerns – While alkaline water is considered largely safe to drink, the increased minerals in alkaline water could prove a problem over time for people with kidney problems. The extra minerals could result in the formation of kidney stones, a painful condition that, in extreme cases, might lead to hospitalization and surgery. While a single bottle of Flow Water isn’t going to do you any harm, if you’re prone to kidney stones, you might want to take it easy on alkaline water.

Should You Buy Flow Water?

Flow Water has some good things going for it. Its high mineral content is likely to be beneficial to health, as is its alkaline pH balance. The company marketing the water is obviously environmentally conscious, offering free delivery in electric cars and focusing on ultra-environmentally friendly packaging. Plus, scuttlebutt says the water just tastes pretty good – though that’s of course subjective.

On the other hand, it’s a highly regional product. If you’re not either living in Canada or planning to visit sometime soon, you’re unlikely to get a chance to experience Flow Water, which kind of puts a damper on things.

However, if you do have access to Flow Water, why not give it a shot? A single package isn’t going to run you much, and if you don’t like it you can always reuse the packaging as a lovely planter for your vegetable garden.

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