Flexiaid Natural Pain Relief – Serrapeptase & White Willow Blend?


FlexiAid Natural Pain Relief is a daily supplement formulated to help reduce joint pain and improve mobility. As people age, often their joint health declines which can lead to painful or restricted movement.

Flexiaid Natural Pain Relief aims to help relieve people of the pain and discomfort due to

What Is FlexiAid Natural Pain Relief?

Men and women who are suffering from various types of joint pain may want to consider trying FlexiAid Natural Pain Relief to help improve not only their joint health but also reduce inflammation and nerve pain. By combining a mix of all-natural ingredients, this product helps support the body in managing its inflammation response.

Formulated to improve joint mobility, increase flexibility, and relieve discomfort, consumers who find swallowing supplements will appreciate how easy these are to ingest. Additionally, this supplement utilizes an innovative capsule that helps alleviate stomach discomfort from this pill.

How Does FlexiAid Natural Pain Relief Work?

What makes this supplement different than other joint pain products is the way it helps promote healthy circulation which leads to reduced inflammation and less pain.

The ingredients in FlexiAid help to metabolize damaged proteins caused by overuse. By adding bromelain to this supplement, users will benefit from its protein digesting properties. This supplement is formulated for adult use only.

Many users who have chronic back pain or knee pain have seen positive results within the first seven days of taking FlexiAid. Users should take two capsules once or twice daily on an empty stomach. It is recommended to speak with a doctor when using this supplement to ensure it is the best course of action to support each person’s individual case.

Flexiaid Natural Pain Relief Ingredients

A mixture of all-natural ingredients have been chosen for their ability to help improve blood flow, breakdown proteins, and reduce inflammation.

Please read below for an overview of FlexiAid’s ingredients.

  • Serrapeptase: A chemical taken from silkworms, this ingredient is used to help reduce back pain and the symptoms from osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, and rheumatoid arthritis. This chemical helps reduce the impact of overexertion on joints and muscle tissue.
  • Fungal Protease: Considered a proteolytic enzyme, this ingredient helps reduce inflammation throughout the body. This ingredient is used to help break down the damaged proteins caused from overexertion. Additionally, fungal protease supports normal circulation.
  • Papain: Extracted from papaya fruit and helps reduce inflammation and support protein breakdown.
  • Bromelain: An enzyme found in pineapples, bromelain helps promote better blood flow and metabolize damaged proteins.
  • Bacterial Protease: Supports proteins in the ability to breakdown.
  • Devil's Claw: An African plant that has been used for centuries to help reduce inflammation and reduce pain associated with joints.
  • Ginger: Many people suffering from joint pain find relief by adding ginger to their diet. Ginger helps reduce inflammation which leads to less pain in everyday activities.
  • White Willow Bark: This bark contains a chemical called salicin which acts like aspirin.

Willow bark contains a mix of ingredients that work together with salicin to reduce pain.

Who Makes Flexiaid Natural Pain Relief?

Manufactured by Nutracraft, the company is based in Beaverton, Oregon and manufactures all of their supplements in the United States. Whether consumers are looking for a joint support product like FlexiAid or support for a huge range of health and wellness issues, Nutracraft offers a wide range of products to choose from.

All products manufactured by Nutracraft come with a no questions asked money back guarantee. Interested consumers can view their full product line by visiting the Nutracraft website at www.nutracraft.com.

Flexiaid Pricing

Available for purchase online through the Nutracraft website as well as Amazon.


Each sixty capsule bottle is available for $29.95 (currently on sale from normal retail price of $39.99). Nutracraft offers free shipping on all orders totaling $40.00 or greater.


Each sixty capsule bottle is available for $29.95. Amazon offers quantity discounts on purchases of Nutracraft products. Purchases of any two Nutracraft products will receive an extra ten percent off.

Any three items receive an extra fifteen percent off discount. Four Nutracraft items receive a twenty percent off discount.

Lastly, purchases of five Nutracraft products will receive a twenty five percent off discount. Additionally, consumers can save extra on this product by adding it to the Subscribe and Save program.

Depending on how many items consumers have enrolled in the Subscribe and Save program they will save between five and fifteen percent on each item. All purchases of Flexiaid come with a free PDF eBook called ‘Complete Handbook of Natural Cures' which is a $19.95 value.

Should You Use Flexiaid Natural Pain Relief?

Many people suffer from joint pain in their back, shoulders, knees, or hands often this can be caused by overuse or genetics. Over time joints become inflamed which leads to pain and reduced mobility.

This product is designed to help target the cause of inflammation to help reduce pain and improve joint function. By increasing blood flow and promoting more efficient protein breakdown, FlexiAid delivers fast acting support to sources of joint pain.

This product does not cause side effects and works equally well for people with overuse issues as well as arthritis. Consumers interested in learning more about this product can visit the Nutracraft website to read reviews as well as further details.

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