Thunder Squat Exercise Machine

Those looking for a new way to strengthen their glutes, calves, and quad muscles should take a look at this piece of exercise equipment.

Easy to use at home without the commitment of a gym and with adjustable resistance levels, this squat machine can help users to tone their legs and burn fat. Please read on to learn more about this simple and effective machine.

About Thunder Squat Exercise Machine

As some of the biggest muscles in the body, the legs and glutes also have the highest levels of calories burned. For this reason, workouts focused on or including lower body movements are extremely effective in building muscle and decreasing overall body fat.

Aimed at increasing the difficulty of resistance workouts over time, users can work towards needing less support to effectively complete squat and lunge movements.

How Does The Thunder Squat Exercise Machine Work?

Users can incorporate this exercise machine into their regular workout regimens. With a particular focus on the legs, glutes, and calves, this can be used to supplement or replace lower body days.

Simply sit on the padded saddle and put weight on the machine while performing a squat or lunge. The legs of the machine will extend outwards and then be pulled back together to help assist the user out of the lowest point of the movement.

Useful for those just beginning an exercise routine or wanting to slowly increase their leg strength, users can begin with the highest amount of assistance and then work their way to completing the movement on their own.

Thunder Squat Exercise Machine Features

The Thunder Squat Exercise Machine comes with four adjustable heights to tailor to individual requirements as well as three adaptable resistance levels for maximum results.

With wheels on the bottom of each leg, the machine moves with the user, assisting them on the way up out of a squat or lunge. This compact machine is also easy to store and suitable for use at home.

A padded saddle allows for comfortable use for both men and women.

Thunder Squat Exercise Machine Pricing

This machine is available through Amazon for £74 or $99 USD but currently does not ship to the US. The website Bilablau also sells it for the lower price of £46 or $61 USD but also does not ship outside of Europe.

Should You Use The Thunder Squat Exercise Machine?

As there do not seem to be any customer reviews, it is not clear whether users get the results advertised or if they enjoy using the product.

Based on the information provided, this might be a useful piece of equipment for people struggling to find time to go to the gym but still want to tone their lower bodies.


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