Fitbill smart rowing

Regular and intense cardio exercises are without a doubt one of the important hallmarks of healthy living. Apart from rejuvenating the mind, body, and spirit, it improves your heart rate, boosts your metabolism and, generally, assists in clearing toxins off one's system. Besides, cardio has proven to be beneficial in crafting stronger lungs and heart as well reducing one's level of mental stress. Which, of course, makes a lot of sense considering that cardio exercises generally provide temporary relief from depression.

About Fitbill Smart Rowing Machine

It is not enough to have just a functional exercise system. It pays a lot if it is smart and optimized for tech-savvy people, especially considering that we live in a world that is laden with all forms smartphone application. And this is what the Fitbill Smart Machine Rower and Smart Workout Tool entail.

Features Of The Fitbill Rowing Machine & Smart App?

Here's a quick primer to some of its major features

1. Joyful and Intelligent

When is the last time you can across a rowing machine that is fitted with an inbuilt Bluetooth application? The Fitbill F-row utilizes this feature by integrating a Bluetooth speed sensor and a personalized training application to monitor and inspire you to workout harder. What's more, the six months progressive trainer exercise programs that the machine utilizes are just exactly what you need to build a formidable exercise regimen. Speaking of which, the manufacturer just released a refined version of the app in the last week of August 2017. Which, of course, implies that you're getting the latest app updates in the market as far as this goes.

2. Solidly Built and Reliable

There's arguably nothing that appeases a fitness trainer better than a solidly built exercise equipment. In line with this, the Fitbill f-row is a relatively solidly built machine with all the bells and whistles of something that strikes a balance between great value for money, comfort, and practicality. This is thanks to the ergometric-adapted comfortable seat, pedal, the adjustable seats among others. All in all, the ability for one to tweak the resistance levels makes this machine suitable for both cardio training and fitness strength optimization.

3. Mobility, Portability, and Flexibility

This machine is incredibly easy to assemble from scratch, even for a novice user. What's more, no tools whatsoever are required here, from folding the frame, attaching the caster wheels in the front, and adjoining the footrest. In fact, it is easy to do these under 10 minutes. The detachability of the rowing machine also implies that it is easy to de-assemble and transport the equipment in case you're backpacking or rowing while on the move.


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