FlapJacked – Nutritious Protein Smoothie With Greek Yogurt?


The body works in the same way as a finely tuned machine. In order to work optimally, the body needs to be powered from a source, preferably one that is steady and consistent. Just like cars need fuel and computers need electricity, the body needs a combination of vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, and so much more in order to thrive.

Unfortunately, the modern diet makes it extremely difficult for the average person to get all the nutrients needed to have a strong, healthy body.

The food industry has long depended on cheaper ingredients to keep costs down on its products. However, in recent years, information has come out about foods that would appall even the well-informed.

Not only do many foods contain dangerous, chemical preservatives, but they also contain fillers, cheaper ingredients with no nutritious value. These foods don’t just keep people from getting the nutrients they need to fuel their bodies, but they can also be detrimental to overall health.

FlapJacked was created on a simple principle. In order to provide customers with the best nutrition, the best ingredients needed to be used. As a result, FlapJacked offers a many foods that support the health of users, keeping them full longer and fueling them for long days.

About FlapJacked

FlapJacked is a company that was started by Jennifer and Dave Bacon, parents of five children who realized that their diets contained many foods that contained unhealthy, innutritious ingredients.

Because one of the Bacon children has autism, it became increasingly important for the family to make nutritious food choices. Unfortunately, as is the case with many children, the Bacon children didn’t like the tastes of many of the ‘health’ foods on the market.

As a result, the Bacon parents decided to make their own healthy foods, starting with a family favorite: Pancakes.

The first product made by FlapJacked was a protein filled pancake mix that wasn’t just delicious and easy to prepare, it was also extremely healthy. And with this inspiration, the Bacons decided to continue growing their company.

The basis of FlapJacked has always been that healthy meals should be both tasty and good for the body. The goal was to create products with the nutrients the body needed, while also keeping users full for longer, preventing snacking between meals.

Over the years, as FlapJacked has grown, the company has introduced many other healthy foods to the market. While FlapJacked may have grown, the foundation of the company has always remained the same.

As a result, all the products sold by FlapJacked are made with the highest quality protein, keeping users fuller for longer. With ingredients like whole grain, coconut flour, and real fruits and vegetables, FlapJacked products have quickly become favorites for families and healthy eaters across the country.

What Makes FlapJacked Different

The biggest difference between FlapJacked and other food companies in the industry can clearly be seen in the ingredients used by the family-owned company.

Because the company was made to give families, including children, the healthiest breakfast choices possible, every ingredient included in every product of FlapJacked is researched and studied before being added a recipe.

FlapJacked uses ingredients like whole grain oats, coconut flour, and whey protein to make its foods filling and healthy. FlapJacked products are sweetened with real vegetables and fruits.

Just as important as the ingredients included in FlapJacked products are those left out. Again, FlapJacked was made for those looking for healthier alternatives for their families.

Because the Bacon family takes this responsibility very seriously, the company refuses to use any preservatives, opting instead for pure, real ingredients. All FlapJacked products are also free of artificial colors and flavorings, making them the best of the best on the market.

The focus of FlapJacked has always been on protein, which is why the company uses some of the highest quality protein available. The basis of the company’s products are its whey protein isolate, which is always a minimum of 92% protein.

This ingredient was chosen because it has very little fat, making it healthier, and only small amounts of lactose, for those who are intolerant. Whey is already considered one of the purest forms of protein, but FlapJacked also fortifies with pea protein, a plant based protein that helps eaters feel full for longer.

This pure, safe blend of proteins is what makes FlapJacked so unique and so beloved by healthy eaters and families.

Products Sold By FlapJacked

As mentioned above, FlapJacked has expanded its product line over the past several years, offering more protein packed foods for those who are trying to stay healthy. A description of the different product categories offered by FlapJacked, as well as a brief description of each, can be found below.

Protein Pancakes and Baking Mixes

FlapJacked started with its pancake recipe, which can also be used as a baking mix for those who want added protein in their baked goods. Still considered the favored product sold by FlapJacked, these mixes come in many different flavors, like banana hazelnut and cinnamon apple, and even offer a gluten free option.

FlapJacked pancake mixes are available in 24 ounce packets, starting at $8.99, and can also be purchased in packs, which start at $24.99.

Protein Smoothies with Greek Yogurt

Keeping its focus on protein packed breakfast foods, FlapJacked has recently added a line of protein smoothies to its stores. These smoothies are made with Greek yogurt, which is known for being low in lactose and high in protein.

Because they come in powdered form, FlapJacked protein smoothies can be taken on the go and mixed easily. With each serving offering 20 grams of protein, these drinks are delicious and healthy.

FlapJacked protein smoothies come in a variety of flavors and can be purchased in six packs, starting at $14.99, and 12 packs, starting at $26.99.

Mighty Muffins with Probiotics

For those looking for a different breakfast experience, FlapJacked sells Mighty Muffins, microwaveable muffin containers that can be mixed with water and made in less than a minute. Coming in a variety of delicious flavors, Mighty Muffins contain 20 grams of protein and a patented probiotic blend to help with digestion and overall immunity.

Mighty Muffins can be purchased in six packs, starting at $19.99, and twelve packs, which cost $35.99. For more information on FlapJacked, its amazing products, and where to purchase these products, customers can visit the company website (www.FlapJacked.com).

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