FitScale: Bluetooth Scale & Body Fat Analyzer With Smart App?


About FitScale

FiTScale is one of the most technologically advanced fitness scale in the world. It has a plethora of features that make it a must have for both fitness enthusiasts and fitness newbies alike. Fitness accountability is a major issue faced by most people. If this is an issue you have, you can use FiTScale, to make it a thing of the past.

FiTScale has a ton of features that differentiates it from the average fitness scale. The FiTScale doesn't just measure your body weight, it also does a number of other measurements. The FiTScale has a number of features and properties that makes it very unique and they are outlined below.

It Performs A Number Of Measurement

As opposed to the average scale which just measures your body weight, The FiTScale takes a number of other measurement such as Body Fat Percentage, muscle rate, Body Mass Index (BMI), Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), Total Body Water (TBW), bone mass, protein level etc.

These measurements are usually displayed on an interface that is simple and direct for users to understand. These measurements are usually available within seconds once you step on the FiTScale. These body measurements are transferred to your mobile phone or tablet with the free FiTScale mobile application installed.

It Keeps You Accountable

As opposed to writing down all your measurements in a fitness journal, the FiTScale has an activity tracker and insights that track all your daily activities and record them accordingly. The FiTScale maintains information needed by your doctor and the health information are readily available anytime. Accountability is certain when you use The FiTScale as it helps you with your fitness goals while showing you the various ways of attaining them.

It Is Technologically Advanced

The FiTScale is very technologically advanced, it possesses an built in Bluetooth connection that allows the body measurements taken to be transferred to your phones or tablets. The FiTScale has a mobile application that tracks your fitness progress as regards to your body measurements which were taken by the scale The FiTScale possesses high precision sensors which makes these numerous measurements possible. The high precision sensors are a very advanced piece of technology as it is engineered by the germans who are very forward in technology.

Up to 8 Users Can Make Use of It Comfortably

The FiTScale can accommodate up to 8 users as they will all have their individual profiles that will be connected to their respective mobile apps. The FiTScale also gives users the opportunity to customize their profiles to their liking and this helps keep the various users accountable in their individual fitness journeys. The FiTScale is perfect for the whole family as every member of the family will have their individual health profile that will aid them in their fitness journeys.

It Has A Mobile Application

The FiTScale has a mobile application that is free and easy to use for all mobile phones and tablets. This mobile application will keep track of all your fitness and health information from the FiTScale. This mobile application makes it easy for you to have your health information anytime that you please. With this application, it will be relatively easy to adhere to your fitness goals as it helps to keep you accountable.

It Has A Clear LED Screen

FiTScale possess an LED screen that is large enough to display the measurements taken very clearly. The user interface of the FiTScale is one of its redeeming qualities. This user interface makes it easy for new users to fully understand the mechanics as well as understand the various health and fitness measurements.

FitScale Conclusion

FiTScale has a large LED screen that displays the various measurements visibly. The abundance of features that The FiTScale possesses makes it very unique and a total must have for all fitness enthusiasts and fitness beginners alike.

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