Red Supplements – Quality Coffee, Fat Burners, & Protein Whey?


When it comes to supplements, buyers are getting increasingly picky. And this is with good reason. So many supplement companies have been found to cut corners, caring more about their bottom line than the health of their customers.

As a result, the companies that provide superior options using safe, effective ingredients have grown more and more popular. Red Supplements is an example of one of these companies.

Red Supplements has been providing those who care most about their health and wellness with the supplements needed to truly thrive. With the products sold by Red Supplements, users can have complete peace of mind that they’re getting the best of the best.

About Red Supplements

Started by Christopher Deoudes and Victor Pride, Red Supplements is a supplement company that was built out of a necessity. Due to being in the bodybuilding industry for more than a combined two decades, Deoudes and Pride knew that the supplements available for athletes were ineffective.

Whether it was due to poor quality manufacturing, bad ingredients, or too many fillers, these supplements were costing people money, but not giving any results.

In an effort to offer athletes better options, Red Supplements was created. The foundation of the Red Supplements has always been complete honesty. Customers of the company will be presented will all the facts about their supplements of choice.

They can read about the exact ingredients being used, their benefits, and research done to prove these benefits. And, unlike other supplement companies, Red Supplements doesn’t hide behind proprietary blends, instead offering the exact amounts of each ingredient to its customers.

As a result of Red Supplements being so transparent, the company has thrived. Because the company only offers the best of the best, its products really work, giving users the results they need. And because these results are reached using safe, reliable ingredients, customers know they aren’t compromising their health when they use Red Supplements.

What Makes Red Supplements Different

The biggest difference between Red Supplements and other supplement companies has already been briefly described. Every supplement created by the company was designed with a specific goal in mind.

As a result, every product offered by Red Supplements has a clear description of its expectations and what people will get when they take that supplement. To back up these claims, Red Supplements provides the ingredients used to get those results, with the studies and research to prove the results.

By being so transparent, Red Supplements is able to offer better supplements that actually do what they say they do.

The reason people take supplements is to reach new health and fitness goals and protect that health. Because Red Supplements was created by real bodybuilders who know the importance of what goes in the body, the company has always been focused on getting its customers results.

Not only will Red Supplements help its customers pick out what supplements might work best for them, but the company also guarantees that they will work. And any questions that customers have along the way will be answered with the speed and respect they deserve.

Products Sold By Red Supplements

Because Red Supplements has grown so much since it opened, the company has started breaking its products into categories. The categories offered by Red Supplements and the products found in each, as well as a brief description and price, can be found below.


Black Coffee ($9.99)

Sourced from farms in the Takengon and Atu Lintang regions in Indonesia, this coffee is rich, smokey, and has a velvety finish, making it the perfect Sumatran option.

Gold Coffee ($12.99)

Coming from the Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, this coffee is considered one of best amongst experts. Organic and fair trade, this coffee is light and refreshing.

Red Coffee ($9.99)

Grown in the high mountains of Peru, these beans are medium roasted to bring out their unique flavor. Ground to be used with a drip coffee maker, the sun roasted beans are flavorful and invigorating.

For those who wish to try all three of these amazing coffees, Red Supplements offers a three coffee combo for only $27.99.


While the coffee options sold by Red Supplements are amazing, the company is best known for its supplements. These supplements offer a wide range of benefits for those looking to take their health and fitness to the next level.

Elite Whey Protein Ice Cream ($37.99)

Coming in three flavors, chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry, this protein powder doesn’t just pack a tremendous punch with its high per serving protein content, but it tastes delicious.

As its name suggests, these powders have the rich, creamy taste of ice cream, but without the calories and sugars. With Elite Whey Protein Ice Cream, users will get the boost they need without compromise.

Red Burner ($31.99)

Providing a dual approach to weight loss, Red Burner helps users burn away fat and keep the pounds off. Red Burner doesn’t just burn fat, the first way it aids in weight loss, but it also supports healthy thyroid functions.

With the extra support Red Burner Provides, users will notice increased energy levels and better moods, which combined with less of an appetite and a boosted metabolism will lead to healthy weight loss.

Red-PCT ($49.99)

Made for men who have noticed they’ve hit a plateau, Red-PCT is a safe and effective testosterone booster that uses powerful ingredients to control estrogen and promote better male health.

Designed to improve the overall quality of men’s lives, Red-PCT also boosts the metabolism and increases lean muscle mass gain, all while protecting the liver and suppressing estrogen and cortisol. By increasing the libido, improving sleep quality, and boosting overall confidence, Red-PCT is the perfect supplement for men looking for a new lease on life.

Red Monkey ($27.99)

So many supplements focus on physical support, but overlook mental support. Red Monkey was designed to be a mood enhancer, providing the boost of positivity so many need in their busy, stressful lives.

Using a blend of potent ingredients, Red Monkey improves cognitive functions, like focus, memory, and drive, while simultaneously enhancing emotional wellbeing, through decreasing stress, improving sleep, and promoting better moods.

Because Red Supplements is so transparent about all its products, customers can find additional information, including ingredient descriptions, on the company website.

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